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ID: NZMS 596

Record Information

Manuscript number: NZMS 596
Author: Broadsheet Collective
Title: Records
Subjects: Women's rights -- Periodicals; Women's rights; Feminism -- New Zealand -- Periodicals; Feminism -- New Zealand; Social action groups; Women -- Societies and clubs; New Zealand -- History -- 1970-2000; Broadsheet (Auckland, N.Z.); Broadsheet Bookshop; Ephemera
Time period: 1971 - 1999
General: This collection has been sorted and listed thanks to a Lotteries Environment & Heritage Grant.
Language: chiefly English
Bio Note: Founded in 1970, Auckland Women’s Liberation was one of New Zealand’s second-wave feminist groups. AWL distributed its first newsletter (broadsheet) in February 1971. Within a few months AWL members Sandra Coney, Anne Else, Rosemary Ronald, and Kitty Wishart formed the Broadsheet Collective and produced Broadsheet - New Zealand’s first feminist magazine focusing on women’s issues and information sharing on a national and international level. Broadsheet Collective maintained its affiliation to Auckland Women’s Liberation until the late 1970s.
Released in July 1972, Broadsheet Issue No 1 consisted of twelve foolscap pages - stapled; the 200 copies sold quickly and before the release of Issue No 2, Broadsheet had fifty paid-up subscriptions. Within two years a growing membership and increased sales resulted in a changed of format and Broadsheet, with its new glossy cover, was distributed nationally.
Initially, the Broadsheet Collective editorial team consisted of twelve women representing heterosexual and lesbian interests, with each member working voluntarily. However, conflict arose and in July 1975, a closed collective of six women took on the responsibility of producing the magazine. These were Sharyn Cederman, Val Cole, Sandra Coney, Lorraine McArthur, Rosemary Ronald and Julie Thompson. The level of subscriptions increased, and in March 1976 Broadsheet was able to employ two part-time workers (Sandra Coney and Rosemary Ronald).
The Collective continued to work by consensus, maintaining an independent feminist viewpoint with all issues debated at length. In 1978, feminists associated with W.A.C. (Auckland Woman’s Art Collective) challenged Auckland Women’s Liberation’s philosophy, resulting in the resignation of four (of the 8) members of the Broadsheet Collective. It was a time of redefinition and rebuilding.
The Broadsheet Book Shop opened in 1981 in a spare room in the Broadsheet offices. By 1985, Broadsheet had moved to Karangahape Road where the shop was at street level. Two years later the office and shop moved to Dominion Road. With falling book sales, the shop was sold in 1989 to Carole Beu and the name changed to The Woman’s Bookshop.
Between 1972 and 1982, the Broadsheet Collective massed a substantial research resource relating to women’s issues and much time was spent in servicing outside enquiries. The resource was developed and maintained by P.E.P. staff working under the guidance of Claire-Louise McCurdy. However, government funding changed and in 1986 Womanfile Research and Information Centre Inc. was created, enabling the society to employ a V.O.T.P. worker to maintain resources and services.
While Broadsheet spoke for New Zealand’s feminists, the magazine was never financially viable. With insufficient advertising revenue and subscriptions, the magazine was supported by profits from the bookshop, appeals and other fundraising ventures. In 1987, an attempt was made to lift the publication’s profile and subscription level. In 1988, Broadsheet became a limited liability company with a new management structure, two full-time positions (advertising and promotions). The years following the 1989 share market crash saw falling advertising and subscriptions; despite the revamp, Broadsheet continued loosing ground. Broadsheet Magazine Limited was wound up in 1990 and Womanfile Research and Information Centre Inc. took over production.
By 1991, the Collective reverted to voluntary labour and continued producing quarterly magazines for a further six years. After a quarter of a century’s service to New Zealand feminist Broadsheet closed with the issue No 214 July 1997. At the time of closing, Broadsheet was New Zealand’s only feminist magazine and claimed to be the longest running magazine of second-wave feminism in the world.
Physical description: about 100 boxes; 6 folders (20 linear metres)
Collection: New Zealand manuscripts
Other names: Auckland Women's Liberation; Womanfile Research and Information Centre Inc
Finding aid: Inventory of photos attached
Restrictions: Open access, except for Box A. Files in Box A restricted under the Privacy Act 1994. See Inventory for further details. For further information contact the Manuscript Librarian."Broadsheet magazine to be acknowledged, as well as the author (if known), when any material (text, photograph, graphic) is used in research or publication in any format."--Donors' conditions.


The collection consists of an incomplete run of administrative records including minutes of meetings 1989 – 1999, financial records, correspondence and an almost completel run of Broadsheet magazine.

Dissemination of information was an important function. Broadsheet developed a research resource titled Womanfile. Arranged by subject, files contain extracts from publications, correspondence, published and unpublished material, newspaper clippings and sundry papers. At various times, inward correspondence such as letters to the Editor was filed according to subject.

The records also contain a significant collection of solicited and unsolicited periodicals received by Broadsheet including newsletters, journals, magazines, serials, bulletins and other periodicals from New Zealand and international organisations, collectives and publishing houses. The periodicals reflect Broadsheets diverse interests and include feminism (heterosexual and lesbian), women’s health, environmental issues, anti-nuclear protest, Christian perspectives, coven groups, the arts (film, art gallery etc NZ). Additional periodicals are filed amongst the Womanfile research papers. Also included is a small collection of posters, publications and a quantity of unsorted papers.

Arrangement. For further detail, see Inventory.

Series 1 - Administration

Series 2 - Broadsheet magazine

Series 3 - Womanfile Research and Information Centre Inc.

Series 4 - Periodicals/Publications

Series 5 - Posters/Outsized/Artworks



Broadsheet photo catalogue These are the photgraphs stored in the Broadsheet files in 2007, when the magazine ceased publication after 25 years. Not all these photos were used in the magazine. Some photos that appeared in Broadsheet were kept and filed for reuse – others may have been returned to the people concerned or to organisations such as CORSO. Most of the photos that were used have issue number and date added so you can refer to the article, but this catalogue isn’t perfect. Not all the people in photos of events were identified in magazine captions. Many photos of women and children were used simply as images. Unidentified people and events are in folders at the end of the relevant section. If you are using this collection, you may be able to help identify people or events in the photos. Please add names in pencil, not pen. Bromides have been discarded in favour of photographs where both were found. If not, bromides have been retained for informational purposes although these may not scan or photocopy well. The magazine boxes are numbered continuing the series used in archiving Broadsheet’s organisational papers. Box 44 – Broadsheet Collective List of Collective members (on anniversary of first issue) Broadsheet Collective and workers (2 folders) Broadsheet bookshop, merchandise etc. Broadsheet Feminism Display Broadsheet Roadshows Women’s Groups: Other bookshops, printer, writer’s groups Women’s Centres Women’s work groups and activist groups Musicians Entertainers Sports Film makers Box 45 – Images of Women Images of women (3 folders) Historic photos used by Broadsheet Images of children and mothers Contraception: Broadsheet photos of contraception products, undated Photos of places and buildings used by Broadsheet Art by New Zealand women Unidentified art Murals Feminist graffitti Art by overseas women Photos etc. for Broadsheet covers Box 46 and 47 – Events New Zealand Events, 1972-1996 Box 48 and 49 – New Zealand women Box 48 – A-K; Box 49 – L-Z Unidentified women Box 50 Overseas Groups by Country Overseas Women (alphabetically in folders) Unidentified Overseas Women Box 44 Broadsheet Collective From Pat Rosier Been Around for Quite a While: 20 Years of Broadsheet Magazine, New Women’s Pres, 1992 Winter 1993 (#198) Claire-Louie McCurdy, Athina Tsoulis, Cathy Hall, Lisa Howard-Smith, Juliet Jaques, Karen Woods, Jacqui Fill, Rhiannon Cautlin, Mandrika Rupa, Helen Warren. Editor for this issue Lisa Sabbage, Designed Rhiannon Cautlin Autumn 1994 (#202) Claire-Louise McCurdy, Cathy Hall, Lisa Howard-Smith, Jacqui Fill, Rhiannon Cautlin, Helen Warren, Debbie Mann, Rachel Cooper, Dewbbie Hager Winter/Hotoke 1995 (206) Editorial decisions: Claire-Louise Mccurdy, Lisa Howard-Smith, Jacqui Fill, Deborah Mann, Ali Bell. Design Black Sun Art. Winter/Hotoke 1996 (#210) Jacqui Fill, Linda Hill, Lisa Howard-smith, Deborah Mann, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Alex Woodley. Design Kate Millington Winter/Hotoke 1997 (#214) – last issue Barbara Bennett, Linda Hill, Lisa Howard-Smith, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Kate Millington. Design Kate Millington. Distibution Anne Hunt Photos of the Broadsheet Collective and workers Sharon Kathleen Alston 13.3.1948-11.2.1995, collective member, technical/art director BS Winter/Hotoke 1995 back cover Sharon Alston, 1986? (2) 1986? Photo Gil Hanly ‘Women are not state property’: Sharon Alston travelled the North Island with the Backstreet Theatre Group showing what the 1976 Gill Bill, which sought to restrict abortions to public hospitals, would mean for NZ women. BS 1976 Sharon Alston March 1992 Sharan Alston at desk, 1989 Ali Bell, with her son 2) BS 204 Sumer/Raumati 1994 p.22, 24 with her mother Jane BS Summer/Raumati 1994 p.20 Sarah Calbert, August82 Photo Bruce Connew/Icon Val Cole and Lorraine McArthur BS 31 July 1975 p.31 Sandi Hall and Sandra Coney, Broadsheet Collective meeting Sandra Coney, Editor (2) Sept 1988, Photo Gil Hanly (2) BS 200 Summer 1993 p.29` Sandra Coney at typewriter, 2 contact sheets Sandra Coney (2) Sandra Coney and Anne McFarlane, BS Collective meeting Sandra Coney and Sandy Hall, Broadsheet Collective meeting Jan Cowan Julie Downey at the Broadsheet Office, Anzac Avenue Julie Downey and Doreen Suddens Megan Fidler, as ‘bride’ for cover BS 188; with Lisa Howard Smith etc on contact sheet Edith Gorringe, Collective member Photo Gil Hanly (2) BS 196 Summer 1992 p.4 Camille Guy and Liz Glasgow Cathy Hall, BS winter/Hotoke 1995 p.53 Tanya Hopman, advertising manager BS 166 March 1989 p.16 Lisa Howard Smith (4), Photo Helen Courtney Lisa donates lesbian blood Bs 214 winter 1997 p.41 Lisa Howard-Smith, future Collective member with her mother BS Winter 1993 198 p.15 Juliet Jacques, ‘Herspective’ Broadsheet 