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1 of 476 Photographer: Winkelmann, Henry

Date: 4 July 1914

Description: Looking from Northcote Point towards Sulphur Beach showing houses overlooking the bay and boatsheds. This is now the site of the northern approach to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

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2 of 476 Photographer: Winkelmann, Henry

Date: 5 July 1914

Description: Showing the Shelly Beach Baths at the foot of Shelly Beach Road. The baths were opened in 1912 and closed when the approaches to the Auckland Harbour Bridge were built

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3 of 476 Photographer: Unknown

Date: October 1962

Description: Looking north west from St Marys Bay showing the Auckland Harbour Bridge with Northcote in the background, the premises of the Ponsonby Cruising Club, West End Rowing Club, Victoria Cruising Club at Westhaven (right), part of the Shelley Beach Road flyover (left) and the city exit (foreground)

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4 of 476 Photographer: Unknown

Date: 10 Oct 1964

Description: Looking north across the harbour from the top of Bishops Court, New Street, St Marys Bay showing the houses of St Marys Bay (foreground), boats in Westhaven Boat Harbour, the Auckland Harbour Bridge and approach road (centre left) and the North Shore in the background

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5 of 476 Photographer: Auckland City Council

Date: 17 Feb 1959

Description: The North Shore water pipeline near the Auckland Harbour Bridge

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