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The 1908 map is a significant and unique record of Auckland City's history and early infrastructure. As such, it is:
  • one of Auckland Council Archives' most treasured and valuable assets
  • of interest to researchers and local historians
  • used regularly by archaeologists and contractors working for council.
The original 1908 City of Auckland Map consists of a series of 66 plans, plus one index sheet, that show the location and position of streets, footpaths, tramways, post and telegraph department fixtures, electricity department fixtures, gas, sewers, water and buildings throughout Auckland City as it was in 1908.

From 1908, annotations by hand began to be made to a printed copy of the 1908 map. These annotations depict changes to buildings, streets, street names, etc. up to at least 1918/1919 and even 1923 for some parts of the city. An additional seven sheets were also drawn to include land reclaimed along the city's waterfront and what is now Victoria Park.

Images of this amended version of the City of Auckland Map can be browsed via this page. The image below depicts the index sheet of the 1908 map. Each populated grid square represents a sheet of the map. Move your mouse across a grid square to retrieve a large image of that grid square. Click on a grid square to retrieve an image of the corresponding map sheet from our online database.

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Map A8 - 4th July 1919
Sheet A8
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Point Erin Park, Baths.

Grid Square A6
Sheet A6
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Grid Square B12
Sheet B12
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Grid Square B13
Sheet B13
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Grid Square B14
Sheet B14
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Map B6 - 27th February 1919
Sheet B6
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Cremorne Street, River Terrace, Wairangi Street (formerly Waitangi Road), Stack Street (formerly Milton Road), Wallace Street, Sarsfield Street.

Map B7 - 11th August 1919
Sheet B7
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Lawrence Street, Sentinel Road, Sarsfield Street, Hamilton Road, Masefield Avenue (Private), Right of Way, Tennis Courts, R C Hammond, E Wilson (formerly E Dufaur), C F Reeves.

Map B8 - 21st July 1919
Sheet B8
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Point Erin Park, Curran Street, Sarsfield Street, Shelly Beach Road, Emmett Street, Hackett Street, Mercer Road, Percival Parade.

Map B9 - 3rd February 1919
Sheet B9
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Mercer Road, Ring Terrace, Jetty, Boylan Street, Hackett Street.

Map C10 - 11th April 1919
Sheet C10
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Harbour Street, Waitemata Street, Fanshawe Street, Poore Street, Beaumont Street, Packenham Street, Gaunt Street, New Street, Coal Store, Casey's Factory, Timber Stack, Vacuum, Waitemata Timber Co., Hendersons Ship Yard, Saw Mills, Bailey's Ship Yard, Clark's Works, Harbour Board, Cement Boat Slip, Forge, Wood Stack, Oil Company, British Imperial Oil Company Limited, Benzine Store Tram Way.

Map C12
Sheet C12
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Customs Street West, Hobson Street, Moore Street, Federal Street, Hobson Street Wharf, Morgue, Dock, Bridge, Jetty (x2), Wharf, Windlass, Gleeson's Hotel.

Map C13 - 3rd October 1919
Sheet C13
Showing Beatty Street, Sturdee Street, Lower Albert Street, Albert Street, Customs Street, Fanshawe Street, Customs Street East, Queen Street, Quay Street, Galway Street, Tyler Street, Little Queen Street, Waitemata Harbour, Ferry Building, Dock, Sailor's Home, Government Buildings, Waitemata Hotel, Thames Hotel, Harbour Board Office, Waverley Hotel, Post Office, Wingates, Wines & Spirits, Endeans, Huddart Parken, Ambassadors, Northern Roller Milling Co Ltd, Auckland Railway Station.

Map C14
Sheet C14
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Quay Street, Breakwater Road, Railway Wharf, Railway Yard.

Map C5 - 28th February 1919
Sheet C5
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Marine Parade, Herne Bay Road, Argyle Street, Gordon Terrace.

Map C6 - 2nd July 1919
Sheet C6
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Cremorne Street, Stack Street (formerly Milton Road), Argyle Street, Mason's Avenue, Clifton Road, Wallace Street.

Map C7 - 14th August 1919
Sheet C7
Showing Lawrence Street, Sentinel Road, Hamilton Road, Wallace Street.