196 Summer 1992/3 p.2 BS 202 Winter 1994 p.51 Carol Jillsun, Collective member, BS offices Dominion Rd, Photo Gil Hanly BS 166 March 1989 p.17 Pat Kipping (3), Photo Helen Courtney Claire-Louise McCurdy., collective member Pat McKay, Collective member with volunteer Michelle, Dominion Rd office, Photo Gil Hanly BS 166 March 1989 p.17 Kate Millington, Collective member, layout artist, and daughter Petra, BS 208 Summer Raumati 1995 p.3 Claudia Pond Eyley (3) painting the Broadsheet mural at the Anzac Ave office, used for poster and cards (pencil draft version in BS papers) BS 109 Special Issue April 1983 Jenny Rankine and Athina Tsoulis receive EEO Award from Kerry Burke, Minister of Labour,1985 BS 136 January/February 1986 p.8 Rosemary Ronald at the Broadsheet layout table with daughter Shay 1970s BS 195 Koanga/Spring 1992 p.14 on grass Photo Sharon Cederman Pat Rosier and Alison Gray, BS Bookstall Photo Gil Hanly Pat Rosier, Nelson columnist, then Collective member (3) colour photos Helen Courtney Pat Rosier BS October 1987 Herspective Pat Rosier, collective member Photo Helen Courtney Pat Rosier and Alison Gray at Broadsheet Bookstall at an event Pat Rosier, Broadsheet columnist, ‘Nelson Notes’, later editor Pat Rosier, Editor (Herspective) BS December 1991. Pat as young mum with daughter Helen Pat Rosier and Lisa Sabbage Margot Roth, Broadsheet columnist, ‘Gripes of Roth’ BS 200 Summer 1993 p.43 Madrika Rupa, about to leave the BS Collective BS Summer 1993 No.200 p.2 With Helen Warren, Dee and daughter Mandy Photo Eliza Tepania-Carter BS 198 Winter 1993 p.16; also used BS 198 Winter 1993 p.16 With daughter Mandy May 1987 Photo Gil Hanly BS 199 Sumer 1993 p.54 Lisa Sabbage (3), Collective member, then columnist of ‘Savage Blows’ BS 198 Winter 1993 p.11 Photo Karen Woods Lisa Sabbage, Collective member, with Honour the Treaty placard Photo Gil Hanly Doreen Suddens and Miriam Saphira, BS workers, outside office at 43 Anzac Avenue, Dec 1982 Photo Diane Quinn BS Jan/Feb 1983 Miriam Saphira (Jackson) reading Broadsheet, December 1983, used in ads Miriam Saphira (2) BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 pp 20,23 Photo Gil Hanly Athina Tsoulis (Reay), Collective member, paid worker, film-maker Photo Gil Hanly BS 200 Summer 1993 p.12 Athina Tsoulis (Reay) BS 130 June 1985 p.22 with two daughers With her sister Anne, 1963 BS No.198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.34 Kitty Wishart and daughter (3) Kate Photo Sharon Cederman BS 195 Koanga/Spring 1992 p.15 Kitty Wishart BS 195 Koanga/Spring 1992 p.15 Sandi Hall, Heather McLeish, Sandra Coney, Sarah Calbert Broadsheet Collective members presenting at Women’s Studies Assn Conference, Palmerston North 1982 Collective July 1990: Pat Kipping, Helen Courtney, Lisa Sabbage, Athina Tsoulis, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Cathy Hall, Pat Rosier, Shirley Manihana. Photo Gil Hanly BS Collective July 1992 Photo Ros Spratt Juliet Jaques, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Jacqui Fill, Karen (Austen) Woods, Cathy Hall, Lisa Howard-Smith, Rhiannon Cautlin, Athina Tsoulis, Pat Rosier, Ros Spratt BS Collective 1990 contact sheets BS Collective 1987: Sharon Alston, Ali Bell, Athina Tsoulis, Pat Rosier, Jesvier Singh, Jenny Ranking, Judy Warters, Claire-Louise McCurdy (back); Shirley Tamehana, Peta Joyce. Photo Gil Hanly, BS 152 Oct 1987 p.2 BS Collective 1982, Photo Anna Wilson Renée (Taylor) Sandi Hall, Doreen Suddens, Mariam Saphira, Sandra Coney, Heather McLeish. + contact sheet BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.13 Broadsheet workers, Miriam Saphira, Doreen Suddens, Sandra Coney, Renée, December 1982 Collective meeting at Sandra Coney’s – Sandra, Anne McFarlane, Jenny Rankine BS 81 July/august 1980 p.13 1978 Collective: Vanya Lowry, ?, Rocheaela London-Lane, Melanie Reid, Miriam Jackson (Sophira); Val Cole, Jill Ranstead, Rosemary Ronald, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Christine Dann, Rosemary (Kindra) Howard, Marianne Doczi, Romi Curl, Derek Jackson - Photo Romi Curl. Cover of BS 61 July 1978, Cover of Been around for a while: 20 years of Broadsheet, Pat Rosier (ed) Auckland: New Women’s Press, 1992 Auckland Women’s Liberation: ‘Mothers’ of Broadsheet group mid 1973 – many of these women worked on the magazine’s early issues. Volunteers ‘stuffing’, Index Collective, Broadsheet’s 20th Birthday Volunteer in the Broadsheet office Broadsheet stuffing at Rosemary Ronald’s, cover of BS 61 July 1978; cover of Rosier, Been Around for a While (1992) Stuffing photo with Sandra Coney left, Photo Shirley Gruar BS 81 July/August 1980 cover same session with Jenny Rankine BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.60 same session BS 81 July/August 1980 p.19 Broadsheet seminar April 1981 (13) Sue Neale, Donna Awatere, Ripeka Evans Sonya Davies (2) Sandra Coney with ? Helen Watson (Sandra Coney’s sister) Vale Cole, Doreen Suddens, Collective members Broadsheet’s 20th birthday celebration (7), BS’s 20th birthday and the New Women’s Press 10th birthday celebrated at the joint launch of Been Around for Quite a While (ed. Pat Rosier) on Suffrage Day 19 September 1991 as part of The Listener Women’s Book Festival. All photos Gil Hanly BS 196 1992-3 p.33 Sandra Coney cutting the cake (2) The cake baked by Cathy McKinley. Sandra Coney cuts cake with Cathy McKinley, Jenny Rankine, Fran Marno Pat Rosier, Sandra Coney and Wendy Harrex (New Women’s Press) speakers at BS 20th birthday BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.33 Photos of older woman and of young girl reading Broadsheet, used for ads. Broadsheet Shop, merchandise, etc Broadsheet Bookshop Karangahape Rd, street view Broadsheet Bookshop Karangahape Rd, Photo Gil Hanly (4) Broadsheet Bookshop, Dominion Rd (2), Photo Gil Hanly BS 130 1985 p.22 Badges available from Broadsheet, model Miriam Saphira, Photo Diane Quin (2) BS 109 April 1983 p.17 T-shirts at Broadsheet shop Photo Dianne Quinn Broadsheet banner (1xB&W, 4xcolour) March against Cuts in Living Standards, 28 October 1982, Queen St, Auckland Fundraising Art Auction for Broadsheet, Wellington December 1983 – Lee Hatherley, Anne Else. Broadsheet display on Feminism Photos and texts used in display Broadsheet Roadshow 1982 (all photos by Gil Hanly) BS 111 July/Aug 1983 36-37 Jess Hawke Oakenstar, Hilary King, Renée, Bernadette Doolan, Judy Wishart, Margaret Blay for BS 101 Bernardette Rae, Margaret Blay, Judy Wishart, Hilary King Judy Wishart, Bernadette Doolan, Margaret Blay, Hilary King “What did you do in the war Mummy?’ (2) Photo Gil Hanly + 3 contact sheets 1983 Roadshow. Rehearsing for ‘Asking For it’ Hilary King, Phee, Bernadette Doolan, Angela Boyes-Bornes, Margaret Blay, Renée (Taylor) Photo Gil Hanly BS 109 April 1983 p.36 ‘Asking for it’ Bernadette Doolan, Margaret Blay, Renée, Angela Boyes-Barnes, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, Phee, Hilary King, (2) Photo by Gil Hanly for back cover BS 109 April 1983 Hilary (Hills) King, Bernadette Doolan Photo Gil Hanley No.109 April 1983 ‘Asking for it’ Margaret Blay, Bernadette Doolan, Angela Boyes-Barnes, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, Hilary King. (2) Photo Gil Hanly Bernadette Doolan, Jess Hawk Oakenstart rehearsing 1983 Photo Gil Hanly Bernadette, Jess and Hilary King rehearsing Photo Gil Hanly Bernadette, Margaret, Angela with hats, Photo Gil Hanly Renée rehearsing for ‘asking for it’ (2) Photos of Roadshow players on Waiheke Is, Hamilton, Kaikohe, Onoero Beach, New Plymouth, Carterton, Lake Tutira, Palmerston North, Tauranga BS July/Aug 1983 p.36-37 Jess Hawk Oakenstar, BS Roadshow, Lake Tutira, 1983 Doolan, Bernadette, Photo Bay of Plenty times, BS 103 October 1982, p.38 Women’s Groups Printers, Bookshops etc. Herstory Press, Jill , Robyn The Women’s Place, Wellington. Pleasance Hansen and Dorleen Simmonds BS 106 Jan/Feb 1983 p.29 The Women’s Gallery, opening night Wellington 1980, Marian Evans, Allie Eagle, Nancy Peterson, Juliet Baton, Anna Keir, Heather McPherson, Bridie Lonie, Keri Hulme, Bridget Eyley, Claudia Pond Eyley BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.37 The Women’s Bookshop, Palmerston North BS April 1983 Snapdragon Lesbian Bookshop – Bernie Sandy and Marnie with Anaria from The Women’s Place, Wellington Photo Gil Hanly BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.12 Kate Sheppard Bookshop. Joy Lloyd, Erin McGifford, Ann Rowlands, Noreen Penny Photo Karen Brown BS 143 Oct 1986 p.11 Moving premises Writing for Publication workshop –Lauris Edmond, Fiona Kidman, tutors, Cathy Dunsford, Fiona Kidman Photos Gil Hanly. BS Aug/Sept 1987 The Women’s Bookshop, contact strips (3), see also one under NZ Women: Sheridan Keith Carole Beu, Rachel Cooper at the Dominion Rd shop (3) BS 199 Spring 1993 p.4 Scratching the Surface, (10) Betty Donn, Marewa Glover, Miriam Sophira, Powhiri Rika-Heke BS 192 Summer/Raumati 191 pp.16.19, plus packet of negatives Cartoonists: Robbie Welwood, Lisa Noble, Susan Earle, Fiona Norris, BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.45 Women’s Centres, playcentres, kohanga reo Auckland Women’s Centre, 1996, Jacqui Fill coordinator, Jocelyn Logan librarian, Sheridan Pooley organiser (2) BS 212 Summer Raumati 1996 p.18 Jocelyn Logan in the library, 1996 (2) Auckland Women’s Centre workers, 1991 Auckland Women’s Centre, 63 Ponsonby Rd house Auckland Women’s Health Centre, 63 Ponsonby Rd, (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS October 1987 p.8 Auckland Women’s Centre, first house, 1975, p.13 (5), House committee waiting to see landlord includes Pila Michalka (Alba), BS 28 April 1975 p.13 1977 (2) Women’s Health Centre 63 Ponsonby Rd BS 78 April 1980 p.18, then same group labelled Council for the Single Mother and Her Child at Women’s Centre Earlier Council for Single Mother and her Child house BS 38 April 1976 p.9 Shakti Asian Women’s Support Group,Auckland, 1996, L-R Faijah Masvid, Taufika Hafiz, Farida Sultana New Plymouth Women’s Centre, October 1996, Kim Jury, rosterer at work (4) BS 85 December 1980 p.19 The NPWC house NPWC Rape Crisis Collective, 2nd from L Jenny Rankine, R Karen Johns BS 136? Te Awamutu Women’s Centre, 25.11.93 – ‘(2) Wellington Women’s Centre BS 78 April p.19 Nelson Women’s House 1996 Christchurch Women’s Centre Christchurch Women’s Collective Christchurch Women’s Refuge Group, preparing the garden BS 69 May 1979 p.23 Women’s Self Centre, Christchurch (4) Penny Fenwick, Helen Chambers BS 54 November 1977 p.15 Collective Care members, Robbie Wellwood, Lisa Noble, Susan Earle, Fiona Morris Mothers’ group workshop Kohanga Reo, Hoani Waititi Marae, 1985 (4) Photos Gil Hanly Kohanga Reo, Kauri Glen Northcote Photos (2) Gil Hanly BS p.15 Preschool Centres, Mangere Play Group Photo Gil Hanly BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.22 Kohanga Reo, Hoani Waititi Marae, Auckland, 1985 BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.18, 21 Te Kohanga Reo o Koriri te Rahuitanga di Otara (2) BS October 1983 p.17 Activist groups and work collectives Parliamentary Select Committee on Women’s rights, Dorothy Jelicich, Ethel McMillan, Whetu Titikatene Sullivan, Mary Batchelor, Photo Auckland Star WARAG women, clockwise Paula Wallis, Genevieve, Heather