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Scene from 'Under the Southern Cross'

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Troughton-Clark, C Troughton-Clark, C
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Maori, Maori costume, Meeting Houses, Storehouses, Maori carving, Carvings, Spears, Mere, Cloaks, Whare, Whakarewarewa, Film, Pakura, Rangi, Under the Southern Cross (Film), Miro, Harris, Witarina Te Miriarangi ParewahaikaMaoriMaori costumeMeeting HousesStorehousesMaori carvingCarvingsSpearsMereCloaksWhareWhakarewarewaFilmPakuraRangiUnder the Southern Cross (Film)MiroHarris, Witarina Te Miriarangi Parewahaika
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Film negative

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Showing a scene from the 1928 film 'Under the Southern Cross'. Chief Pakura of the Ariki tribe (centre), with Princess Miro to his right and her would-be lover Rangi?, to his left, surrounded by kinsfolk sitting in a semi-circle in front of the meeting house at Whakarewarewa? A carved storehouse can be seen right.