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Birkenhead Borough Council valuation roll Index 1913-1914

The Birkenhead Borough Council was formed in 1888 and was later declared a City Council in 1978. In 1989, Birkenhead City Council was dissolved when Birkenhead was amalgamated with other borough councils to form North Shore City Council.

This database is a transcription made from a Birkenhead Borough valuation roll for 1913 to 1914. It is the earliest surviving valuation roll for Birkenhead Borough Council held by Auckland Council Archives.

The valuation roll is arranged alphabetically by the name of the occupier. Full street addresses for properties were not recorded in the valuation roll, only the legal description of a property was given.

The valuation roll includes the following information:
  • Number on the [valuation] roll
  • Name of occupier and their trade
  • Address (the address the rates notice is sent to, not necessarily that of the property being rated)
  • Name of owner and their trade
  • Description and situation of property (legal description)
  • Area of land (measured in acres, roods and perches)
  • Rateable value

The database is searchable by name. This database is a full transcript of the valuation roll.

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