McDowell, Tanya Cumberland, Judith Morgan, Allyson Davys, Denise Berridge, Lainey Cowan in centre, BS 133 October 1985 p.17 These women wrote the report on institutional racism in Social Welfare. Working Class Feminists, Christchurch – Lana Lequesne, Marie Gudsall, Christine Bird, Anne Carrie ‘The invisible working class feminist’ BS 115 Dec 1983 p.24 Auckland Eating Issues Resource Centre Working Group Dee Gulliver, Lewis Williams, Sue Treanor BS 199 Spring 1993 p.10; Chatters: Women’s sewing cooperative BS 67 March1979 p.18 Moa Unlimited, the Moa Women’s Work Collective, Grey Lynn (2) Tracy of Pagan Prints at Moa Unlimited BS 155 Jan/Feb 1988 p.30 Sappho Women’s Work Cooperative contact sheet, includes Lyn Cotman photo, Lyn Cotman and Pat Hunger, builders collective BS 79 May 1980 p.12 and cover Women’s Work Skills Group, Auckland 26 July 1982 (2) NZ Women’s Political Party, January 1984 incl Jess Hawk Oakenstar Photo NZ Herald BS 124 November 1984 – see also NZ Events 1984 Council for the Single Mother and her Child, PhotoAdrienne Martyn Lesbian Line members, a Sunday picnic in the park, BS 128 April 1985, p.24 Nuclean Free & Independent Pacific, Marie Laufiso, -, -, Ngaire Te Hira, Owen Wilkes, Kathleen Ryan, Sue Vugler Musicians Web Women, the music collective, November 1982 Photo Gil Hanly BS 105 December 1982 p.42 Jess Hawk Oakenstar (L) and Val Murphy, Mahina Tocker, Tracy Huirama, Diane Cadwallader (L) and Val Murphy, BS 107 March 1983 p.44 Mahina Tocker, Linda and Jools Topp, Web Women The All Stars L: Leah Poulter, Alys Grant, Mary Celeste Musicians (5) 1977 Ambulance Chasers, NZ caberet band, Diana Rixon and Sarah Brown Photo Kari Hammond BS 206 Winter/Hotoke 1994 p.67 Spinning Wheel (band) Karen Hunter and Leraine Horstmanshoff Photo: 202 Fiona Amundsen BS 202 Winter/Hotoke 1994 p.63 Luise Brandt and Tamsin Hanly after battle of the bands, Photo Gil Hanly BS 116 Jan/February 1984 p.43 With group Pramazons at peace movement protest Aotea Square 1984 Photo Gil Pramazons, Photo Wahaktane Beacon BS Jan/Fb 1984 p.5(See also BS 123 for Luise in Roxby Downs Yellow Cake demo p.1, p.8; Pramazons frontispiece BS 121 July Aug 1984) Horsin’ Around, country rock band, Gloria Hibert, Robyn Tearle, Claire Bear, Jools Topp BS 165 Jan/Feb 1989 p.36 The Dolphins, BS 137 March 1986 p.46 Girls on Top, 1992 BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.5 The Guile, Sarah Darrough, Claire Bear, Nettie Bird, Karin Kahurangi, Betty Sio, Mo Moss The Misconceptions BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.9 Red Beryl (4), Clarie Bear, Jane McAlister, Robin Tearle, Hilary Kind, Gloria Hildred BS 164 December 1988 p.37 Launch of Red Beryl, Alexander Tavern, Auckland, Photo Gil Hanly BS May 1984 p.22 Cassandra’s Ears, BS 165 Jan/Feb 1989 p.36 Regulation Bloomers, Virginia Ross, Jean Keenan, Christ Beardsley, Ali Watersong, at Women’s Studies Conference, Christchurch 1983, BS April 1984 p.5 Diane Cadwallader, Nancy Keil, Linda and Jools Topp singing at La Cava, BS 76 Jamiaruy/February1980 p.25 Dilys Grant, D’Reen Struthers, Vicki Allan, Di Davies Original New Zealand Women’s Stars and Shadow Women’s Band 1976(?) Rosalie Stiletto-Boot (L) Photo Marti Friedlander BS 54 November 1977 p.18 Rosalie Stilletto Boot, lead singer (2), Photo Marti Friedlander BS 54 November 1977 p.17 Stars and Shadow Band – Rosalie Stelleto Boot, Dilys Grant, Mary Celeste, Leah Poulter BS p.29 Leah Poulter, Rosalie Stilletto-Boot, Dilys Grant Mary Celeste with 2 other women Sirens, doing Siesta, March 1985 Photo Gil Hanly BS 129 March 1985 p.3 Entertainers Glory Box, Therese O’Connell (L) Pinky Agnew (2) Photos Dominion/NZ Times BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.21 Jools Topp with Fanny Business, Andrea Kelland, Annabel Lomas, Miranda Wilson, Celia Nicholson Photo Roz Spratt BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 Cover, p.59 Fanny Business BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.29 Babes in the Mood: Janet Roddick – Fiona Samuels, Jacqui Clarke, Charlotte Yearts BS 192 Dec 1991 p. 47 Bandana ABC (2) Photo Gil Hanly Born to Clean – Andrea Kelland, Bernadette Doolan, Hilary King BS 152 Oct 1987 p.43, also 153 16 Artists BS 125 December 1984 p.46 Misconception perform at the opening of the Broadsheet office in Christchurch Te Puawaitanga opening at Auckland Society of Arts, Matafetu dancing with Lanu, Maefou and Soli of the Samoan Community weaving groupAug 1987, BS 152 October 1987 p.17 Photo Gil Hanly Broadsheet/Tauranga Moana Press launching of Screaming Moko book of poetry, Hinewerangi Kohu (2nd from L) Photo Gil Hanly, BS 138 April 1986 p.5 The Short and Girlies, Dunedin Exposed, BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.30 When the Cat’s Been Spayed BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.26 Digger and Nudger, Carmel McGlanz and Lorae Parry April 1989 p35, BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.28, BS 167, April p.34 New Independent Theatre, Auckland ‘Pioneer Women’, edited and directed by Elizabeth Hawkins Sept/Oct BS 75 December 1979 p.38 ‘Strange Sisters, Theatre Corporate, Auckland Elizabeth Hawthorne, Linda Cartright BS 98 April 1982 p.31 Women’s Performance Art Collective BS March 1988 p.43 Womenzone Radio Programme, Wellington 1986 BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.11 Cactus If You Can, Artworks women’s Theatre scheme Auckland Annabel Lomas, Jess hawk Oakenstar, Leonie Reynolds, Stephani Rigold, Louise tourelle, Liz Brimilcombe Photo Gil Hanly BS Jan/February 1984 p.46 Travelling Abortion Theatre – includes Sharon Alston Sport NZ netball team 1969 BS November 1983 Women’s cricket BS 137 March 1986 p.37 Kayak training at the Outward Bound School, Anakiwa, BS 95 December 1981 p.40 Women’s rugby: Caroline (Roskill Districts, Auckland) goes fo the Te Atatu goal Photo Evalyn Karifi BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.30 Aroha Mita tackles Robyn Reihana (2) Photo Evelyn Karifi BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.31 Fairfield Hamilton and Te Atatu Photo Evelyn Karifi BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.31 Circe women’s soccer team BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.21 Circe Lesbian Feminist softball team, Photo Jenny Rankine BS 86 January/February 1981 p.14 NZ Women’s Cricket Team tour Australia and India, Sue Rattray holds bowl BS 127 March 1985 p.9 River crossing BS Jan/February 1984 Women with surfboards Self-defence – Postive action self defence, BS 140 June 1986 Self-defence (3), 2 women in front of wood fence Women in NZ film making Film makers BS 199, Spring 1993 pp56-58: Jane Campion, film director BS 199 Spring 1993 p.58 Alison McLean, BS 199 Spring 1993 p.57 Deidre McCartin BS 199 Spring 1993 p.58 Melanie Reid Photo Gil Hanly p. 57` Dierdre McCartin, Margot Nash and? Filmmakers workshop? Adrienne Childes Margot Oliver? Merita Mita, film director Photo Gil Hanly (3), Merara Mita (in Utu?) Photo Gracie Gruar Moko Productions, Sharon Hawke, film maker, Moko Films 1988 Photo Gil Hanly BS 199 Spring 1993 p.36 Leonie Pihama and Glynnis Paraha (2) BS 199 Spring 1993 p.36 Gaylene Preston, film director Melanie Reid (2) director: Trial Run Photo Gil Hanly, many used in BS 120 June 1984 p.16-17 Annie Whittle and Frances Edmond in Trial Run BS 124 November 1984 p.46 Alison Roe, ?, Melanie Reid Annie Whittle, Judy Gibson, Melanie Reid, Frances Edmond Melanie Reid, Alison Roe (runner) Annie Whittle, Melanie Deid Melanie Reid Melanie Reid with Annie Whittle and Judy Gibson Despina (L) and Thalia played by director’s daughters in A Bitter Song directed by Athina Tsoulis BS 184 Feb 1991 p.38 Tina Regtien as Sue in The Invisible Hand (Dir. Athina Tsoulis) BS Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.34 Donogh Rees as Jo in One Man’s Meat BS 194 Winter/Hotoke 1992 p.18 Holly Hunter in The Piano Dir Jane Campion BS 203 Spring 1994 p.7 Pictures dir Michael Black, produced by John O’Shea Skin Deep 1978 with Grant Tilly, Derryn Cooper Skin Dir. Geoff Stevens Heather Lindsay in Skin Deep 1978 BS 68 April 1979 p.34 Deryn Cooper, Ken Blackburn, Skin Deep, BS 68 April 1979 p.35 Sons for the Return Home Moira Walker playing the mother of Sione (2) Two Friends, Director Jane Campion, Christchurch women’s International Film Festival BS 199 Spring 1993 p.61 Fiona Kay as Toss in Vigil, Dir Vincent Ward (3) Frank Whitten as Ethan with Fiona Kay Women interviewed for War Stories (2) dir Gaylene Preston BS 206 Winter 1994 p.59, p.62, Gaylene Preston’s mother as a young woman BS Winter/Hotoke 1995 p.60 Women documentary series – 1976/77 – film crew in wellington town centre, Lorraine Engelbretsen (sound), Margaret Moth (camera woman), Julie Thompson (interviewer/researcher), Deidre McCartin (producer/director) Photo by passerby BS 52 September 1977 p.16 [see also 2 images in Images of Women] Robyn Scholes, Filming Some of my best friends are women, BS 36 January 1976 p.37 One man’s meat, dir Christine Parker BS 194 Hotoke/Winter 1992 p.18-19 Mairi Gunn, camerawoman BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1996 p.45 Box 45 Images of women (3 folders) Folder 1 ‘Through the Looking Glass’ photo essay (9) Bs 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.32-33 The Broadsheet flasher + negatives Ministry of Women’s Affairs poster Maori women, ca 1890s, a group of Maori women from exhibition About Women, About Time: Stories from the collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library Gallery, 2 July 23 Oct 1993 Hands of Diggeress Te Kanawa twisting flax fibre (muka from harakeke) Photo Maureen Lander BS 132 September 1985 p.29; reused BS 198 winter 1993 p.41. Music while you milk, Zimmerman’s farm Huinga, Taranaki, 1940s, from exhibition About Women, About Time. Mastectomy – Joan Simmons? BS p.29 Sunbather, Photo Sharyn Black BS p.20 Two women from back, photo Sharyn Cederman Photo Jill Combes Photo: Romi Curl, BS 58 April 1978 p.37 ‘Looking after Mother’ Everitt-Orr Old People’s Home, Avondale, Auckland Photo Gil Hanly (3) BS 140 June 1986 p.29-29 Wesley Old People’s Home Mt Eden Rd Photo Gil Hanly (4) Body builder Photo Gil Hanly (3) Photo: Patsy Keene BS p. Woman with boy, Photo Patsy Keene Woman with chooks Photo Angela Middleton Ethnic dance Photo Adrienne Martyn Woman in glasses, Photo Adrienne Martyn Woman with Woman’s Day, Photo Kaye Martin Fashion shots with crutches, (8 and contact sheet) BS 82 September 1980 p.15 and cover Rhiannon Caultin and Rachel, photostrip story ‘Through the Looking Glass’ 17.5.93 (envelope) BS 198 Winter 1993 p.32-33 Hat Graduating women, University of Auckland Woman and man on couch (ca 1970s) Blonde woman, BS Oct 1987 ‘Living with man’ Bs Aug/Sept 1987 Woman Women, men and truck Pacific woman BS March 1990 p.176 Woman in girdle and suspenders Two women on grass, BS p.11 Draped statue in front of picket fence, Pregnant woman with van Naked gymnasts BS 50 June 1977 p.24 Woman man dog concrete blocks ‘Old Mcdonald had a wife’ BS 553 October 1977 p.23 Woman with pompom hat and sheep, ‘Old Mcdonald had a wife’ BS 53 October 1977 p.25 Country women (2), BS 53 October 1987 p.25 Baby, woman, man, yellow car Circle of seated women and kids Woman The sunbather. Photo Sharyn Black BS 