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Med. MS G.124
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ID: Med. MS G.124

Record Information

Manuscript number: Med. MS G.124
Title: Bible. N.T. Gospels. Greek. 1128. Gospel-book (Ms. Auckland Libraries. Med MS G.124)
Subjects: Manuscripts, Greek (Medieval and modern) -- New Zealand -- Auckland
Time period: [between 1175 and 1225]
General: Written in Greek.
Layout: Single column, mostly 26 lines, ruled in blind, written space 14 x 9 cm.
Script: Calligraphic Greek minuscule, headings and side-notes in red, versal initials throughout in red.
Decoration: Four full-page Canon Tables on ff.1-2v are framed by arched columns drawn in black and infilled with interlace in red and yellow wash. The arches are surmounted by crosses and palmettes.
Decoration: Five decorative headpieces introduce the Gospels and the list of liturgical readings at the end. They are drawn in red with cross, foliate and arabesque designs. Titles and opening initials are painted in matching red. The headpieces are rectangular (5.6 x 9 cm, f.5), oblong (ff.64, 160 and 199v) or three-sided (f.101).
Decoration: Ropework headpieces introduce lists of chapters on ff.3 and 99 and an interlaced tailpiece concludes the Gospel of St Mark on f.98v. The single leaves missing at the beginning of the Gospels probably contained miniatures (after ff.63, 100 and 159).
Decoration: The crude sketches of St Matthew and St Luke on ff.4v and 100v are later additions.
Binding: Nineteenth century brown morocco over wooden boards. Lettered on spine: Evangelia IV Graece. Ms. in membranis M.CXXVIII. Some sections of text badly faded. Lower margins repaired.
Collation: i4, ii-viii8, ix7 [of 8, lacking iv], x-xiii8, xiv7 [of 8, lacking ii], xv-xx8, xxi7 [of 8, lacking vi], xxii-xxv8, xxvi6 [of 8, lacking vii-viii], with signatures in Greek in upper outer corners of the first page of each gathering lacking single leaves after ff.63, 100 and 159, and lacking at least 2 leaves at end.
Origin: Eastern Mediterranean.
Ms. written in Greece (?) on vellum, in Greek minuscule script. Text in black, head-lines, foot-notes, some side-notes and some initials in red. Ornamental head-piece in red and black, in Byzantine style, at beginning of each Gospel except that of St. John. Ornamental tail-piece in red and black, in plaited design forming a cross, at end of St. Mark's Gospel. Two full-page ill.: 1. leaf 4b, port. (12.5 x 10 cm.) in red and black, of St. Matthew, reading -- 2. leaf 100b, port. (13 x 10 cm.) of St. Luke, writing.
Also known as: Evangelia IV Graece. Ms. in membranis M.CXXVIII.
Available in microfilm: Special Collections microfilm 1341.
Available as colour digital images. Please contact Sir George Grey Special Collections.
Acquisition: Donation; Sir George Grey; Med. MS G.124.
Provenance. The date in Greek letters on f.199 (=1128) is not by the original scribe, though it must have been added no later than 1732 when a calculation of the manuscript's presumed age was made in the margin. Sir George Grey believed this manuscript to have come from Mt Athos.
Language: Greek
Physical description: [199] leaves (26 lines) : vellum ; 19.7 x 14.6 cm bound to 21 x 15 cm.
Collection: Medieval manuscripts


The four Gospels in Greek, preceded by the Canon Tables, comprising St Matthew (ff.5-63), St Mark (ff.64-98v), St Luke (ff.101-159v) and St John (ff.160-199). Added at the end are the lections for the week after Easter, breaking off imperfectly.

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