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Wairoa Highway Board rate book 1881-1883

This index database has been created from transcribed content of the Wairoa Highway Board rate book 1881-1883. The rate book records the name of the occupier (or the person primarily liable for the payment of rates), legal description of the property, rateable value of the property and name of person who paid the rates.

On 1 September 1881 the Wairoa (South) Highway District Board appointed Theophilus Lessey Stevens as the collector of rates and dog tax for the district. The public notice in the newspaper stated that ratepayers could inspect the rate book at the collector's residence.

In 1862 the Wairoa Highway District was defined and established under the Auckland Provincial Highways Act. The boundaries of the highway district covered approximately the areas known today as Clevedon (formerly Wairoa South), Otau and the Ness Valley. In 1883 the Wairoa Highway District became known the Wairoa Road District. It was subsequently amalgamated into Manukau County Council in 1918.

This database can be searched by name and is a full transcript of entries from the rate book.

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