56 January 1978 p.20 Woman sitting with baggage Photo Liz Dowling BS 63 October 1978 p.27 Woman with flowery hat BS 136 January/February 1986 p.1 Asian woman riding bicycle to market BS 128 April 1985 p.45 Folder 2 Women’s Work – paid and unpaid – shops photo Gil Hanly BS p.37 Otara market, South Auckland (5) Photo Gil Hanly Women working at Crown Lynn (6), Photo Gil Hanly BS 131 July./August 1985 p.22 Woman working gardening (colour) Woman digging Photo Angela Middleton or Rosemary Curl? (Or maybe this is Rosemary Curl) BS 62 September 1978 p.13 Urban gardener with rose Older woman gardener Photo Angela Middleton, BS 41 July 1976 p.31 Garden sales Photo Gil Hanly Women ready to plant trees to beautify the motorway for the Auckland City Council. BS 97 March 1982 p.12 Women working in cafeteria Photo Craacum Women at carpentry training (3) Photo Gil Hanly Patricia at carpentry, Photo Gil Hanly? BS April 1987 p.4 Women woodworkers course, Carrington Technical Institute, Auckland, 1986 - Louisa Heaps – Gil Franklin, Sandy Jones, Louisa Heaps, Angela Bakere Photo Louise Heaps BS 141 July/August 1986 p.13 colour photo of women woodworkers course Carrington Photo Louise Heaps Nursing(3) intensive care, theatre nurse and nursing the elderly Photo Gil Hanly BS 167 April 1989 p.21, 22, 23 Stained glass maker Librarian, Photo NZ Newspapers 29 May 1978 Beauty consultant, clients at Shrinkers receive a free consultation Photo Gil Hanly School dental nurse, testing for mercury levels Photo NZ Herald BS 90 June 1981 p.18 Printing at Copyset, Auckland, Photo Gil Hanly BS 131 July/August 1985 Taxi Driver, Photo NZ Newspapers, 11 March 1978 Wool classers and rousies, cartoon BS 56 January 1978 p.5. Motor mechanics Photo Gil Hanly? Piano teacher, Photo NZ Newspapers 5 April 1978 Furniture maker, Photo Gil Hanly? Delivery milk, after school job Photo Gil Hanly Shoe sales, Photo Angela Middleton Laundromat worker (2), Photo Adrienne Martyn, BS 31 July 1975, p.17 Army cadets, 1976 (2) Photo Valerie Eads Fishing (2) Policewoman, Queen St, 30 Octobe 1972 Voluntary work (2) - jumble sale; second hand clothes (‘Rest homes for care or profit’ BS 150 June/July 1987 p.26, 28 Photos Gil Hanly Women’s Christmas, BS 64 December 1978, Photos Robin McKinlay Christmas shopping (2) p.28, p.34 Woman with children BS Oct 1981 Photo Robin McKinlay p.30 Woman with pushchair p.29 Woman with children in street p.30 Woman with children in toy shop p.31 Folder 3 Fashion show, photo Gil Hanly BS 139 May 1986 Corbans Fashion Collections BVs 2 4 September – dresses by Annie Banbza, Thorton Hall, Vamp, Judith Maladin Store mannequin BS Aug/September 1987 p.12 store manni Sexist advertising BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.9 If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched – if this lady were a car she’d run you down… BS 109 April 1983 p.31 We can improve your lovelife – Join Lesbians United BS 109 April 1983 p.31 Renew his interest in carpentry – saw his head off BS 109 April 1983 p.31 Kayser Rapist Kayser Sexist ad of young girl BS November 1984 Sexuality issue, Lesbian images, BS 202 Winter/Hotoke 1994 p.3, p.20, p.30, ‘Save water, shower with a friend’ BS 203 Summer/Raumati 1994 limited edition poster, inside cover group with raised arms, BS 202 p.46 bondage images (2) BS 202 1994 ‘Maree’; ‘Maree’ and ‘Louise’ BS 202 1994 p.41 Pacifika women weaving Photo Gil Hanly Middlemore Hospital kitchen worker Photo Mark Adams BS 200 Summer 1993 p.26 19th century doctors and female patient, BS 200 Summer 1993 p.45 (reprinted from much earlier BS) Getting (a)head: What gets done through hairdressing’, article by Rosemary Du Plessis Collage photo Amanda Robb, BS 199 Spring 1993 p.14 Leslie who has MS, BS 199 spring 1993, p.30 Jenny who has cerebral palsy (2) BS 199 Spring 1993 p.29 A potted history of lesbian love, BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.46-49 – Mary Ann Talbot 1804; The ladies of Llangollen, A dying Amazon, sculpted around 220 BC, Pirate Ann Bonny 18thC Do all Indian women look alike? Racism and the Immigration Department, BS 200 Summer 1993, p.49 Photo of fashion model showing tits, from NZ Listener, 30 October 1993 BS 200 Summer 1993 p.5 Woman in vegetable shop (unidentified) BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.6 Images of women in India: Vietnamese model – on back: ‘the American influence is quite noticeable’ Saahan movie billboards ‘ Actors are usually made to look quite round… ‘Fair and lovely lotion’ ‘Obesity clinics are beginning to spring up in many large cities’ ‘Five easy steps for housewives to keep trim’ Indian models Otara market 1985 Photo Gil Hanly Karangahape Rd Auckland 1985(?) Photo gil Hanly Feminist fashion, sunray shirt BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.28 Maori woman gum digging Parengarenga ca 1910 Alexander Turnbull Library BS 131 July/Aug p.24 School students, BS 169 June 1989 p.17 Photo Gil Hanly Auckland Girls’ Grammar School pupils photo Gil Hanly Images of Young Women, BS Winter 1994 Photo Rhiannon Cautlin Images of women – rape (7) BS ? p.18, p.25 Historic photos used by Broadsheet Maori woman gumdigging, Parengarenga, ca. 1910 BS 131 July/August 1975 p.24 Maori women, 1890s. From exhibition About Women, About time: Stories from the collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library, BS 198, Winter/Hotoke p.57 Early postcards (2) Miner’s standard 2-bedroom cottage (Auckland Museum) BS March 1983 Women marching from London to Derby 1930s BS Jun e1984 p.43 Photos from the Australian film For Love or Money (3) Strawberry pickers 1920s Women voters go to the polls for the first time, Napier 1899 (Auckland Museum) Bell & Co Match Co Wellington ca 1906 (Turnbull) Tawhiao Matutaera Potatau Te Wherowhero (1825-1894), 2nd Maori King Photo Alexander Turnbull Library, BS p.58 Mahuta Tawhaiao Potatau Te Wherowhero at Parliament (2) Meeting at Putiki Pa, Wanganui, 1960s Mahuta Tawhiao Potatau Te Wherowhero at Parliament Pearl shell fishing lure Tairua Photo Graham Green (2) p.11 Richard John Seddon, Mahuta Tawhaiao, Native Lands meeting, Huntly 1898 (2) Koroki Te Wherowhero, 5th Maori king Whakanui Maori Parliament at Parikiriki Pa 1894, Rununga House (2) Richard Seddon, Mahuta Tawhiao (2) Maori prisoners from Weraroa Pa, Waitotara on board ship in Wellington Harbour, 1866. Photo Harding-Denton Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library Women Landworkers, American soldiers and NZ soldiers take a break from harvesting, Patumahoe, Landgirls p.17 Waihi Miners Strike 1912, Red Fed women parading outside the battery. Their placard urged the strike-breakers to cease betraying their comrades and their class Photo Auckland Museum BS March 1983 p.33 Woman with early motorcycle BS Spring/Koanga 1992 p.13 Two women on early motorbike BS 20 July 1974 p.33 Women fixing car, used in BS ad BS 22 September 1974 p.1 ‘Grandmother took ergot’ Bs 43 October 1975 p.18-22 (10) Telephone switchboard operators Cover of NZ Herstory, 1978 Mrs Worthington and two other Victoria women unidentified The Ladies of Llangollen and 3 other images from A Potted History of Lesbian Love, BS Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.46-49 19th Century doctors and female patient BS 200 Summer 1993 p.45 Images of children and mothers, most not identified or linked to a BS issue Various photographers (2 folders), some identified in BS issues Includes NZ Women documentary series 1976-77, Child fromTe Kainga, Wellington daycare centre in ‘Who cares about Childcare Photo Margaret Moth BS p.17 Child and mother, NZ women documentary series 1976-1977 Photo Margaret Moth B S p.24 Men in schools S Nov 1987 p.7 Photo Gil Hanly Girl and mother with mouths open, BS 194 hotoke/winter 1992 p.5 Contraception Display about contraception and photos of contraceptive devices (8), Photos Gil Hanly. Undated. Places and buildings, used by Broadsheet Bollards Girls Home, Photo Anne Wilson BS October 1982 No. 103 p.18 (2) The Beehive 1989 Photo Gil Hanly Karaka Bay, Wellington, ca. 1979 Photo Henry Wright Collection, Turnbull Ruapekapeka Pa, Photo Elsdon best sketch ‘The pa Maori’ Dominion Museum Bulletin No.6 1927 Hei tiki Figurehead Te Toki a Tapiri, Photo John Kinder, Auckland Museum (3) Waikato Ngaruawahia houses, 1864 Helensville Dec 1863 Photo Dm Beere Auckland Museum Three Kings, 16 September 1920 Photo JD Richardson, Auckland Museum p,.15 Man in raincape Photo Auckland Museum p.12 One Tree Hill? Women’s Centre, Palmerston North ‘Bessie’ women’s refuge in Sydney The Women’s Health Centre, Oct 1987 63 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland Photo Gil Hanly BS p.8 Onetangi,Waiheke Island (2) inter 1995 No. 206 Alice Bush Family Planning Clinic, Karangahape Rd, Auckland, Photo Sandra Coney BS 38 April 1976 p.24 Family Planning Association, Te Atatu (4) Art by New Zealand Women Not quite in alphabetical order, most without BS refs Baers, Jen Batten, Juliet (2) Bartsch, Kary A woman’s icon’ Bustin, Debra ‘Untitled’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Elliot, Mayra ‘A garden of unearthly delights – plant/transplant III’ No Man’s Land exhibition of women’s work, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt 19 Dec 1992 – 23 Jan 1993, BS Spring 93 p.60 Blair, Phillipa (4) photo Gil Hanly Boberg, Ingrid, Christine Holly-Massey ‘Snother garden domestic” Campbell, Sally, 1990 ‘Sailor Suit’ 1990 Church, Mel, 1993 ‘Coming out parade 1993’ Corbellett, Chiara (2) ‘Untitled’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Doré, Rachel with her work BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993p.56 Docherty, Maree (3) BS 213 Autumn/Ngahuru 1997 cover Edwards, Victoria Fahey, Jacqui (4) ‘Lunch on the grass’, ‘My skirt’s in your … room’ and 2 in BS December 1986 p.15 Photos Gil Hanly Fraser, Jacqueline Photo Gil Hanly BS April 1988 p.41 Harris, Christine ‘One Love’ Photo Gil Hanly BS August/September 1987 Hartley, Berwyn ‘Within the shell’ Heuberger, Nikki ‘the Victorious Organ’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Hollings, Anna ‘Uncover/Discover’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Hogkins, Francis Jaggard, Maureen (2) ‘Cleaning Fish’ Photo Gil Hanly; ‘Little Blue Penguin’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Kam, Debbie Wong ‘Made in China (Broadsheet Art Auction) James, Linda ‘In memory of Elizabeth Farr, a woman asleep under the sea’ Kahukiwa, Robin (6) Photo Gil Hanly BS Octoer 1987 p.45; with ‘Taranga’ in Bowen Gallery 6.4.1983 and with ‘Hine Ahu One’ Photo Janet Bayly; another Photo Gil Hanly; ‘He Toa Takitahi Photo Richard Wotton Karaka, Emily (5) Bs December 1986 p.24; ‘Raw Relations’ Lindauer Exhibition; BS January/February 1987 p.28; working on carving for Takaparawha Kay, Mary (3) Photos Gil Hanly Keir, Anna (2) Kemp, Aileen Innes ‘Untitled’Kete, Te Puawatenga exhibition, Photo Gil Hanly, BS 152 October 1987 p.17 (Broadsheet Art Auction) Kilkenny Eme ‘The World’ (Broadsheet Art Auction) Kitts, Laureen ‘Quest’ BS August/September 1987 p.43 King, Virginia (Broadsheet Art Auction) Nepia, Teiti (Broadsheet Art Auction) Lander, Maureen (2) Photo Gil Hanly Lethal, Lauren (2), 1xphoto Ralph Cook Loomia, Jean (1982) BS June 1985 Lurens, Harriet BS November 1987 p.42 