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Auckland City Council Motor Register Database 1913-1919

In 1912 Auckland City Council By-laws number 11 applied existing by-laws (that came into force in 1904) on licensed carriages, carts and drivers 'to all cabs, omnibuses, or vans plying for hire which are driven or propelled by motor traction, whether by oil, steam or electric power, and to the drivers or motormen and conductors thereof'.1

After a fatal accident involving a private motorist, By-laws number 15 issued in 1913 required drivers of private motor cars and motorcycles, as well as of motor cars used as taxi-cabs (known as 'licensed motor cars') and motor delivery vans to be licensed. Drivers could not be licensed without first making application to the Town Clerk to obtain a certificate of competency from the council's Traffic Inspector. Exemption from the by-law was allowed for those whose usual residence was more than forty miles from Auckland, provided they drove their own motor cars in the city for no more than twenty-eight days. The Town Clerk was to keep a register of all licenses issued under the by-law that was open to public inspection without fee.2

This register includes details of private motor car and motorcycle drivers and drivers of motor cars used as taxi-cabs and motor delivery vans under the following headings:
  • date
  • certificate number
  • name and address of applicant
  • for drivers of private motor cars and motorcycles - type of vehicle (e.g., 'car', 'cycle', 'auto-carrier', 'lorry')
  • for drivers of licensed motor cars and motor delivery vans - details of age, height, eye and hair colour, complexion and type of vehicle, e.g., 'BSA', 'Ford'
  • remarks, e.g., 'Refund applied for', 'Gone to the war'.

There are separate sections for private motor drivers and licensed motor drivers. Entries are alphabetical by surname and by date of application within each letter.

The database is searchable by name, address and date. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a full transcript of entries in the register. For further information, please contact Auckland Council Archives Central.

1 ACC 426/10 Auckland City Council By-laws no 11, confirmed and sealed on 22 February 1912.

2 ACC 426/10 Auckland City Council By-laws no 15, confirmed and sealed on 29 May 1913; Alan Woolston, Equal to the Task:   The City of Auckland Traffic Department, 1894-1994 (Auckland: [Auckland Police Charitable Trust, 1996]), pp.32-34; G W A   Bush, Decently and in Order: The Government of the City of Auckland, 1840-1971 (Auckland: Auckland City Council, 1971),   pp.160-161.