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Prize birds at the Auckland and Suburban Poultry Club's show.

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New Zealand Graphic New Zealand Graphic
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24 June 1905

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Poultry, DucksPoultryDucks
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Taken from the New Zealand Graphic, 24 June 1905, p35

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Photographs of prize birds at the Auckland and suburban poultry club's show. 1. C W Morten's Houdan hen first and special. 2. B H Clow's white Wyandotte cockerel, first and special. 3. J B Kyd's Dorking cock, first and special. 4. G Horwood's Pekin drake two cups, first and special. 5. Captain Moorhouse's black-red British game hen, first.and special, North Island champion. 6. Tonar Bros' Minorca cock, first and special. 7. G R Hutchinson's Andalusian cock, first and special, North Island champion. 8. T Douthwaite's Indian Runner drake, first and special. 9. W Whinray's White Leghorn cockerel, first and special. 10. J Nixon's Indian game hen, first and special. 11. A and E Thomson's pile bantarn cock, champion of show, first and special. 12. J B Paterson's gold-laced Wyandotte cockerel, trophy, first and special.