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Truncate word endings using the * e.g. politic* (finds ephemera about politics and political issues or events)
For an AND search use the & e.g. Mercury Theatre & Shakespeare (finds ephemera from Mercury Theatre productions of plays by Shakespeare)
For an OR search use the / e.g. brochures / pamphlets (finds items described on the index as either a brochure or a pamphlet)
For a NOT search use the ! e.g. dance ! posters (finds all dance-related ephemera except posters)
For a PHRASE search, just type the words e.g. royal visits

Search tips
To find theatre ephemera enter the name of a play, playwright or theatre group e.g. Foreskin’s Lament; Roger Hall; Auckland Theatre Company
To find dance ephemera enter the name of a dance group or choreographer e.g. Black Grace; Douglas Wright; Royal New Zealand Ballet.
To find ephemera from specific Auckland events or festivals, enter the name of the event e.g. Pasifika; Auckland Writers Festival.
To narrow a search enter the decade or the year as a keyword.

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