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Auckland City Council Bicycle Register Database 1910-1923

From 1887, a licensing programme required bicycles to be registered with the Town Clerk of Auckland City Council and the registration number displayed on the bicycle. Registration of bicycles continued in Auckland until 1964 or later and was by then administered by the council's Traffic Department.1

These registers include details of bicycle registrations under the following headings:
  • date
  • number
  • name and address of individual or organisation registering the bicycle
  • description of bicycle (either type, e.g., 'Safety', or manufacturer, e.g., BSA, Raleigh)

Entries are alphabetical by surname and by date or licence number within each letter.

The earliest register also includes bootblack licence registrations. Bootblacks were people who made a living by polishing shoes on the street and they required a licence from the Town Clerk before taking up the occupation in any of the city's streets. The licence specified the location and hours that the bootblack could conduct business, and was to be carried at all times whilst trading. A badge with the words 'Licensed Bootblack' was to be displayed on the hat, left arm or chest of the bootblack.2

The database is searchable by name, address and date. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a full transcript of entries in the register. For further information, please contact Auckland Council Archives Central.

1 ACC 426/4 Auckland City Council by-law no. 41 (bicycle and tricycle by-law), confirmed and sealed on 15 December 1887;   ACC 356 record no 266 Traffic Department bicycle register 1964.

2 ACC 426/10 Auckland City Council By-laws no 15, confirmed and sealed on 29 May 1913.