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Tram petition

The trams in Auckland City were run by Auckland Electric Tramways Company between 1902 and 1919. A deed of agreement existed between Auckland City Council and the tramways company that in part stated "no cars shall be run on the Lord's day until a Sunday service has been approved by the citizens by a vote on the question".

In 1903 the Company requested the Council hold a poll on this matter and in the event of a Sunday service being approved, they pledged not to run cars between 11am and 12.20pm and 7pm - 8.20pm (church service times). The citizens of Auckland City voted to have a Sunday tram car service.

By 1912 the Company had written again to the Council saying that they had been receiving a number of requests for a continuous Sunday service due to the inconvenience of the present timetable. The Council declined to allow a continuous service on Sunday.

The Auckland Electric Tramways Company approached the Council again in 1915. This time they requested to be allowed to run a continuous evening service on Sundays and whether they could be absolved from the 1903 agreement. The Council declined to release them from the agreement.

In January 1916, the company sent Auckland City Council a petition signed by 763 ratepayers. The petition requested that a poll be taken on the question of running a continuous tram service on Sunday evenings. A poll was duly conducted and there were 6577 votes for the evening service, with only 3569 against. With the majority vote, the Council finally allowed continuous Sunday evening tram services.

This is a database has been transcribed from the actual petition and can be searched by name, occupation and address. Some of the names, occupations and addresses of those who signed were barely legible on the actual petition. Where possible we have cross-checked the names against other sources to verify the correct names on the petition.

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