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Master O'Brien Master O'Brian

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Schmidt, Herman John Schmidt, Herman John
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O'Brien, O'Brian, Portraits, Art, Ferns, Clothing and dress, Boys, ChildrenO'BrienO'BrianPortraitsArtFernsClothing and dressBoysChildren
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Glass plate negative

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Showing a small photograph of a boy, possibly Master O'Brien or O'Brian, seated on a wooden chair wearing a large hat, a light coloured jacket with a wide collar and shorts, a shirt and tie, shoes and socks which has been placed in an art work of a forest and animal scene, made out of pieces of native plants, ferns to create a forest tableau with a kiwi, kangaroo and bird. The child's photo has had a small fern tie scratched on to it and a piece of plant added to the child's hand