Auckland Harbour Board War Memorial Beacon Index

This index database has been compiled from the names that are inscribed on the memorial plaques on the Auckland Harbour Board War Memorial Beacon which is now located on near Voyager Maritime Museum on Hobson Wharf.

The Auckland Harbour Board erected the memorial in 1915 to commemorate their employees who had served in World War I. The beacon originally stood between the two launch shelters by the landing steps on Quay Street. Originally, design was taller and more ornate, with the beacon serving as a functional navigation aid. Sometime in the late 1960s the memorial was removed and put into storage. It wasn't re-discovered until 1999 and was restored through funds donated by an anonymous benefactor.

The database is searchable by name. Use the Browse link to browse the contents of this field. The search will return those entries that match your search criteria.

This database is a full transcript of entries from the memorial. For further information, please contact Auckland Council Archives.

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