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The funeral of a French officer in the region of the Somme: a solemn spectacle within sound of the booming guns.

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Central News
Auckland Weekly News Central News Auckland Weekly News
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5 April 1917

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World War, 1914-1918, Soldiers, Funerals, Religious aspects of war, Priest, France, Somme, Cortege, Musical instruments, Military uniforms, French Army, Military bandsWorld War, 1914-1918SoldiersFuneralsReligious aspects of warPriestFranceSommeCortegeMusical instrumentsMilitary uniformsFrench ArmyMilitary bands
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Taken from the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 5 April 1917 p037

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Showing the funeral cortege of a French officer in the street of a village or town of the Somme region of France in World War I. In the left foreground are French soldiers carrying musical instruments. Behind them is a horse-drawn vehicle with a canvas top which presumably houses the casket. Near the rear of the vehicle walks a priest holding a prayer book with hand raised in blessing. A crowd of bare-headed French soldiers stand looking down at the cortege from the top of a brick embankment, while others watch from a staircase leading down to the street.