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Devonport Borough Council wages return books 1916-1924

These ledgers record the weekly wages information for staff employed in the engineering department of Devonport Borough Council. They record the surname of the employee, their occupation (or job title), the hours worked, the particulars of the work assigned and the amount paid.

The types of workers recorded in these books are labourers, drain layers, carpenters, rubbish collectors and gravediggers. It is interesting to note that references to World War I can be seen in some entries. For instance, employees were paid war bonuses and in 1918 there are items relating to the peace celebrations such as holidays and work relating to events commemorating the end of the war. The effects of the 1918 influenza epidemic can also be seen in the work of the cemetery staff with the hours they were working noticeably increased at the peak of the epidemic.

This index is a full transcription and is searchable by the surname of the employee and by occupation.

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