Map C8 - 23rd July 1919
Sheet C8
Showing Curran Street, Jervois Road, Shelly Beach Road, Tweed Street, Cameron Street, Seymour Street, Percival Parade, Yarborough Street, West End Bowling Club.

Map C9 - 20th August 1919
Sheet C9
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Ring Terrace, Hackett Street, Swift Avenue, St Marys Road, Vine Street, Seymour Street, Melford Street, Dedwood Terrace, London Street, Dunedin Street, St Francis De Sale Street, New Street, Waitemata Street.

Map D10 - 10th June 1919
Sheet D10
Showing Victoria Park, Auckland Gas Company, Daldy Street, Hargreaves Street, Gudgeon Street (formerly Greenwood Street), Beaumont Street, Fanshawe Street, Concrete Tank, Concrete Tar Tank, Coal Store, Coke Heap, Chimney, Iron Tank, Tennis Court (x3), Bowling Green, Well.

Map D11 - July 1918
Sheet D11
Showing Fanshawe Street, Victoria Park, Children's Playground, Hood Street (formerly Halsey Street), Blackball Street (formerly Duke Street), Graham Street, Victoria Street West, Oxford Hotel, Hardinge Street, Dock Street.

Map D12 - July 1918
Sheet D12
Showing Fanshawe Street, Nelson Street, Victoria Street West, Wyndham Street, Hobson Street, Bradnor Lane, Swanson Street, Federal Street, St Patricks Square, Albert Street, Kingston Street (formerly Durham Street), Durham Street, Durham Lane, Gorst Street (formerly Grosvenor Lane), Empire Hotel, City Hotel, Vogel Lane (formerly Victoria Lane), Grosvenor Hotel, Convent School, Wood Stack (x2), Coal Bunker, Weigh Bridge, Star Hotel, Shakespeare Hotel, Alexandra Hotel, St Patrick's Square, St Patrick's Cathedral.

Map D13 - 10th January 1919
Sheet D13
Showing Albert Street, Criterion Hotel, Star Hotel, Swanson Street, Mills Lane, Wyndham Street, Durham Lane, H.M.Arcade, Stock Exchange, Exchange Lane, Queen Street, High Street, Vulcan Lane, Chancery Street, Occidental Hotel, Queens Ferry Hotel, Commercial Hotel, Shortland Street, Post & Telegraph Office, City Club Hotel, Victoria Arcade, Fort Street Lane, Imperial Hotel, Commerce Street, O'Connel Street, Bacons Lane, Warspite Street (formerly William Street), Cruise Lane (formerly Cromwell Lane), Customs Street East, Core Street, Gore Street Lane, Britomart Hotel, Bankside Street (formerly Bank Street), Fields Lane, Timber Stack (x2), H.M. Theatre.

Map D14
Sheet D14
Showing Britomart Place (formerly Breakwater Road), Fort Street, Emily Place, Jermyn Street (Now Anzac Avenue), Beach Road, Shortland Street (formerly Shortland Crescent), Princes Street, Eden Crescent, Kings Drive, Short Street, Waitemata Harbour, Grand Hotel, Museum, Agricultural Department, Railway Terminus Hotel, Railway Yard, Masonic Hall.

Grid Square D15
Sheet D15
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Map D5 - 22nd September 1918
Sheet D5
Showing Waitemata Harbour, Upton Street (formerly Ferguson Street), Marine Parade, Bella Vista Road, Upton Street (formerly Ferguson Street), Annan Street, Wolseley Avenue, Galatea Terrace (formerly Gordon Terrace), Herne Bay Road, All Saints Sunday School.

Map D6 - 18th September 1918
Sheet D6
Showing Masons Avenue, Clifton Road, Jervois Road, Salisbury Street, Wharf Road, Buller Street (formerly Bulwer Street), Kelmarna Avenue, Tramway Depot.

Map D7 - 16th September 1918
Sheet D7
Showing Wallace Street, Albany Road, Jervois Road, Kelmarna Avenue, Lawrence Street, Sentinel Road, Wanganui Avenue, Ardmore Road, John Street, Islington Street.

