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Register of Licences: Drivers, Porters, Carriages, Carters
& Private Carts 1895-1899

This register contains details of Drivers, Porters, Carters, Private Carts, Carriages, Tram conductors and Tram drivers. Details in the database include: date, name, address, type of licence, descriptions of carriages (bus, brake, hackney, hansom, bow stage, van, and road cars) and carriage owners. The original register also contains details regarding drivers' fines, convictions and sentences, licence cancellations and renewals.

The database is searchable by name, address, i.e. street, type of licence (including type of tram licence) and date. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a partial transcript of entries. For full details of any particular entry, you may visit Auckland Council Archives Central Repository to view the register.