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Essential arms of the service: stirring spectacles at the Masterton Military Carnival on February 1.

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Auckland Weekly News Auckland Weekly News
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8 February 1917

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World War, 1914-1918, Boy scouts, Gun carriages, Carnivals, Masterton, Show Grounds, Military parades and ceremonies, Grandstands, New Zealand Artillery, Infantries, Horses, SoldiersWorld War, 1914-1918Boy scoutsGun carriagesCarnivalsMastertonShow GroundsMilitary parades and ceremoniesGrandstandsNew Zealand ArtilleryInfantriesHorsesSoldiers
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Taken from the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 8 February 1917 p046

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Showing two scenes at the military carnival held the Solway show grounds in Masterton on 1 February 1917. The top is the artillery passing the grandstand in the driving competition. The bottom is ranks of infantry troops marching into the show grounds. A boy scout stands observing them.