Map D8 - 1st October 1918
Sheet D8
Showing Clarence Street, Prosford Street (formerly Prospect Terrace), Blake Street (formerly Dudley Street/Dignan Street), Jervois Road, Redmond Street (formerly King Street), Shelly Beach Road, Dedwood Terrace, Seymour Street, Cameron Street, Selby Square (formerly Seymour Square, Brook Square), Provost Street (formerly Prospect Square), Clay Pits, St Stephens Presbyterian Church, School (x2), Ponsonby Baptist Church, Police Station, Ponsonby Hall, Ponsonby Club Hotel.

Map D9 - 6th September 1919
Sheet D9
Showing Yarborough Street, Dedwood Terrace, Caroline Street, St Mary's Road, Melford Street, Green Street, Dublin Street, Ponsonby Road, College Hill (formerly College Road), Margaret Street, Mew Street, Hargreaves Street, St Mary's Convent (Includes Church and Cemetery), R.C.Bishop's Palace, Fire Station, Post Office, Ley's Institute, Ley's Free Library, M.K.Dowden, A.J. Bond.

Map E10 - 26th September 1919
Sheet E10
Showing Gudgeon Street (formerly Greenwood Street), College Hill (formerly College Road), Cascade Street, Runnel Street, Spring Street, Middle Street, Ireland Street, Franklin Road, Scotland Street, Beaumont Street, Napier Street, Victoria Street West (formerly Patteson Street), Drake Street, Union Street, Sale Street, Unicorn Street (Union Lane), Wilkins Street (Willow Street), Sheridan Street, Napier Street Lane, Weld Street (formerly Willow Street), Gasometer Masonry Base (x2), Rob Roy Hotel, Sunday School, Church, City Destructor, Smoke Stack, Weigh Bridge.

Map E11 - 5th November 1919
Sheet E11
Showing Victoria Street West (Farmally Patteson Street), Drake Street, Herd Street (formerly Inkermann Street), Centre Street, Adelaide Street, Verno Street, Sale Street, Cook Street, Morton Street (formerly Moreton Street), Monowai Street (formerly Ruriri Street, formerly West Lane), Patea Street (formerly Centre Lane), Malta Street (formerly Miro Street, formerly East Lane), Baker Street, Mackellar Street (formerly Mackey Street), Nelson Street, Wellesley Street West, Halsey Street (formerly Hood Street), Dock Street, Victoria Street West, Cameron Place, Henderson Lane, Ballantynes Lane, Valentines Lane, Jackmans Lane, Children's Playground, Mission Hall, Freemans Hotel, Door of Hope, Nelson Street Public School, Steel Construction Company, James Lane.

Map E12 - 25th June 1919
Sheet E12
Showing Nelson Street, Wellesley Street, Hobson Street, Victoria Street, Vincent Street (formerly Lower Vincent Street), Federal Street, Albert Street, Elliot Street, Darby Street, Durham Street, Durham Lane, Albion Hotel, Pacific Palace (formerly Prospect Place), Public School, School, St Matthew's Church, Prince Arthur Hotel, Factory (formerly Public School), Federal Hall, Old Church, Bricklayers Arms Hotel, Aurora Hotel, Royal Hotel, Shamrock Hotel, Opera House, Hobson Hotel, Albion Hotel.

Map E13
Sheet E13
Showing Victoria Street West, Darby Street, Queen Street, Victoria Street East, Lorne Street, High Street, Coburg Street, Victoria Quadrant, Bank Street, Bowen Avenue, Albert Park, Princes Street, Bacons Lane, William Street, Courthouse Lane, Durham Street East, Durham Street West, Durham Lane, H.M.Theatre, H.M.Arcade, British Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, Strand Arcade, Albert Hotel, Central Hotel, Savings Bank, Cab Stand, Working Men's Club, Society of Arts, Dees Office, Police Court, Lane, Flag Staff, Synagogue.

Map E14
Sheet E14
Showing Princes Street, Waterloo Quadrant, Symonds Street, Eden Crescent, Parliament Street, Parliament Street (formerly Eden Street), Alten Road, Constitution Hill, Beach Road, Northern Club, Guard Room, Tennis Lawn, Tennis Court, Government House, St Andrew's Church, Alten Reserve, Supreme Court, University, Jermyn Street.

