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Polite Vaudeville De Luxe

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31 May 1913

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Polite Vaudeville De Luxe Company, Theatre, Posters, The Bartletts, Cox, Ruby, Fairbank, William, Raymond, Rubee, Rockley, Wal, Rockley, Lillie, Conrad, Ella, Spilker, George, Walton, George, Leeder, Edie, White, Will, The Arteens, Letts, Bart, Erson,Keild, His Majestys Theatre, AucklandPolite Vaudeville De Luxe CompanyTheatrePostersThe BartlettsCox, RubyFairbank, WilliamRaymond, RubeeRockley, WalRockley, LillieConrad, EllaSpilker, GeorgeWalton, GeorgeLeeder, EdieWhite, WillThe ArteensLetts, BartErson,KeildHis Majestys Theatre, Auckland
Results display 5 records per screen

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Poster for theatre producton 'Modern Minstrels'. V M Beebe presents Polite Vaudeville De Luxe Company - a company of leading international artists. Including The Bartletts, Ruby Cox (contralto vocalist), William Fairbank (comedian), Rubee Raymond (song and acrobatic dance), Wal Rockley and Lillie Rockley (sketch artists), Ella Conrad (soprano vocalist), George Spilker (black-face comedian and musician), George Walton (English comedian), Miss Edie Leeder (song and dance), Will White (singer and dancer), The Arteens (acrobats), Bartletts (musical novelties), Keild Erson - the one man music hall. Performed at His Majesty's Theatre, Auckland. Commenced Saturday May 31, 1913.