St Paul's War Memorial Tram Shelter Index

This index database has been compiled from information transcribed from a list of names relating to the war memorial shelter which used to stand next to St Paul's Church on Symonds Street. The list has come from a file held by Auckland Diocesan Archives.

A stone tram shelter was erected by the church in memory of the men and women of St Paul's parish who gave their lives during World War I. The shelter was designed by architect Daniel Patterson and was opened 28 March 1920. In 1971, the shelter was demolished as it no longer served its function as a tram shelter and it was being vandalised. The memorial stones were removed and placed in another location within the church grounds.

The database is searchable by name. The database includes details such as cause of death and notes about date enlisted and next-of-kin. Use the Browse link to browse the contents of these fields. The search will return those entries that match your search criteria.

The database is a partial transcript. For full details of entries in the wage book, please contact us.

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