Grid Square E15
Sheet E15
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Map E5 - September 1918
Sheet E5
Showing Marine Parade, Wolseley Avenue, Cox's Bay, Herne Bay Road, Jervois Road, West End Road (formerly Cox's Bridge Road), Cox's Creek, Glass House.

Map E6 - 12th September 1918
Sheet E6
Showing Cox's Creek, Jervois Road, West End Road (formerly Cox's Bridge Road), Mason's Avenue, Cox Street, Hector Street (formerly Richmond Street), Wharf Road, Buller Street (formerly Bulwer Street), Bayfield Road, School, Bayfield School, Bayfield Mission Hall, Tennis Court.

Map E7 - August 1918
Sheet E7
Showing Kelmarna Avenue, Albany Road, Wanganui Avenue, Ardmore Road, Trinity Street, Pompallier Terrace (formerly James Street), John Street, Islington Street, Creek.

Map E8 - 18th February 1919
Sheet E8
Showing Islington Street, Clarence Street, Pompallier Terrace, Cowan Street (formerly Church Street), Ponsonby Terrace, Bayard Street, Sheehan Street, Redmond Street (formerly King Street), Ponsonby Road, Gospel Mission, Old Rope Walk, Public School, School, All Saints Church, Public School (Infant).

Map E9 - 9th September 1919
Sheet E9
Showing Ponsonby Road, Renall Street, Russell Street, Arthur Street, Wood Street, Elizabeth Street, Costly Street, Georgina Street (formerly George Street), College Hill (formerly College Road), Ryle Street, England Street, Spring Street, Runnell Street, Margaret Street, Picture Theatre, Suffolk Hotel, Ireland Street.

Map F10 - 10th October 1919
Sheet F10
Showing Collingwood Street, Wellington Street, Franklin Road, Grattan Crescent, Pratt Street, Sheridan Street, Hepburn Street (formerly Lower Hepburn Street), Hepburn Street, Phillipps Street (formerly Philips Street), Napier Street, Froude Street (formerly Frederick Place), Howe Street, Well, Napier Street Public School.

Map F11
Sheet F11
Showing Napier Street, Union Street, Wellington Street, Cook Street, Nelson Street, Hobson Street, Nicholas Street (formerly Nelson Lane), Brunswick Street, Door of Hope, Killowen Place (formerly Russell Place), Eccles Avenue, Unity Street (formerly Union Terrace), Riordan Lane, Right of Way, Monowai Street (formerly, Puriri Street, formerly West Lane), Patea Street (formerly Pimu Street, formerly Centre Lane), Malta Street (formerly Miro Street, formerly East Lane), Warimu Place (formerly Wellington Place), Robert Burns Hotel.

Map F12 - 8th July 1919
Sheet F12
Showing Hobson Street, Cook Street, Vincent Street, Vincent Street (formerly Lower Vincer Street), Yelverton Terrace, Cleave Avenue, Albert Street, Myers Street (formerly Market Entrance), Bledisloe Street (formerly Market Entrance), Bledisloe Street (formerly Elliott Street), Wellesley Street West, Grey's Avenue (formerly Grey's Street), Queen Street, Airedale Street (formerly Alexandra Street), Wakefield Street, Rutland Street, Trades & Labour Council Hall, Prince of Wales Hotel, Vivian Place (formerly Vincent Place), Bronte Street (formerly Charlotte Street), Oddfellow's Hall, Market Hotel, Public Trust, Salvation Army Hall, Royal Albert Hall, City Market, United Service Hotel, Anchor Hotel, Gillet Motor Company (formerly Public Baths), Clarendon Hotel, School, P.M. Church, Town Hall, Central Hall.

Map F13 - 1st September 1923
Sheet F13
Showing Queen Street, Wellesley Street East, Lorne Street, Wakefield Street, Rutland Street, Khartoum Place (formerly Kitchener Place, formerly Coburg Place), Kitchener Street (formerly Coburg Street), Princes Street, O'Rorke Street, Symonds Street, Alfred Street, Working Men's Club, Timber Stacks, Drill Hall, Normal School, Training College, Technical School, Mincipal Buildings, Art Gallery, Public Library, Albert Park, Police Station & Barracks, Watch House, Gymnasium, Constable Quarters, Stables, Inspectors House, Grammar School Lane, Girls Friendly Society (Formerly Park Hotel), Normal School.

