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Waitemata County Council bridge register database

This index database contains transcribed information from a Waitemata County Council file on bridges. The Government passed the Main Highways Act in 1922 which established the Main Highways Board to control roads that had been declared as main highways. In 1930 a circular letter was sent out to all local authorities regarding the maintenance of bridges on main highways. The Board was concerned about the condition and lack of maintenance of some bridges and decided to introduce a system of regular inspection. The Main Highways Board required local authorities to undertake annual inspections of bridges in their district and send in a completed inspection form.

This database records information taken from the annual inspection forms and following details are captured: name of the bridge, name of highway the bridge is located on, type of bridge, length and width of the roadway, length and number of spans of the bridge, date the bridge was erected, any plan numbers and date of inspection.

Although the plan numbers have been recorded, most of these plans were created by the Ministry of Works and there is no guarantee that Auckland Council Archives holds copies of these plans.

The database is searchable by bridge name, highway name and date. Use the Browse button to browse the contents of these fields.

This database is a partial transcript of entries contained on the file.

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