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Sport after the recent heavy snowstorm at Karioi, in the King Country, North Island of New Zealand.

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Mrs. C. H. G. Carpenter
Auckland Weekly News Mrs. C. H. G. Carpenter Auckland Weekly News
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31 July 1919

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Karioi, Snowmen, Women, Dogs, Children playing, Snow, SnowballsKarioiSnowmenWomenDogsChildren playingSnowSnowballs
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Taken from the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News 31 July 1919 p032

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Showing a group of men, women, children and a dog, playing in the snow at Karioi in the Waikato. The group has created a snowman, seen in the centre of the image, and a man stands with his back turned to the right. A number of people are making snowballs or about to throw them. A wooden structure can be seen on the far right, with a thick layer of snow on its roof.