Map F14 - 8th September 1923
Sheet F14
Showing Alfred Street, Symonds Street, Grafton Road, Wynyard Street, Havelock Street, Alten Road, Stanley Street, Borough of Parnell, Churchill Street (formerly Commercial Road), Gittos Street (formerly The Strand), Rope Walk, School of Mines, Science Building - University College (formerly Choral Hall), Government House Grounds, Stable, Craetakers, St Andrews Church, St Andrews Hall, King Edwards College, Maori Hostelry, Alten Reserve.

Map F15 - 14th May 1919
Sheet F15
Showing Borough of Parnell, Gittos Street (formerly The Strand), Stanley Street, The Strand, Selwyn Terrace (formerly Mechanics Road), Rope Walk, Gillingham Street, Alpha Road, Bedford Street, Railway Street, Port Lane, Cracroft Street, Henley Street (formerly Portland Street), Henley Street, Manukau Road, Parnell Rise, Windsor Street, Garfield Street, Earl Street, York Street, Eglington Street, Bath Street, Marston Street, Earl Street (formerly Sailsbury Street), Bradford Street, Fox Street, Strand Hotel (formerly Swan Hotel), Railway Land, Exchange Hotel, C.G.Reserve, Parnell Public School, P.P. School.

Map F5
Sheet F5
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Cox's Creek.

Map F6
Sheet F6
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Hector Street (formerly Richmond Street), Cox's Creek.

Map F7 - 18th August 1919
Sheet F7
Showing Trinity Street, Wanganui Avenue, John Street (formerly Oliphant Street), O'Neil Street, Summer Street.

Map F8 - 30th August 1919
Sheet F8
Showing Islington Street, Clarence Street, O'Neil Street, Summer Street, Stuart Street, Vermont Street, Tole Street.

Map F9 - 4th October 1919
Sheet F9
Showing Tole Street, O'Neill Street, Summer Street, Vermont Street, Ponsonby Road, Pember Reeves Street (formerly Rata Street), Arthur Street, Franklin Road, Collingwood Street, Clyde Street, Wellington Street, Wood Street, Ryle Street, Gunson Street (formerly Fernleigh Street), England Street, Ireland Street, Sacred Heart Church, St John's Wesleyan Church, Primitive Methodist Church.

Map G10
Sheet G10
Showing Anglesea Street, Picton Street, Hepburn Street, Smith Street, Tahuna Street (formerly Totara Street), Beresford Street, Howe Street, Phillipps Street (formerly Philips Street), Public School, Western Park.

Map G11
Sheet G11
Showing Howe Street, Beresford Street, Nelson Street, Hayden Street, Wellington Street, Union Street, St James Street (formerly Upper Union Street), Hobson Street, Pitt Street, Vincent Street, Greys Avenue (formerly Grey Street), Hiberian Hall, St James Church, St James Hall, Marist Brothers School, Wellington Place, Oddfellow's Hall, Whitson Terrace.

Map G12
Sheet G12
Showing Vincent Street, Greys Avenue (formerly Greys Street), Myers Park, Queen Street, Turner Street, Waverley Street, Airedale Street (Alexandra Street), Liverpool Street, Lily Grove, Melvern Terrace (Mark Avenue), Grey Terrace, Launcelot Terrace, Adams Lane, Neales Avenue (formerly Neils Lane), Y.W.C.A., Marmion Street, White Street, Queens Head Hotel.

Map G13
Sheet G13
Showing St Paul Street, Airedale Street (formerly Alexandra Street), Liverpool Street, Lyndock Street, Wakefield Street, Mount Street, Lorne Street, Symonds Street, Wellesley Street East, Wynyard Street (formerly Gillies Street), Grammar School Lane, Fitzroy Hotel, Society of Friends, Globe Hotel, Mt Pleasant Private Hospital, Technical School, Wynyard Arms Hotel, Auckland Grammar School, St Paul's Church, Tennis Court.

Map G14
Sheet G14
Showing Wynyard Street, Durville Street (formerly Domain Street), Grafton Road, Stanley Street, Borough of Pranell, Rope Walk, Rope Works, Auckland Public Domain, Auckland Bowling Green, Pond.

