Manurewa Memorial Trees Index

This index database has been compiled from a minute book entry made on 21 July 1919 in a Manurewa Town Board minute book [MTB 001/1]. The minute book entry records the names of the soldiers who had trees planted in their memory as part of Manurewa's peace celebrations as well as those who planted the trees. Only the names of the soldiers have been transcribed.

On 21 July 1919 an avenue of 17 trees were planted in Hall Road as part of the Manurewa Town Board's Peace Day commemorations. One tree was planted as a symbol of peace and there was also a tree for the sacrifice made by Nurse Cavell and other nurses during World War I. The remaining trees were planted for each man from Manurewa who had given their lives during the War. Following the tree planting ceremony, an afternoon tea was held in the public hall for 300 children and a banquet was held for the adults. A concert and ball were held in the evening.

None of these trees survived the passage of time, most either died or were removed. The last of the trees were removed in the 1950s when Hall Road was extended. However, on 4 July 2015, a tree was planted on Halver Road (previously Hall Road) by the Manurewa Local Board in memory of the Manurewa servicemen who died during World War I.

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