Lynn, Vivian Mana wahine weaving by Te Atiawa Photo Julie Lambie BS 119 May 1984 p.25 Marno, Fran ‘Gertrude constructs a history’ Martyn, Adrienne ‘Saint Sabastian 1993 Masi, National Museum of NZ Photo Tony Kahaney BS 156 March 1988 p.41 Maude, Gwenda, Photo Gil Hanly BS Aug/September 1987 Millington, Kat BS 152 December 1987 p.43 Nana 1987 Pond-Eyley, Claudia Prank, Lyn (Broadsheet Art Auction) Wolfe, Pamela (Broadsheet Art Auction) Ropata, Hariata May BS June 1983 (2) Sabbage, Linda (3) ‘Mouth Media’; ‘A short narrative of late outrage’; ‘Battista – other lovers’ Sanmitz, Giva 1990 Sanir, Marté Saunders, Camillia Shand, Eirlys (4) Photo Marvynne Lewis BS 90 June 1981 p.36 Sidell, Emily Jason Smith, Kate BS 34 Novembef 1975 p.20 Smith, Sally (2) Photo Gil Hanly Spence-Bower, Catherine Olivia, 1948 Stewart, Carol (2) one f them ‘Germination’ BS77 March 1980 p.33 Thompson, Maureen, ‘Getting to Know You’ Tuck, Barbara (2) Photos Gil Hanly Ede Wagt, Janet BS 147 March 1987 p.44 Ward, Barbara B Photo Gil Hanly S Aug/September 1987; working on ‘Three Women’ Photo Gil Hanly Watkins Pat (fibre), Linsay Hanly (glass) Old Traditions – Young Dream, Women’s Art Exhibition 1983 West, Moira, Pip Ikin, Melanie Johnson, 4 Canopy, Women’s Art Exhibition 1983 Webb, Marilyn ‘Aramoana Soup’; ‘Ngaruahoe Snow – Aunt Daisy’ Photos Garth Desforges 14.3.83 Bs 108 April 1983 p.43 West, Nora with painting, at (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS 154 December 1987 p.24, 26 Wolfe, Pamela Photo Ros Spratt Wood, Anges Zusters, Jan Photo Gil Hanly Unidentified art Woman in front of painting of faces, contact print Women’s art, at Artscapes (9), Auckland Art Society exhibition Photos Gil Hanly Pots, Photo Gil Hanly Carpet art, Photo Gil Hanly 2 installations, Photo Gil Hanly Plastic Pollution Unidentified ‘women artists’ work’ including one unidentified artist (5) Murals Street murals (6), one with Claudia Pond Eyley BS 109 Special Issue April 1983 Sally Griffith and Elizabeth Vandeveld with Sally’s mural before demolition, Whangarei August 1981 BS 109 Special Issue April 1983 Feminist graffiti You don’t have to be a man to drink RED but it helps…to be sexist and simple You don’t’ have to be a man to drink cyanide but it helps BS May 1983 Fiat: If it were a lady it would get its bottom pinched. If this lady was a car she’d run you down. BS 109 April 1983 Kayser Rapist Kayser. NZ Women are crying out for MORE lesbians Renew his interest in carpentry. Saw his head off. We can improve your night life. Join Lesbians United. Educate a woman you educate a generation. Photo Gil Hanly I’d love a beer and a job. Art by overseas women Diane Arbus, 1968, BS Artist Nude lady with swan sunglasses A family on their lawn on Sunday in Western Star?, 1968 Brassai, 1971? – BS 1971? p.18 ‘Bijou’ of Montmartre, 1932., Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York Girl playing snooker, 1933, Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York Alexis Hunter (NZer living in UK), BS Artist Wood pile, p.35 Fire, p.35 Domestic warfare/The Wedding Anniversary in the Three Perspectives of Photography exhibition, 1979 Domestic Warfare/The Wedding Anniversary in Three Perspectives of Photography exhibition, 1979 Unnamed? Witch/Sister, 1978 BS P.35 (2 photos) Approach to Fear VIII Pain: Destruction of Cause, 1977 Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait in spinal corset, 1944, BS Gyorgy Kepes, BS Juliet Shaddow Caged, 1939 from Gyorgy Keges Twelve Photographs, Massachusetts Vision Galley of Photography, 1979. ‘Di Cosslett looks at the protection New Zealand law gives to husbands who rape their wives’. Barbara Kruger ‘I shop therefore I am’ Paula Madersohn-Becker, BS 84 November 1980 p.37 Self portrait with white necklace, 1906 Photos for Broadsheet covers (Some cover photos are in NZ Women, search for ‘cover’.) Old woman in hat, Photo Adrienne Martyn, BS 24 November 1974 cover Waireti Walters-Ratima and her daughter Marie Walters (11), Photos Gil Hanly BS 159 Lesbians kissing through picture frame BS 142 September 1986 cover Photo Adrienne Martyn (3) Christmas fairy Megan Fidler as bride, Photo Gil Hanly Woman and girl from back, photo Elizabeth Leyland BS 74 November 1979 Photo: ‘Behind my smile it shakes my teeth’ Marilyn Munro and makeup BS 191 Summer 1991-2 p.54 Woman on bicycle Photo ShirleyGruar BS 86 Jan/Feb 1991 Woman with child in shopping trolley, Photo Gil Hanly, BS 130 June 1985 cover, similar shot BS 196 summer 1992-3 pp,37 BS 125 December 1984, the Topp Twins, photo BS December 1992, back cover, nude with writing Black and white female face Photo of mannequins with inset of family Back cover sub form: Clown with a big fan, ‘Provocative reading…’ Transparency of Maori carving: ‘We share this country of diverse heritage…’ BS 152, October 1987, ‘Targeting the top’ BS 153, November 1987, ‘Birthing choices’, also the photo of baby on the rug BS 154, December 1987, ‘Kiribati’ BS 156, March 1988, ‘He man language’ BS 157, ‘Keeping your wheels on the road’, model Sharon Alston BS 158, May 1988, ‘Dale Spender, Alix Dobkin…’ BS 160, July/August 1988, ‘Cleaning up: the horrors of housework’ BS 161, September 1988, Book festival BS 162, October 1988, Judith Aitken, rebel or reactionary? BS 163, November 1988, historic photo of teaching BS 164, December 1988, ‘Bluestockings breakthrough, feminist studies at university’ BS 165, April 1989, ‘Nurses strike back’ BS 168 May 1989, women’s symbol tree, transparencies for 4 colour print BS 200 Summer 1993 Firewoman Charade Money with BS covers and 20th Birthday cake (2): Photo Ros Spratt Photo for BS cover July/Aug 1992 Book cover of Donna Awatere’s Maori Sovereignty published by the BS Collective Spare Rib covers (British feminist magazine), BS 199 Spring 1993 p.40 Box 46 New Zealand Events, 1972-1996 1951 Maori Women’s Welfare League Conference, Mira Petricevich (Szaszy), Whina Cooper, Photo B Woods, Alexander Turnbull Library 1971 Ca. 1971, Donna Awatere speaking at Women’s Liberation demonstration in Albert Park, in front of Queen Victoria statue. Photo Marti Freidlander. BS 74 November 1979 p.27 Women for Equality picket Miss NZ Contest at the Peter Pan Cabaret, Auckland 1971 BS 74 November 1979 p.26 1972 Abortion march, 28 July 1972, Photo Alan Brown Abortion march (2), Queen St, Auckland Germaine Greer visits NZ National women’s Liberation conference, Victoria University, April 1972 ‘This factory is under workers control’, Fakenham Cooperation 1972. BS 114 October 1983 Donna Awatere speaking in front of Queen Victoria statue, Albert Park, Auckland. Photo Marti Friedlander 1973 Capping, Women’s Liberation walking float, Wendy Morris, Anne Taylor Capping week procession ‘Free our sisters, free ourselves’ May 1973 Queen St, Auckland March for safe legal abortion, Auckland, Suffrage Day 19 September.1973, (7) first photo, see two in front with copies of Broadsheet Abortion march, Suffrage Day, Wellington 19 September.1973 (4) p.9 ‘Repeal all abortion laws’ Women’s Abortion Action Committee (1973?) Woman with baggy pants and armful of papers used back cover BS 22 September 1974; BS 52 September 1977 p.3 Abortion march, Suffrage Day, 19 September Wellington (3) Performers at an Auckland Women’s Liberation seminar First United Women’s Convention,YMCA Hall, Auckland September (21) Powhiri, 3 of plenary Speakers, some with Cherry Raymond (MC), one Cherry and Marian Logeman Guest speaker at lecturn: with Marian (now Hobbs) and Katherine Whitehorm Two of the filmmakers Stephanie McKee and Catherine Cardiff with video equipment UWC 1973, BS 28 April 1975 p.11 Shouting line of women. Includes Kate Jason Smith Cherry Raymond, Katherine Whitehorn, Dorothy Jelicich MP 1974 ‘Women Speak Out Against Violence’, 1974, Auckland. (2) BS 26 January 1975 p.8 One includes Camille Guy; other reused BS 59 May 1979 p.16 Ngati Whakaue women at barricades in Ohinemutu to oppose Rotorua council’s attempt to assume ownership of Ohinemutu streets. 1974, Photo NZ Herald. Abortion Clinic raid, after raid at Cathedral Square, Christchurch 17 September 1974 ‘Clinic or knitting needles’ See news item BS 25 December p.5 no photo Women’s Health Workshop, Women’s Forum, 17 November 1974 Photo Gil Hanly United Women’s Convention 1974 BS 24 November p.4 Video workshop BS 25 December 1974 p.7 1974 Dental nurses march on Parliament re wage claim BS 56 January 1978 p.8 Muses Theatre Group, 1977, L: Sharon Alston as Isobella Rose Hollyhock, Photo Sandra Coney BS 76, January/February 1980 p.31; BS 101 July/Aaugust 1982 p.45 1975 International Women’s Day, Albert Park, Auckland (3) (8) Photo: Sharon Cederman International Women’s Day banner p.27 International Women’s Year seminar, Auckland contact sheets International Women’s Day Camp, Hamilton (contact sheet) 2nd United Women’s Convention, International Women’s Year, Easter 1975, Wellington (9) BS 32 September 1975 pp.6-8; includes photo by Margo Roth, includes Lesbian National banner photo (used 76 January February 1980 p.31; BS 101 July/August 1982 p.42). See also S - Mira Szaszy for photo with keynote speaker Margaret Mead in korowai, p.7 Protest at Parliament against the Wall Bill on abortion, Joy clement, Mary Celeste, Julie Thompson, Cath Tizard Photo Diane Coddwallader BS 30 June 1975 p.23 Joy Clement on steps, photo Joanne King BS 30 June 1975 p.21; BS 52 September 1977 p.5 Beth Furmage, Julie Thompson, Mary chamberlain, Margaret Blay, Joy Clements, Rosemary Ronald Photo Joanne King BS 30 Jun e1975 p.34 Mike Moore, Labour MP with protesters, Photo Dianne Codwallader BS 30 June 1975 p.20 Linda Holmes (Cooney) making signs Photo Joanne King Bs 30 June 1975 p.21 Abortion Rally outside Parliament, protesting against the Wall bill, includes Michael Basset MP, Beth Furmage Joy Clement, Mary Celeste, Julie Thompson, Cath Tizard Photo Diane Cadwallader BS 30, June 1975 p.23 Joy Clements on Parliament steps BS 30 June 1975 p.21; also BS 52 September 1977 p.5 Beth Furmage, Julie Thompson, Mary Chamberlain, Margaret Blay, Joy Clements, Rosemary Ronald BS 30,June 19075 p.24 Linda Holmes (Cooney) at Parliament The busload from Auckland at Parliament steps Bronwyn Dean and her cousin Mary Celeste Mike Moore MP with two protesters One unidentified Protest outside Magistrates Court, Woolnough Trial, Beth Furmage, Sarah Calvert Photos Elizabeth Dowling BS 30 June 1975 p.6; BS 101 July/August 1982 p.16 ‘Women must decide our fate, not the church, not the state’ Photo Margot Nash BS 28April 1975 p.5; also BS 52 September 1977 p.4 Suffrage Day, 19 September, Myers Park, Auckland, photo Marti Friedlander (10) + 2 contact sheets Sally Casswell at mike (cover photo), Pilar Micholka, Geraldine Harcourt as clown, BS Cover 34 November 1975 last photo includes Geraldine Harcourt as clown, used in Woman Vision Exhibition BS 44 November 1976 Dunedin Collective for Women’s Herstory Exhibition 1975, on tour 1985, BS 132 September 1985, p.49 Photo Gil Hanly (2) Demonstration against closure of Auckland Medical Aid Centre (abortion clinic) Julie Thompson, Rosemary Ronald BS 33 October 1975 p.14 ‘We accuse the NZ Govt of denying women’s rights’ BS 33 October 1975 p.15 ‘If male MPs were pregnant, Parliament House would be an abortion clinic’ BS 33 October 1975 p.17 Radical Feminist