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Burgess Rolls for the City of Auckland Database 1872-1892

Burgess rolls were compiled and printed according to directions included in the Municipal Corporations Act 1867. The burgess rolls for the City of Auckland record the names of all adults who owned or occupied rateable property there. Each person on the burgess roll was automatically entitled to cast between one and five votes, depending on the annual rateable value of his or her property. The owner or occupier of a property rateable at less than £50 had one vote, while an owner or occupier with rateable property valued at £350 or more had five votes. The Municipal Franchise Reform Act 1898 abolished plural voting.

The division of Auckland into wards as in earlier years resumed in 1879, the city being divided into three wards, designated North, South, and East. In 1882 the amalgamation of three highway boards with the City of Auckland increased the number of wards to six: North, South, East, Ponsonby, Karangahape, and Grafton, each ward electing three councillors. The City of Auckland abolished its ward system in 1903.

The burgess rolls are in alphabetical order by surname. The rolls list number on the roll, name of burgess, occupation, description and situation of rateable property, and number of votes to which the burgess was entitled. There are no street numbers. Later rolls are divided into the separate wards and include the number of each property on the council valuation roll and its rateable value. The burgess rolls include a number of married, widowed, and single women and some organizations are listed as burgesses, for example the Auckland Rowing Club and the Bank of New Zealand.

The database is searchable by name, occupation and/or location (of property), i.e. street, and includes rolls for 1872/73, 1882-84 & 1890-1892. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a transcript of most of the information recorded in the burgess rolls. For further information, please contact Auckland Council Archives Central.