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Search the 1908 City of Auckland Map

The 1908 map is a significant and unique record of Auckland City's history and early infrastructure. As such, it is:
  • one of Auckland Council Archives' most treasured and valuable assets
  • of interest to researchers and local historians
  • used regularly by archaeologists and contractors working for council.
The original 1908 City of Auckland Map consists of a series of 66 plans, plus one index sheet, that show the location and position of streets, footpaths, tramways, post and telegraph department fixtures, electricity department fixtures, gas, sewers, water and buildings throughout Auckland City as it was in 1908.

From 1908, annotations by hand began to be made to a printed copy of the 1908 map. These annotations depict changes to buildings, streets, street names, etc. up to at least 1918/1919 and even 1923 for some parts of the city. An additional seven sheets were also drawn to include land reclaimed along the city's waterfront and what is now Victoria Park.

Images of this amended version of the City of Auckland Map can be searched using the options available on this page. The search will return images of the map sheets that match your search criteria. Click on View larger image or on the image itself to open a large, high-quality version of the image.

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