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Auckland City Council License Register of Plumbers and Drain Connectors
Database 1904-1921

This register contains details of the licenses issued to plumbers and drain connectors between 1904 and 1921. The types of licenses in the register include full plumbers licenses, provisional plumbers licenses (issued only until 2 April 1906) and drain connectors licenses.

The license details are recorded under the following headings:
  • date
  • name
  • address
  • type of license
  • qualification
  • license fee
  • endorsement
In 1904, Auckland City Council passed by-laws relating to the examination and licensing of plumbers and drain connectors. Bylaw No.1 Section 124 required all drain connectors to be licensed annually by the City Engineer. Bylaw No.1 Section 125 required all master plumbers and journeymen in working in the city to be licensed. To be granted a license, plumbers were required to produce certificates proving they had passed an examination in practical and theoretical plumbing. Those who were unable to pass the examination were granted provisional certificates until 31st March 1906 on condition that they attend a course in the practice of plumbing and pass an oral examination in practical plumbing and the by-laws affecting sanitation. Bylaw No.1 Section 126 required the City Engineer to keep a register of all drain connectors and plumbers licenses issued under these bylaws.

The database is searchable by name, address, licence type and date. Use the Browse button (where available) to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a partial transcript of entries. For full details of any particular entry, you may visit the Auckland Council Archives Central Repository to view the book.

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