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Looking south west over Mount Albert and Avondale from Surrey....

Creator Winkelmann, Henry (30 Sept 1927)

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Looking west south west from Mount Albert towards Avondale and....

Creator Richardson, James D (3 Sep 1920)

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Panoramic view looking west towards Avondale showing Waterview,....

Creator Richardson, James D (3 Sep 1920)

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Stereoscope showing a horse and rider crossing the Whau River....

Creator Richardson, James D

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Looking west into the backyard of 2172 Great North Road,....

Creator Auckland City Council (29 May 1961)

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Taken from across the intersection of Great North and St....

Creator Unknown (20 August 1976)

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Showing Northern Club's luncheon picnic party at the Avondale....

Creator Slack, J A Auckland Weekly News (1899)

More detail 7-A1724

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Showing Mr T Morrin's luncheon picnic party at the Avondale....

Creator Unknown (1899)

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Showing the Avondale Hotel, Great North Road, proprietor....

Creator Unknown (1892)

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Showing home of Mr Charles Grey in Manukau Road Avondale (now....

Creator Unknown (1904)

More detail 7-A242

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Showing St. Jude's Church, Avondale....

Creator Unknown (1976)

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Showing front view of St Ninian's Presbyterian Church on corner....

Creator Unknown (1963)

More detail 7-A416

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Showing front corner of Avondale Hotel, (proprietor J R Stych)....

Creator Unknown (1898?)

More detail 7-A4024

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Showing the premises of Henry Peck's Pioneer Bakery and General....

Creator Unknown (188-?)

More detail 7-A3039

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Showing St Judes Anglican Church, Avondale, car in grounds, and....

Creator Radcliffe, Frederick George (1920-?)

More detail 7-A12509

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Showing Mt Albert-Avondale and Kingsland-Mt Albert-Avondale....

Creator Unknown (188-?)

More detail 7-A9460

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Showing the grandstand at Avondale Racecourse, racegoers in the....

Creator Unknown (1899)

More detail 7-A1670

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Looking west across Avondale Racecourse showing the new....

Creator Unknown (1902)

More detail 7-A12490

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Showing James Joseph Craig's Brick and Pottery Works, Avondale,....

Creator Unknown (1898)

More detail 7-A12491

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Showing Mr J Bollard, House of Representatives member for Eden,....

Creator Unknown (1902)

More detail 7-A7345