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Auckland City Council Indexes to Building Calculations Database 1919-1964

This database has been created from the indexes to the Auckland City Council building calculations books [AKC 320]. The City Engineers Department was responsible for keeping the building calculation books which contain measurements for various aspects of buildings. At some stage, photocopies of the indexes to the calculation books were compiled into two volumes.

It was decided to create a database from the indexes as they record who the owners, architects and/or engineers were for certain buildings.

The index from 1919-1933 [AKC 320-1] records the location, street or owner of a building, a description of the building work and the date.

The index from 1933-1965 [AKC 320-2] records the location or street of a building, a description of the building work, the building owner, the architect or engineer, the permit number and the date.

Not all of the fields were completed for each building consistently. For instance the building permit number was not always filled out and sometimes the architect or engineer has not been recorded.

The database is searchable by keyword, location, owner, architect/engineer and the date. It is not a comprehensive record of every building constructed in Auckland City.

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