Caucus, Wainuiomata, Wellington (6) Photo Sharyn Cederman BS 36 January 1976; BS 75 Dec 1979 p.29 Seminar on report of Select Committee on Women, University of Auckland (4) Colleen Dewe, MP, representing NZ at UN Commission on the Status of Women 1975 BS p.23 The Cure all Ills All Star Women’s Medicine Show, 1975. Photo Margot Nash BS 36 January1976 p.36; BS 61 July 1978 p.26 Closure of Auckland Medical Aid (Abortion) Clinic, Julie Thompson, Rosemary Ronald outside AMAC Photo Diane CodwalladerBS 33 October 1975 p.14` History Exhibition at Teachers Training College, Auckland 1975 (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS 132 Performance Calm Down, Mother. Downstage, Wellington? May Sheryl Cooper, Kathy Concorde, Kate Jason-smith Photo: Lorae Parry BS 31 July 1975 p.38 Kate Concorde 1976 Arson at Abortion Clinic (2), Photo Sandra Coney BS 39 May 1976 p.12, 13 International Women’s Day, Albert Park, Auckland (7) Photo Sharyn Cederman BS 39 May1976 p.9-11` Pro-arbortion demonstrators at opening of Parliament, 23 June 1976, Wellington Photo Sharyn Black National Abortion Conference, Auckland 31 July-1 August 1976, Christine Dann (R ) Photo Sandra Coney BS 42 September 1985 p.13 1975, NOW (National Organisation of Women) Rape Seminar, Zeta Anich talks about the Rape Crisis Centre at NOW’s Rape Seminar, Shirley Andrews on right BS 42 September 1976 p.14 Backstreet Theatre, Vicki Elizabeth, Penny Dawson, Maggie Eyre, Sandi Hall, Rosemary Wood, Sharon Alston BS 45 December 1976 p.18 1977 Solo mothers’ picket outside Social Welfare, Wellington , Bus trip to Wellington for picket April 1977 BS 49 May 1977 p.13 CSMC delegation to Parliament with bus at Hamilton Photo Pamela Were BS 49 May 1977 p.15 Abortion demonstration, Auckland (3), against the Royal Commission, from left Val Cole Photo George Georgakakos Abortion demonstration, Queen St, Auckland. Rosemary Ronald and Sharon Alston, standing. Photo George Georgakakos BS 101 July August 1982 p.15; BS 101 July/august 1982 p.15 ‘NZ Women crucified’ (2) Photo Jane Zusters BS 57 March 1978 cover Abortion demonstration, Auckland (3) BS 54 November 1977 p.7, 8 (3) Womin’s Street Theatre in Vulcan Lane BS 54 November 1977 p.8 (3) others Sandi Hall, BS 54 November 1977 p.7 Women’s Right to choose, Abortion demonstration Gisborne Abortion march, Abortion a woman’s right Christchurch abortion demonstration, December 1977 ‘This woman died, we care’ BS 57 March 1978 p.27. And poster BS 50 Jun e1977 p.9 3rd United Women’s Convention, Christchurch 1977 BS Summer No.200 p.18 (2) rest in BS 51 July 1977 [see Marieskind in Overseas Women speaking at United Women’s Convention Christchurch, 1977 Photo: Sandi Hall, BS 51 July 1977 Linda Evans speaking at UWC 1977, Sandi Hall, Helen Marieskind to left Rosemary Ronald at UWC 1977 Christine Dann speaking (Sandi Hall and Helen Marieskind to right) at United Women’s Toni Church speaking at UWC Christchurch Photo Janet Hart Nedra Johnston, keynote speaker, BS 51 July 1977 p.22 Elsie Locke, key note speaker Photo Janet Hart Performers, a celebration of women left out of history, BS 51 July 1977 p.20 Shirley Smith (Auckland NDW) and Elsie Locke Maori women’s workshop, KaiTahu Photo Janet Hart Radical feminist workshop BS 51 July 1977 p.18 Photo Janet Hart Sandi Hall, Mollie Clark, Liz Sewell, Nedra Johnston, Judy Waters, front row: Helen Chambers, Adele van Sarest (?), convention organisers? Photo Janet Hart Child with quilt, women’s exhibition at CSA Gallery BS 51 July 1977 p. 20 Photo Janet Hart Women at workshop; Photo Sally Syme Anna Rauhihi at workshop. BS 51 July 1977 p.19 Photo Sally Syme Sand Hall and Sharon Alston in Muses theatre, James Hall Theatre on Saturday night of Convention Photo Sandra Coney BS 76 January./February 1980 p.31 Sandi Hall and Maia Mistral as Myrtle and Pearl, the cleaning ladies, from Isabella Rose Hollyhock fairy story in Muses theatre Photo Sandra Coney Convention BS 51 July 1977 Photo Janet Holt Feminist Conference, Westport BS 56 January 1978 p.11 1978 Women’s Liberation (Feminist) Congress, Piha, February 1978 Photo Rhondda Bosworth BS 57 March 1978 p.10, 11; also BS 101 July/August 1982p44 International Women’s day Demonstration Wellington 8.3.1978 Photo Peter Butler p.10 ‘and a Season’s Diaries’, exhibition by Allie Eagle, Anna Keir, Jane Zusters, 17-30 April 1978 CSA Gallery Christchurch BS 61 July 1978 p.36 Arson at SOS (3) SOS (Save Our Sisters) supported women to go to Australia to have abortions, after the Auckland Medical Centre (AMAC) closed because of the new abortion laws Photo Sandra Coney, March 1978 BS 59 May 1978 p.6-7 Anzac Day demonstration, Cenotaph, Auckland (7) BS 60 June 1978 p.5 Repeal Abortion Law march 15 September 1978, Auckland Photo Ross Hampton, Socialist Action Whakatane Women’s Theatre Group, Abortion protest BS 60 June 1978 p.18 Bastion Point (2) BS 62 September 1978 p.22, 23 Domestic workers protest, Wanganui Girls Hostel – Domestic workers at Wanganui Girls Hostel strike for better pay and picket opposite the hostel, BS October 1978 Womenspirit Council gathering 1978 Nelson Workshops for Women Sylvia Plath: A dramatic Portrait, Auckland April 1978 Michele Smith, Jacqui Louvett and Sandra Kyle. Diploma of Drama production, University of Auckland Little Threatre. Director Lois de la Lautour 1979 Nambassa, 1979 (3) BS 67 March 1979 p.8 Dental Nurses Association conference, Auckland BS 72 September 1979 p.8 Demonstration against prosecution of Maori activists involved in He Taua incident at University of Auckland BS 75 December 1979 p.124 Demonstration, opening of Parliament, 17 May (5) Photos Robin McKinley (Fleming) paper mache Muldoon BS 71 July/August 1979 p.11 ‘Women need jobs too!’ BS 74 November 1979 p.8 Strippers protest, Pink Pussycat, Karangahape Rd, Auckland (2) Photo NZ Herald BS 73 October p.23, 25 United Women’s Convention, Hamilton Easter 1979 Charlotte Bunch (USA) keynote speaker (3), one with Donna Awatere (and Sarah Calvert in magazine ) Photo Marti Friedlander BS 70 June 1979 p.17 ‘The middle-class unavoidably Pakeha nature of the Official Women’s Movement was becoming something of a burden’ Photo Marti Friedlander BS 101 July/August 1982 p.53 3 crowd photos First plenary session, Saturday Photo Robin McKinlay (Fleming) Participants (8) Photo Marti Friedlander Raewyn Good driving the bus from Wellington, Photo Robin McKinlay (Fleming) Jo Lynch and others on the bus (4), Photo Robin McKinlay Values Party conference, Dave Robinson, Sue Bretherton, BS 75 December 1979 p.23 Values Party Women’s conference, Nelson - men running the cr che Women’s Studies Association Conference, Hamilton Jackie Cooke (South Australia) Photo Julia Millen Jackie Cooke (South Australia)and Rosemary Seymour Myra Williams, Photo Julia Millen United Women’s Convention Easter 1979, Hamilton. First plenary, Photo Robin McKinlay (3) White anti-racist protest at Final Plenary Photo Robin McKinlay (see also photo of Ripeka Evans speaking) Broadsheet Suffrage Day Seminar, 22 September 1979 – Donna Awatere, Dierdre Milne (chair) Photo Sandra Coney BS 76 Jan/Feb 1980 p.19 Performing Arts In touch/out of touch November 1979 Maidment theatre Auckland Director Sally Hollis-McLeod Photo Auckland Star BS 76 Jan/Feb 1979 p.45 Crossfire, author Jennifer Compton, New Independent Theatre, Muliet Maugh as Mimi, Lois De Lautour’s production, Bs 69 May 1979 p.36 1980 First Black Women’s Hui (2), Ngati Otari Marae, 5-7 September 1980 Bs p.11 Miss Universe Contest, feminists demonstrating (2), Maidment Theatre, Auckland 13 Feb Photo NZ Herald BS 77 March 1980 p.11 Demonstration at SPUC meeting, Lower Hutt – Jane(?) Ruck being arrested at a Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) meeting at Lower Hutt Town Hall, March 12980 Photo Dominion Dental Nurses demonstration 1980 BS p.8 Picket at launch by David Lange of Civil Liberties book by Tim McBridge (‘Lange denies Women’s Rights’) BS 85 Dec 1980 (5) Trentham Clothing Factory closure, ‘The clothing workers in the photo have just heard that their Trentham factor is closing down. Such closures are happening all over the country.’ BS P.6 Photo evening Post Nov 1980 Indigenous Peoples Seminar, Rehua Marae Auckland mid November. Discussion of impact of capitalism and racism on indigenous peoples, p.21 Three Nations Conference, Christchurch, Atareta Poenanga, Ripeka Evans, BS 86 Jan/Feb 1981 p.23 Photo Christchurch Press Suffrage Day week 1980, Demonstration Napier Photo Napier Daily Telegraph UN Women’s Convention, Copenhagen, Denmark – Pacific women meet to discuss priorities NZ representatives Danna Glendining, Donna Awatere Opening of Wellington Women’s Gallery, 1980 (4) BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.37 Keri Hulme at right, Photo Fiona Clark Keri Hulme reading at the story evening during opening week of Wellington Women’s Gallery Helen Rockel’s charcoal portraits of Muslim women (left) Claudia Pond Eyley’s paper cut-outs Susan Jordan Bell dancing at the Step Out Concert, opening week at the Women’s Gallery Women’s Studies Association (NZ) third annual conference, Teachers College, Auckland 1980 Includes Claudia Pond Eyley, BS p.6 Photo Gil Hanley Maryanne Gardiner Camille Guy BS Oct 1980 Photos Gil Hanley The Women’s Den (installation) BS Oct 1980 p.38 Photo Gil Hanly (2) Back row: Rae Julian, Sue Middleton, Rosemary Seymour, front row 5th from L Pilar Alba, Maryanne Gardiner 1981 1981 Titiwhai Harawhira just after the arrest of protesters during the investiture of Dame Whina Cooper and Sir Graham Latimer when the police invaded the marae Waitangi 1981 Photo March Adams BS 116 Jan/Feb 1984 p.16 Nambassa wominspace, Photo Jill Carolyn BS 88 April 1981 p.9 Picketing Kerridge Odeon cinemas (re SPUC/Abortion), members of ACWAR Collective picketing, late August Photo Debbie Rundle BS 93 October 1981 p.13 Rixen Clothing Factory Sit-in, Levin (2) BS 95 November 1981 p.6 Lyn Wood in her bed on a cutting table Photo Michelle Donovan/Socialist Action, p.7 Women in Agriculture weekend, Nov 1981; Beth Pottinger, Mary O’Regan, Donna Glendining and Elaine Grigg learn how to handle sheep correctly at a practical workshop BS 97 March 1982 p.6 University Feminist Arts Festival, Photo Gil Hanly Performance artists – Fallout Follies, Christchurch 1981 Bridget Armstrong in Flight of the Godwit, theatre Corporate, Auckland 1981 BS 98 April 1982 p.35 CONNA Akerson in Potiphar’s Wife, Mercury Theatre, Auckland Springbok tour demonstrations, 1981 Location not stated (Auckland?) (5) “Mana Motuhake’, ‘Rugby yes, Racism no’ banners Women at Women’s Studies Assn national conference stage a spontaneous protest against the Springbok Tour. In one, Jenny Rankine is leading chants. Photo Chigusa Stevens Helmeted protesters, shield with ‘Red Squad’ and nazi symbol Photo Gil Hanly Women in helmets.