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Otahuhu Ratebooks Index 1883-1891

This database is a transcription of Otahuhu Road Board ratebooks covering the years 1883 to 1891. The Otahuhu Highway Board was formed in 1865 and in 1883 became Otahuhu Road Board. The rate books record the valuation number, occupiers name, owners name and the legal description of the property.

They include the following information:
  • Number on valuation roll
  • Name of occupier
  • Name of owner
  • Description and situation of property
  • By whom rate paid

Full street addresses for the properties are not recorded in the ratebooks, only the legal description of the property is given.

The database is searchable by name (occupier and owner), description of the property and the date. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a full transcript of the ratebooks.

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