Plans of Rangitoto Island recreation reserve 1937

The plans are survey maps of Rangitoto Island showing the position of buildings, tracks and roads. The survey maps were drawn for the Rangitoto Island Domain Board by John Webster, a registered surveyor, in 1937.

Rangitoto Island was purchased by the Auckland Provincial Government in 1854. In 1890 the island was scheduled as a recreation reserve under the Public Reserves Act and management of it was delegated to Devonport Borough Council as the Rangitoto Island Domain Board. In order to maintain and develop recreation infrastructure the Domain Board needed a form of revenue. The Board decided to charge rent for camp site leases and allow temporary structures to be built. This was illegal under the Public Reserves and Domains Act 1901.

The 1920s and 1930s saw growing criticism of administration of the island. In 1937 the Government decided no new bach leases should be allowed and existing leases were to expire and the buildings demolished. After the Government’s decision, the Rangitoto Island Domain Board decided to make representation to the Minister for Lands to see if the Minister would allow some of the island to be set aside as an endowment area. In the minutes of the Rangitoto Island Domain Board 31 March 1937, it is recorded a survey plan was drawn to show the proposed endowment area. The plan was considered by the Board and referred back to the engineer for further consideration and report. The final plan was then presented to the Minister for Lands for approval but this was rejected and the residents were given 20 years to evacuate the island.

The issue continued on for decades. The Reserves and Domains Act 1953 amended 1956 to allow bach owners to stay with leases were granted for lifetime of people who were in occupation as of 1 April 1955. The Rangitoto Domain Board was disestablished 1968 and management of the island was taken over by Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park Board which was managed by Department of Land & Survey. Today, Rangitoto is now managed by Department of Conservation.

How to access the plans:
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"Plan of Rangitoto Island Recreational Reserve Compass Survey shewing Position of Seaside Cottages, Formed Tracks giving access thereto and Vehicular Roads"