(2) Auckland Detour via Mt Eden prison during tour demonstration on ‘indigenous racism’ Photo Gil Hanley ‘Maori control of Maori things’ outside Mt Eden Penny speaking for the workers Comm8nity League Auckland Domaine 8 August Photo Gil Hanly Auckland St July, Sophie Stockman (2) with megaphone; in HART t-shirt Photo Marti Friedlander BS 94 November 1981 p.11 Clown with police BS p.11 ‘A clown lies injured before being put in a neckbrace and taken away in an ambulance. She was batoned by policy Photo Grahame Cox/Sunday News BS 94 November 1981 p.19 Clowns at the Auckland game protest Photo Graeme ?Cos Women confront police Photo Marti Friendlander BS 94 November 1981 p.17; BS 111 July/Aug 1983 p.25 Hamilton Sandi (Rawhiti) Searanke, bloody victim ? and ? Hamilton Rugby Grounds photo Graham Cox/Sunday News, cover BS 94 November 1981 Cuppa for a protester, Garden Place, Hamilton, BS 94 November 1982 p.17 Photo Grahame Cox Donna Awatere marshalling protesters outside the fence at Hamilton PS p.10 Photo Grahame Cox. Sunday News BS 94 November 1981 p.10 Priests with cross; and another photo : Robin Morrison Garden place 24 July 1981 Photo Michael Jeans BS p.10 Protest banners, Garden Place 25 July BS p.11 Photo Grahame Cox ‘The range of expressions on the faces of supporters as they watch police tackle a protester BS p.18 Photo Grahame Cox (caption) Neil Setford (Back) BS 94 November 1981 p.18 Gisborne (2) Woman confronts police outside hotel where Springboks staying, Gisborne BS p.9 Photo Gisborne Herald “A proud Mereana Pitman leads a protest march to Rugby Park’ BS p.12 Photo Gisborne Herald Banner: Ka whawhai tonu matou? Ake Ake Ake!’ 22 July 1981 Gisborne Hinengaro Davis holding right end Photo Kapil Arn BS 103 October 1982 p.17; BS 106 January/February 1983 p.20; BS 112 Sept 1983 p.42 Maori women lead protest march day of rugby match in Gisborne. Rebecca Evans, Donna Awatere in foreground BS 15 Photo Gisborne Herald Kitch Cuthberg with two other women after arrest at Gisborne 92 September 1981 p.8 Maori woman with police outside Springbok’s hotel in Gisborne (2) BS 92 September 1981 p.9 1982 Bastion Point (Takaparawha) land protest ‘Most of these women were arrested’ Photo Gil Hanly BS p.103 Police arriving at Takaparawha after land had been occupied to protest against National government’s attempt to sell some of the land to developers Photo: Gil Hanly April Photo Sally Casswell Bastion Pt reoccupation ‘return Takaparawha to Ngati Whatua’ (4) ‘Stick to the point – reoccupation’ (2) Leaving Bastion Point to march to Waitangi (5) Police at Bastion Point BS p.20 Photo Gil Hanly Rene Hawke being arrested, Bastion Point April, BS 101 July/Aug p.34 Photo Gil Hanly Police making arrests (2) Leonie Morris, Hinewhare Harawira Photos NZ Herald (2) Police making arrests Photos NZ Herald (2) Police making arrests, Lyn Schnauer, Mere Taylor, Photos NZ Herald Karen Peters being arrested, Photo Sally Casswell Ripeka Evans arrested at Bastion Point Photo Gil Hanly BS 124 Nov 1984 p.21 (2) Facing the police Photos NZ Herald Bastion Point Photo Gil Hanly` Contact sheets, NZ Herald Demonstration against lawyer who defended rapists,(4) Photo Gil Hanly BS Dec 1982 Demonstration, Miss Auckland contest, July 1982 Photo Bruce Connew International Women’s Day, march organised by Working Women’s Council Auckland (3) Photo Claudia Pond Eyley Pacific Peoples Anti-Nuclear Action Committee PPANAC, Auckland Nov 1982 All photos Gil Hanley BS 105 December 1982 p.12-13 Powhiri at Tatai Hono Marae, Auckland p.12 The flag is raised at Bastion Point, the hui visited the point on Saturday 6 November Sue Tuhaka addresses the crowd, Thursday 11 November Deidre Harawira and Hilda Halkyard listen to speakers at the hui Nov 1982 p.18 Tahitian Charlie Ching burns French flag outside the Consulate after march for a nuclear free Pacific, 11 November. He cheered when police stamped on the burning flag to extinguish the flames BS 105 Dec 1982 p.17 Photo Gil Hanly Pacific Islands Women’s Fono, Photo Gil Hanly BS 104 November 1982 p.9 Woman worker at sit-in at Rixen factory, Levin, video 1982 Photo Patricia Sarr, BS 103 October 1982 p.11 Organisers of National Women’s Health Conference, Sue Neal, Sarah Calvert, Heather McLeish, Sue Lytollis Photo Gil Hanly BS 102 September 1982 p.28 Contact print of 6 photos Waitangi Day 1982, a protester is taken away by policy 6 Feb BS Photo Northern Advocate Women Against the Cuts rally, Wellington 19 July 1982 outside Parliament Rachel Scott (Clerical Workers Union), Trish Sarr, Dorothy (Federation of Labour librarian, Therese O’Connell (CWU) Hilary Watson (Early Childhood Workers Union, Belinda Montgomery (Kindergarten Teachers Assn) Irene Borens (Shop Assistants Union) Christine Dann Bs 103 October 1982 p.7 Therese O’Connor, Christine Dann, Hazel Speaker Judith Aitken (3) 3 more of rally + contact sheet Women’s Political Party public meeting, Auckland, Photos Gil Hanly (4) Lou Renner, Sandi Hall, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, (4) Participants + contact sheet Lou Renner and Sandi Hall talk with Maryann Gardiner Women’s Political Party, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, Sandi Hall Women’s Studies Conference, Palmerston North ,1982 Society for Research on Women sales table, incl Kathy Irwin ` Sandi Hall, Heather McLeish, Sandra Coney, BS 103 October 1982 p.9 University Feminist Arts Festival, Photos Gil Hanly Ko, Tamsin Hanly, Robin Barbara Docherty Juliet Monoghan, Diane Boss in The Birds Performance: Fiona Poole in Amy Bock, (2) BS Oct 1982 Photo Sandra Coney Clearing Out, the cast incl. Carmel McClone, Margaret Blay, BS 98 April 1982 p.37 Judy Gibson in Female Parts BS 98 April 1982 p.45 Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Hillary King (Hills) for Outside In Photo Justin Lord Elizabeth McRae in Secrets by Renée, BS 102 September 1982 p.46 Link Travel strike, Clerical Workers Union 1983 Anti-nuclear Rally, Hiroshima Day, Speaker Philippa Cunningham, Mayor Mt Eden, 30 November 1983 Photo Gil Hanly SPANA: Anti-nuclear action when Phoenix (US Navy) was in port, BS 113 November 1983p. 5 Photo Gil Hanly (3) Protest against Phoenix November Photo Gil Hanly BS Jan/Feb 1984 Childcare Workers picket Tiny Town, Photo Auckland Star BS 107 March 1983 p.26 Anti-French tests, Whangarei, Relda Atwood, 24 May Anti-nuclear demonstration Rust Avenue (Take the toys from the boys’), Whangarei, 24 May + note by Relda Atwood Waitangi Day boycott (8) March Ponsonby Rd, Auckland (incl Atareta Poenanga) Repeka Evans, one of three speakers on Marae at Waitangi with protest marchers Photo Gil Hanly Wiki Tawhara at Otara opposing Waitangi, 4 Feb Photo Gil Hanly Crossing bridge at Waitangi Ripeka Evans, Titewhai Harawira and others Waitangi Action Alliance BS May 1983 P.7 Waitangi Day rehearsal, 5 February, members of concert Party and Naval Armed Guard Protest at Waitangi 6 Feb ‘Boycott Waitangi Photo Gil Hanly Demonstration for a marae at University of Auckland (4) BS 114 October p.18-19 Hiroshima Day Peace Rally, 6 September Auckland Domain BS 112 Septe mber 1983 p.16 Nuclear umbrella, Kiroshima Day Auckland Domaine, BS 112 Sept 1983 p.19 Housing demonstration (4), Aotea Square, Auckland Dec, Photo Gil Hanly International Women’s Day (4) Women’s Peace March 1983 Photo Auckland Star BS July/Aug International Women’s Day for Nuclear Disarmament BS111 July Aug Anti-nuclear demonstration crossing Bank St Whangarei 24 May Photo Relda Atwood (3) Whanganui, Photo Whanganui Chronicle Dunedin Photo Gabrielle Panckhurst Whangarei Nelson, Photo Heather McDonald (3) Auckland (4) + contacts from Auckland Star ‘Give peace a chance’ photo Hazel Armstrong BS 111 July/Augsut 1983 p.15 ‘Women for Peace’ (photo of woman and baby) Photo Hazel Armstrong Candlelight march up Takaranga/Mt Victoria Devonport ends 24 May actions Photo Gil Hanly Kanaki Solidarity, David Robie, Suzanna Ounei, Jane Cooper SPANA (South Pacific Anti-Nuclear Activists) demonstrate in BP House Remuera 30 August, Photo Gil Hanly BS 113 October 1983 p.5 Pacific Peoples Anti-Nuclear Action Committee (PPANAC), Sandi Searanke, Karen Flick, Jane Cooper outside Australian Embassy, Auckland 29 August to highlight BP’s involvement at Roxby Downs Uranium Mine Photos Gil Hanly BS 113 October 1983 p.5 People’s Republic of Aotearoa, Soup Kitchen 29 April 1983, for Royal Tour (5 + contact) BS 110 June Photo Auckland Star p.7 Reclaim the Night march, 30 April 1983 ‘Disarm rapists’ Photo Gil Hanly ‘Lesbians for Maori Sovereignty’ at Reclaim the Night march 30 April 1983 Photo Gil Hanly Picket at NZEI Annual Conference, May 1983 – Members of Rank and File Teachers Organisation picketing the annual NZEI conference and the guest Minister of Education, Merv Wellington, May 1983 BS 113 October 1983 p.21 Protest against arrival of US nuclear warship Texas (5) Photos Gil Hanly In Auckland protesters demonstrate against the nuclear warship Texas days before Hiroshima Day 6 Aug 1983 (2) BS 112 September 1983 p.6 Jane Cooper speaks out against the presence of the USS Texas in Auckland, 5 August 1983 BS 113 October 1983 p.4 ‘Let Earth Live’ banner protest against Texas BS 120 June 1984 p.24-26 Unemployment march, Jane Stevens, pall-bearer on right is chairperson of the Unemployed Workers Union, March 1983 This royal tour racist tour’ Photo Gil Hanly Christine Win (Fielding) and Marion Bust (Featherston) competing in the Intermediate semifinals of the Golden Shears, Photo NZ Herald 10 March 1983 BS 121 July/August 1984 p.27 Performance: Gilliam Could and Kate Hood in Bars 2-Cubed Theatre Group Photo Rob Giles/Real Pictures Mabel Howard at theatre Corporate, BS March 1983 Lucy Sheehan as Hermia in Revenge of the Amazons, BS sept 1983 p.44 Isabella Koch and Barbara Docherty in Fortunately Past Patterns, BS 111 July/Aug 1983 p.46 Hate Hood, Frances Edmond and Annie Whittle in Setting the Table, by Renée, BS March 1983 Jude Gibson,- Teresa Woodham, Andrea Kelland, Mercury theatre II, 27-390 ¸4-7 May, BS 109 Special Issue April 1983 p.33, Photo Justine Lord 1984 Te Hikoi to Waitangi, 6 February 1984 Kuia, Photo Gil Hanly, BS 117 March 1984 Ferry from the ‘Tainui Express’ arrives at Waitangi, Photo Gil Hanly (23) BS 117 March 1984 p.12-17 Photos Gil Hanly Stopped on bridge by police, photo Gil Hanly Treaty of Waitangi hui, Turangawaewae marae, 1984, Photo Gil Hanly Taking the Kotahitanga flag onto the grounds outside the Treaty House, 6 Feb 1984 Photo Gil Hanly BS 117 March 1984 p.17 Hui Wahine, 2nd national hui, Tahuwhakariki marae, Tauranga-moana 5-8 April 1984 all photos Ripeka Evans Amiria Romai Nohorangi (Tauranga-Moana) BS 120 June 1984 p.21 Tumuaki of the Ratana Church at the blessing of the paepae nly BS 120 June 1984 p.21 (5) Photos Ripeka Evans BS 120 June1984 p.21-13 Maori protest against education system, and minister of Education Merv Wellington 1 Jun e1984 Photo Gil Hanly Opening of East Coast Bays Stadium, March 1984, Kim Pederson, Cassandra Kelly (winner) Jane Mitchell in 100m hurdles (2) BS 121 July/August 1984 cover, Photo NZ Herald Reclaim the Night march, Auckland 8 March International Women’s Day, (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS 119 May 1984 p.8, p.13 Waiheke women’s Walk for Life on Earth, BS July/August 1984 p.44 (nuclear disarmament) Protest against YWCA, ‘YWCA you made 40 women unemployed’, Photo Gil Hanly BS 119 p.7 Te Reo Oranga o te Moana Nui a Kiwa, Auckland February 1984 – Jane Cooper, Sandi Searanke, Susanna Ounei. BS April 1984 p. Hilda Halkyard, photo Gil Hanly At peace rally, BS April 1984 p.26 Protest against Operation Northern Safari, Tamsin Hanly and Louisa Brandt outside Defense offices, CMC (3) photos Gil Hanly, BS May 1984 p.4 Te Reo Oranga o te