Map G6
Sheet G6
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Cox's Creek, Richmond Road.

Map G7 - 31st August 1919
Sheet G7
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Richmond Road, Vermont Street, Sacred Heart College, Tennis Court, Handball Court.

Map G8 - 6th August 1919
Sheet G8
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Vermont Street, John Street (formerly Oliphant Street), Richmond Road, Lincoln Street, Norfolk Street, Douglas Street, Fitzroy Street, Mira Street, Kent Street, School Playground, Public Schools, Training School.

Map G9 - 27th September 1918
Sheet G9
Showing Franklin Road, Lincoln Street, Norfolk Street, Douglas Street, Brown Street, Ponsonby Road, Collingwood Street, Anglesea Street, Picton Street, Heke Street (formerly Clyde Street), Paget Street, Wells Street (formerly Bath Street), Barrie Street (formerly Selwyn Street), Severn Private Hospital, Fire Station, West End Picture Theatre, Queen's Hall.

Map H10 - 16th May 1919
Sheet H10
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Barrie Street (formerly Selwyn Street), Hepburn Street, Ponsonby Road, Western Park, Hopetoun Street, Hereford Street, Mahon Street (formerly Jersey Street), Karangahape Road, Park Street, Smith Street, Band Stand, Girls High School, Tennis Court, Reservoir, Unitarian Church.

Map H11 - 31st July 1923
Sheet H11
Showing Howe Street, Hopetoun Street, Mahon Street (formerly Jersey Street), Edinburgh Street, Karangahape Road, Cobden Street, Whitson Terrace, Somerset Place, West Street, Ngata Street, Day Street (formerly Newton Place), Nota Street (formerly Norland Street, formerly North Street), East Street, Day Street, Boardman Lane, Boardman Lane (formerly Prime's Lane), Beresford Street, St James Street (formerly Upper Union Street), Pitt Street, France Street (formerly Upper Pitt Street), Cross Street, Smith Street, Hall, Church (x3), Newton Hotel, Methodist Mission Hall, Druid's Hall, Poynton Terrace (formerly Pitt Terrace), Fire Station, Congregational Church, Sunday School, Naval Hotel, Forester's Hall, National Bank of New Zealand, Rising Sun Hotel.

Map H12 - 8th January 1919
Sheet H12
Showing Myers Park, Scotia Place (formerly South Esk Street), Scotia Place, Poynton Terrace (formerly Pitt Terrace), Poynton Terrace, Queen Street, Karangahape Road, Cross Street, City Road (formerly Laurie Street), Liverpool Street, Partington Street (formerly Mill Street), City Road, Symonds Street, Grafton Bridge, St Martins Lane, Church, Wesley Hall, Tabernacle, Jewish Cemetery, Underground Chamber, Presbyterian Cemetery, Anglican Cemetery, Wesleyan Cemetery, Caledonian Hotel, Upper Queen Street (formerly Belgium Street).

Map H13 - 22nd July 1919
Sheet H13
Showing Symonds Street, Wakefield Street, Airedale Street (formerly Alexandra Street), St Martins Lane (formerly Avon Street), Whitaker Place, St Martins Lane, Ligar Place, Moehau Street, Grafton Road, Grafton Terrace, Kari Street (Domain Road), City Road, Tennis Court, Glass House, Wesleyan Cemetery.

Map H14 - 16th April 1919
Sheet H14
Showing Auckland Public Domain, Grafton Road, Kari Road (formerly Domain Road).

Grid Square H7
Sheet H7
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Map H8 - 18th January 1919
Sheet H8
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Richmond Road, Brown Street, Manual Training College, Public School.

Map H9 - 27th January 1919
Sheet H9
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Richmond Road, Brown Street, Picton Street, Ponsonby Road, Barrie Street (formerly Selwyn Street).

Map I10
Sheet I10
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Ponsonby Road, Pollen Street, Great North Road, Karangahape Road, Gundry Street, Newton Road, Nixon Street, Burcoyne Street, Chapman Street (formerly Arney Street), Winchester Street, Ophir Street (formerly Oxford Street), Abbey Street (formerly Lichfield Street), Police Station, Reservoir, Epiphany Church, Star Hotel, Arch Hill Road District, Maidstone Street (formerly Kent Street).

