Devonport War Memorial Index

This index database has been created from information transcribed from various lists and correspondence that are held on the Devonport Soldiers War Memorial Committee files, 1919-1924 [DBC 237].

A public meeting was held in 14 August 1919 to receive suggestions and discuss proposals for a war memorial for the Borough of Devonport. At this meeting a War Memorial Committee was elected. The committee gathered information on designs and costs as well as discussing a suitable location. Also, at this time a fundraising campaign was launched. It was decided to invite designs for a memorial in stone not exceeding £1500; Frank Lynch’s design was selected in December 1921.

The Roll of Honour had to be compiled and the Committee placed advertisements inviting the public to forward names of those who had enlisted from Devonport. Over 100 names were gathered which were then sent to the Base Records Office in Wellington for checking and it was found that many men on the list did not enlist or leave from Devonport. As a result the Committee decided that the Roll of Honour would only contain the names of men who actually sailed from Devonport, regardless of where they had been born or educated. The Devonport War Memorial was unveiled 13 April 1924.

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