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Reception of the Exploring Party by Takerei on the Waipa

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Hamel, Bruno L Hamel, Bruno L
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Hochstetter, Ferdinand von, 1829-1884, Whare, Meeting Houses, Takerei, Waipa, Waikato Region, Drummond Hay, GeorgeHochstetter, Ferdinand von, 1829-1884WhareMeeting HousesTakereiWaipaWaikato RegionDrummond Hay, George
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Film negative

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995.15 W14

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Showing the Government Scientific Exploring Expedition, lead by Dr. Ferdinand Hochstetter, seated in front of a long, open sided whare (Wesleyan Church?) under construction, at a reception by Takerei 'on the Waipa' (exact location unspecified, but possibly Te Kowhai), in the Waikato region. The image includes, Captain George Drummond Hay, Takerei, Dr.Hochstetter and others, though they have not been individually identified.