Map I11 - 3rd April 1919
Sheet I11
Showing Egmont Street, Winchester Street, Ophir Street (formerly Oxford Street), Gundry Street, Abbey Street (formerly Lichfield Street), Edinburgh Street, Montague Street, Cobden Street, West Street, Karaka Street, Cargill Street (formerly Cambridge Street), Dacre Street (formerly Edwin Street), France Street (formerly Upper Pitt Street), South Street, East Street, Servia Street (formerly York Street), Witheford Lane, King's Arms Hotel, Church.

Map I12 - 5th August 1919 and Subdivisions 23rd November 1923
Sheet I12
Showing Canada Street, Esat Street, Servia Street (formerly York Street), West Street, Belgium Street (formerly Upper Queen Street), East Street, St Benedict's Street (formerly Gladstone Street), Symonds Street, Manual Training School, Public School (x2), City Council Yard, St Benedict's Church, St Benedict's School, Convent, Public School (Infant), Presbyterian Cemetery, Roman Catholic Cemetery, Anglican Cemetery, Grafton Bridge.

Map I13 - 21st May 1919 and Subdivisions 8th July 1920
Sheet I13
Showing Grafton Bridge, Beckham Place, Bridge Street, Ligar Place, Ferncroft Street (formerly Ligar Street, formerly Beaumont Street), Grafton Road, Park Road, Seafield View Road, Park Avenue, Hospital Reserve, Borough of Newmarket, Temporary Bridge.

Map J10
Sheet J10
Showing Borough of Grey Lynn, Arch Hill Road District, Eden Terrace Road District, Nixon Street, Burcoyne Street, Newton Road, Cedric Street (formerly Cecile Street), Manning Street.

Map J11
Sheet J11
Showing Eden Terrace Road District, Manning Street, Suffolk Street, Devon Street, Fleet Street (formerly Sussex Street), Newton Road, Egmont Street (Exeter Street), Regent Street, Montague Street, Cargill Street (formerly Cambridge Street), Randolph Street, Norwich Street (formerly Newton Street), Diamond Street (formerly Brook Street), Macauley Street, Exmouth Street, France Street (formerly Upper Pitt Street), Gloucester Street, Karaka Street, Upper Queen Street (formerly Belgium Street, formerly Upper Queen Street), Dacre Street (formerly Edwin Street).

Map J12
Sheet J12
Showing Upper Queen Street (formerly Belgium Street, formerly Upper Queen Street), Karaka Street, St Benedict's Street (formerly Gladstone Street), Newton Road, Dundonald Street, Symonds Street, Khyber Pass, Hohipere Street, Glenside Crescent, Madeira Lane, Madeira Place, Grafton Road, Catholic Apostolic Church, Weighbridge, Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Queen's Hotel, Lyric Theatre, Hohiphere, St David's Presbytarian Church.

Map J13 - 10th July 1920
Sheet J13
Showing Grafton Road, Carlton Gore Road, Arawa Street, Seafield View Road, Claremont Street, Park Avenue, Borough of Newmarket, Wesleyan Church, Tiri Hospital.

Grid Square J14
Sheet J14
Please note there is no map sheet for this grid square.

Map K11 - 18th November 1919
Sheet K11
Showing Eden Terrace Road District, Basque Road, Exmouth Street.

Map K12 - 30th August 1919
Sheet K12
Showing Eden Terrace Road District, Dundonald Street, Basque Road, New North Road, Symonds Street, Mount Eden Road, Borough of Mount Eden, Burleigh Street, Khyber Pass Road, Grafton Road, Nugent Street, Boston Road, Post Office & Telegraph Bureau, Reservoir (x2), Baptist Chapel, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Dearsly Ltd, Madeira Place, Tennis Court, School, Public Library, Nikau Street (formerly Summer Street, Borough of Mount Eden.

Map K13
Sheet K13
Showing Khyber Pass Road, Arawa Street, Seafield View Road, Claremont Street, Borough of Newmarket, Epsom Road District, Borough of Mount Eden, Auburn Street, Severn Street, Boston Road.

Map L12
Sheet L12
Showing Borough of Mount Eden, Mount Eden Road, Boston Road, Nugent Street.
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