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Takapuna Borough Council Building Permit Register Index Database 1913-1950

Takapuna was proclaimed a borough on 26 June 1913, prior to this date the Takapuna area came under the Waitemata County Council. This database is a transcription of the Takapuna Borough Council building permit register covering the years 1913 to 1950. The registers record applications for building permits and are the only surviving record of building permits being issued for properties in Takapuna for this time period. The original registers are arranged by building permit number and date.

The registers include the following information:
  • application number
  • permit number
  • date
  • name of owner
  • name of builder
  • where property situated (street)
  • type (of permit)
  • section (legal description of the property)
  • number and date of permit

It is important to note that the street addresses for properties are often not recorded in full, usually only the street name is given. Sometimes it is possible to work out the location of a property by using old Lands & Survey Department maps which give the original section and lot numbers.

The database is searchable by name (owner and builder), street, section and year. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields. This database is a full transcript of the building permit registers.

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