About this exhibition

These photographs were taken as part of a review of the North Shore Heritage Inventory for North Shore City Council in 1994.

The project involved a review of all the existing registers and schedules of heritage buildings, structures, objects and places, excluding pre-European sites,
from the five pre-amalgamation district schemes, together with a survey to identify additions to the list.

The Devonport house photographs were taken as part of a foot survey for the whole of Devonport. The architectural styles included: cottages and early villas before 1890, Victorian-Edwardian villas 1890-1910, Edwardian and transitional villas 1905-1920, bungalows and English Cottage Style 1920s-1930s.

Considerable publicity and public consultation were a feature of the project. Advertisements were placed in the local press, presentations were made to Community Boards and members of the public, and local residents and community groups were invited to share old photographs and documents, and their knowledge of the history of places and the people who lived there.

Nearly seventy per cent of the houses have been identified so the Auckland Council Archives team needs assistance from Devonport residents to identify the remainder of the houses.

Some houses have undergone changes or renovations such as the removal of chimneys. We would appreciate it if those residents whose houses are in the exhibition would be willing to provide Auckland Council Archives with a photograph of their houses as they appear now. We would also like to add photographs of houses not included in the exhibition - please contact us to discuss this further.

Acknowledgement: "North Shore City Heritage Inventory Review, Report by Dinah Holman and James Lunday June 1994", and North Shore City Council correspondence and documentation (Archives reference: NSC 600/336/3320-07 Part 2 Heritage Inventory).

We would also like to acknowledge volunteer and long-term Devonport resident, Jan Joseph, who spent weeks walking the streets of Devonport to identify the houses shown in this exhibition.

Identified Photographs

Select a map sheet below to view the images of houses we have identified.
Unidentified Photographs

The following photographs are unidentified. Please contact us if you have information about any of these houses.