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NZMS 1097 Gill, Harriet Alice, 1856-1948
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ID: NZMS 1097

Record Information

Manuscript number: NZMS 1097
Author: Gill, Harriet Alice, 1856-1948
Title: Sketchbook of autographs
Subjects: Parnell (Auckland, N.Z.) -- History; Autographs; Autograph albums
Time period: 1899 - 1915
General: Please note that attached image is a sample only.
Bio Note: Harriet Alice Gill was born in Lincolnshire in 1856. she emigrated to New Zeland with her family in 1862. Her father, Richard John Gill (1825-1910), became a prominent Native Land Court judge and was for a term (1892-3) the mayor of Tauranga. Harriet's older sister, Emily, was the second wife of another renowned Native Land Court judge, Henry Henry Tacy Clarke (1825-1902). The Gill family lived in Tauranga from the mid-1860s until the early 1890s, then moved to Parnell, Auckland.
Physical description: 1 v.
Collection: New Zealand manuscripts


The autographs are those of many early Auckland names, particularly from the Parnell area. Some are identified with accompanying notes. Some, such as Harold Christopher Sealy, are related to Harriet Gill by marriage. William Geroge Sealy married Mary Ann Gill at St Mary's Church, Parnell, on 26 March 1870.

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