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Remuera Road Board Valuation Rolls Database 1898-1901, 1912-1913

The Remuera Highway District was formed in 1863 and reformed and in operation in 1867. Remuera Highway District Board became Remuera Road Board in 1883 and was dissolved on 1 March 1915 when Remuera Road district amalgamated with Auckland City.

These valuation rolls cover the years 1898 to 1901 and 1912 to 1913 and were prepared by the Valuer-General of the central government Valuation Department to meet the requirements of the Rating Act 1894, Government Valuation of Land Act 1896, Government Valuation of Land Amendments Act 1900, and Land Act Amendment Act 1908. The rolls are in valuation number order. They include the following information:
  • valuation number
  • name, address and trade or occupation of occupier
  • name, address and trade or occupation of owner
  • description and situation of rateable property
  • area
  • capital value
  • unimproved value
  • value of improvements [for valuation roll, 1912-1913].
A column for remarks includes information on changes to rateable value and ownership. There are no street numbers. There is an index of occupiers and owners at the back of each roll. The index for the valuation roll of 1912 to 1913 is incomplete and contains only surnames beginning with the letters A to C.

The database is searchable by name (occupier and owner), occupation (occupier and owner), street and year. Use the Browse button (where available) to browse the contents of these fields.

Please note that the street has been obtained from the property description in the rolls. The rolls also contain occupier and owner addresses but these differ from the property address.

This database is a partial transcript of entries. For full details of any particular entry, you may visit the Auckland Council Archives Central Repository to view the rolls.