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The mishap to the Victorians at Burgspruit on June 12. Under the guidance of traitors, Viljeon and Muller crept up to the sleeping camp about half-past eight in the evening, and opened the terrific fire on men and horses. In the wildest confusion, the soldiers sprang up and rushed for their rifles, but the Boers covered the stacks of piled arms and poured in a heavy fire. A Boer shouted to a trooper in the horse lines to hold up his hands, and on his obeying, shot him down. "You coward," cried a wounded officer who lay near by, and pulling out his revolver, he shot him dead. "Everywhere," says Mr. Bennet Burleigh in the Daily Telegraph, "explosive bullets flicked, flashing about like brilliant fireflies or will-o-the wisps." Of the Victorians, twenty were killed and forty wounded.

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Auckland Weekly News Auckland Weekly News
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10 October 1901

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Illustrations, Brugspruit, Viljeon, Muller, Horses, Men, Beors, South African War, Burleigh, Bennet, VictoriansIllustrationsBrugspruitViljeonMullerHorsesMenBeorsSouth African WarBurleigh, BennetVictorians
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Taken from the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 10 OCTOBER 1901 p003

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An illustration depicting the mishap to the Victorians at Burgspruit on June 12.