Moana nui a kiwa chainging themselves to a pillar outside Defense offices, Queen St, BS May 1984 p.5 Peace Rally 24 March (9) Photos Gil Hanly Demonstrating against Queenfish, Kanaka/Maori Solidarity flag, before Peace March, Aotea Sq, Auckland, (Queenie, Susanna Ounei, Jane Cooper) Cactus performing at Peace Rally, BS May 1984 p.5 Cathy Tizard International Indian Treaty Council on march Peace march 1984? Tamsin Hanly Photo Gil Hanly Peace rally, Sue Rawson selling nuclear free stickers Overnight occupation of Bastion Point after Peace Rally, 1984 p.5 Anti-nuclear campaign, Aotea Square, 24 March (3) Photos Gil Hanly Tansin Hanly carrying dragon (?) Tamsin and Louisa Brandt with CND caravan, Aotea Sq Auckland CND banners, Aotea Sq Te Hui Oranga o Te Moana nui a Kiwa, (2) Photos Gil Hanly Puanani Fernandaz, Luana Busby and Leianuenue (2nd photo Grace Robertson (r) BS April 1984 p.26 Demonstration for Kanaks – Sandi Searanke (4) BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985 p.6 Te hui kaitito/Maori Computers Hui, Auckland, March (3+ contact sheet) Photos Gil Hanly L-R Kuini Wana, Dalvanius Prime, Meri Soloman, Mahina Tocker, Kuini BS April 1984 p.9 Performers include Hinemao Scott, Liz Marsden, Mere Ropata BS April 1984 p.9 Housing evictions, Tauranga, Photo NZ Herald BS September 1984 p.7 Peace Camp at Whanuapai Air Base, Karen Magnall speaking, Photo Gil Hanly Treaty of Waitangi Hui, Turangawaewae, October 1984 (5) Photo Gil Hanly BS November 1984 Ripeka Evans, Mira Szaszy Protest for Nuclear Disarmament, Queen Elizabeth Square, Auckland (2) Photo Gil Hanly Trisah Hannifin, Fi Day? National elections, Labour poster, Photo Gil Hanly ‘Now is the time for all good women to stand up and say who we will be!’ Education cuts protest, June 1984 (3) Photos Gil Hanly Maori and Polynesian students boycott of school system, organiser Joyce Maipi with Hanna Jackson, photo Gil Hanly BS April 1984 p.9 Kohanga Reo from Kokiri ki Rahuitanga join in BS July/August 1984 p.13 Reproductive Rights Conference – South American women at conference Photo Colleen Ivory Women’s Forum (re starting Ministry of Womens Affairs), Northshore Teachers College, Auckland, 17 November 1984, photos Gil Hanly + contact sheet Workshops including one for older women run by Ann Andrews (5), one also used BS 139 May 1986 p.17 MPs Helen Clark and Judy Keall Women’s Forum, Christchurch, Anne Hercus, Minister of Women’s Affairs, in ruckus, photo Christchurch Star BS 29 May 1985 p.12; BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985, p.1 Advisory Group for new Ministry of Women’s Affairs, includes Ann Hercus, Margaret Wilson, Annette King, Judith Aitken, Louisa Crawley, Rosemary Novitz, Photo Evening Post 10 October 1984 BS 123 October 1984 ANZAC Day protest, Cenotaph, Auckland War Memorial Museum (2) Polynesian Cultural Festival, 1984 Street theatre, Abortion protest, Whakatane BS April 1984 p.7 Women Against Pornography picket Miss Auckland contest, Trillos, Auckland 28 August 1985. (2) Photo NZ Herald Abortion protest. BS 118 April 1984 p.7 Protest against YMCA dumping STEPS programme, Auckland BS 119 May 1984 p.7 Performances Renée’s Setting the Table, 1984 BS March 1984 Wednesday to come, Downstage, Wellington. Author Renee. Jane Waddell as Iris, Lucy Sheehan as Jeanne. BS November 1984 p.44 Skirmishes, Ellie Smith. BS March 1984 Keeping the peace, review, BS June 1984 p.44 Transisters, Ponsonby Street Festival, Auckland December 1984 BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985 p.10 Dunedin Dance Theatre group tour Moon Goddess, dance drama BS 132 September 1985 p.53 Groundwork, New Independent Theatre. Author Renee. Dawn Underwood and Joanna Paul, Working Title Theatre Players. BS 130 June 1985 p.45 Box 47 New Zealand Events continued 1985 Waitangi Day Hui, Waitangi, February Photos Gil Hanly BS March 1985 p.25 Whina cooper, Mira Szaszy, Titiwahi Harawira BS March 1985 p.31 At the hui p.1 Ngahiti Faulkner with Eva Rickard Mixed responses to Governor General’s speech Workshop on women Kotahitangi marchers arrive at the hui Welcoming PM David LangeWhaia McClutchie speaks Preparing food; caring for the children Homosexual Law Reform campaign 1985 ‘Lesbian Gay rights now’ Photo Gil Hanly Rally in support of Homosexual Law Reform 1985 Photo Gil Hanly BS Summer 1993.p.22 Marching for Homosexual Law Reform, Auckland September 1985 Photo Gil Hanly (2) Launch of Women’s Studies: A Handbook, Maryan Street, Claire Louise McCurdy. Photo Gil Hanly Elaine Shaw (Greenpeace) farewells Alice, crew member as Breeze leaves Auckland for Moruroa, BS 133 October 1985 p.3 Photo Gil Hanly Whangarei seminar on what women want to give them equality in banks, organised by Bank Officers Union, BS 135 December 1985 p.5 International Women’s Day for Peace Concert, 24 May 1984 BS 131 July /August 1985 p.8 Audience, front right Joan Macdonald (WILPF) Waitangi Tribunal hearing re Orakei block (incl Takaparawha). Hilda Halkyard Harawira, Ranginui Walker, Grace Robertson, Renee Hawke BS 131 July /August 1985, p.11 NZ’s first all-women commercial flight crew, South Cross Airways Chief Pilot Liz Needham and Pilot Sarah Caldwell BS 130 June 1985 p.6 Homosexual Law Reform Campaigns, Auckland (8) All photos Gil Hanly including… Concert in Auckland Town Hall Gay rally, May, Auckland BS 130 June 1984 p.2 Homosexual law reform rally, ‘Lesbian’ banner, Town Hall 13 September 1985 BS November 1985 p.1 Window display in support of gay rights BS 131 July/Aug 1984 p.4 Auckland lesbians and gays protest at meeting for US anti-gay campaigner Louis Sheldon, Faith Healing Centre, Glenfield August 1985 (8) Photos Gil Hanly BS Sept 1984 p.7 March against All Blacks touring to South Africa, 29 March Auckland. Maxell Nemadzivhanani, Australian representative of Pan African Congress of Azania; Makgolo from Black Consciousness Movement, Azania; Wanjiku, Kenyan actress lliving in Auckland. Photo Gil Hanly BS 139 May 1985 p.11. March 3 May, photos Gil Hanly BS June 1985, p.12 ‘Nurses are worth more’ campaign, nurses protest against conditions (8) Photos Gil Hanly Nurses picket Auckland Hospital Board meeting, Auckland BS June/August 1985 NZ Women’s Cricket team tour Australia and India. Sue Ratray holding the Rose Bowl they hope to win from Australia, BS 127 March 1985 p.98 Women Against Pornography picket Miss Auckland contest, Trillos, Auckland 28 August 1985 Photo NZ Herald Hui at Turangawaewae, Ngaruawahia Visit of Trade Uniondelegation from Soviety Union, Ludmilla Zambyamnova (L) and Nina Bandar at Auckland Trades Hall, Photo Jimmy Thomson, NZ Tribune BS July/August 1985, p.10 Women’s Anti-Racism Hui, Auckland BS March 1985 p.5 Trade Union Action, May Day, Auckland Photo Gil Hanly BS June 1985 Peace Rally supporting Labour Party’s anti-nuclear ships policy. Photo Gil Hanly March 1985 p.7 Bigot Busters Converence, Alison Laurie, Sylvia Borren and Bill Loganm 1 NZ champion netball team relax after winning old medal in Australian games, Photo Auckland Star, BS March 1985 p.9 100 Women Project, Juliet Batten art installation, photo of participants, BS 131 July/August 1985 p.50 Bigot Busters Conference, Alison Laurie with Sylvia Borren and Bill Logan Sylvia Borren Performance Wanjiku in Black Woman, New Independent Theatre. (3) Solo performance by Wanjiku, Photo Gil Hanly BS 130 June 1984.47 Dunedin Theatre Group Tour, Moon Goddess, BS 132 September 1985 p.58 Groundwork (author Renee) New Independent theatre, Auckland, Dawn Underwood and Joanna Paul, Working Title Theatre Players. BS 130 June 1985 p/45 Performance: Country GP May Lloyd as Brenda, Clennis Livestam as Evelyn, Kate CHarcourt as Bess BS 133 October 1985 p.5 Other Halves Mark Pilise and Lise Harrow Heather Bolton in Mr Wrong BS September 1985 p.52 The Carefree Show (2) 1986 Waitangi Day protest, Photo Gil Hanly, Wellington, BS 138 April 1986 p.13 Wellington Waitangi Day march, BS 137 March 1986 p 5; Tanya Cumberland and Frances Olsen, Wellington protest Protest against Royal Tour, Aotea Sqaure, Auckland Photo Gil Hanly, BS February 1986 p.6 Christchurch: Queen’s car arrives as police try to prevent a ‘bum salute’ BS 139 May 1986 p.7 Hotel & Hospital Workers, strikers’ workshop over contracting out, Whangarei April 1986 contact strip May Day Rally, Auckland (3), BS 140 June 1986, Photo Gil Hanly Matamata Feminist Women’s support group, BS July/Aug p.12 Homosexual law reform march, (3) BS September 1986, p.6 Before the rally BS September 1986 p.6 Window Display (Pope John’s Pacific tourt) Judy Neale, ‘Every sperm is sacred’ ‘No-Go zone’ window display inspired by Pop John’s 1986 Pacific tour (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS 147 March 1987 p.41 Crowd awaiting Springbok arrival at Auckland airport, 1986, BS p.8 Photo Gil Hanly Equal Pay Seminar, Wellington, September 1986 Photo Alison McCulloch Te Hui Oranga, September 1986 Hilda Halkyard Harawira BS September 1986 p.5 Chinese lesbians meet in Wellington, BS 143 October 1986 p.9 Joy Belazo speaks on ‘Changing the Philipplines, Suzanna Ounei on left, BS 144 Nov 1986 p.5 Maori Women in Local Bodies Conference, BS Nov 1986 Carmen Kirkwood, Nganeko Minhinick, Tiraha Karena, Te Puea Doolah BS 144 Nov 1986 p.25 Rape Awareness Week Reclaim the Night march, 7 November, Tanya Cumberland, Charmaine Pourtney, Teresa, Caroline and Raewyn on the march, Photo Gil Hanly, BS December 1986 p.12 Women Artists Asociation Exhibition, Photo Gil Hanly December 1986 p.41 Peace is…more than the absence of war, book of photos exhibit by Gil Hanly BS 145 December 1986 p.45 ‘After the strike’ at Northland Hospital, Hine Edmonds, Ngaire Hinton, Isabelle Dalton, BS 140 June 1986 p.7 Launch of Nga Morehu: The Survivors interviewed by Judith Binney and Gillian Chaplin (2). Some of the women, representatives of others, at the book launch 1986, The interviewed women were Heni Brown, Reremoana Koopu, Maaka Jones, Hei Ariki Algie, Heni Sunderland, Miria Rua, Putiputi Onekawa and Te Akakura Rua. Photo Gil Hanly BS 146 Jan/Feb 1987 p.46. 2nd photo used BS 198 Winter 1993 p.43. Performance: Kaz A working girl, Theatre Corporate 7 June – 19 July 1986, Miranda Harcourt as Kaz, BS September 1986 p.43 (2) Photo Gigel Yates Pass it on (Author Renée) Threatre Corporate Auckland, Jude Gibson R? Photo Gil Hanly Accidental Phantisize, Maidment theatre, Auckland, Heather Bolton as ‘Truckie’, BS June 1986 p.43 Festival of Island Light (2), Photo Gil Hanly BS 140 June 1986 p.8 Wahine Toa Fashion Parade (11 + contact strip), BS May 1986 p.14, p.16 Photo Gil Hanly Patea Maori Club perform at Grey Lynn Polynesian Festival Photo Gil Hanly BS 140 June 1986 p.8 Nga Tapuwae College kapa haka, Auckland Secondary Schools, Photo Gil Hanly BS 140 June 1986 p.8 1987 Waitangi Action protest, Waitangi Day, outside Parliament, Wellington (3) Tanya Cumberland, Karena Way at Wellington protest BS March 1987 p.5 Kanaki visitors at Hoani Waititi marae, BS 146 January/February 1987/p.11 Mangawhai Women’s Music Festival, BS April 1987 p.7 Photo Frankie Hill (See also S Donna Savage (Dead Famous People) Cervical Cancer Inquiry, Christine Bird, Corinne Stephenson (THAW, Christchurch), Sandra Coney at the hearing, 1986-1987 BS 155 Jan/Feb 1988 p.5 Sandra Coney at Cervical Cancer Inquiry, Photo Gil Hanly National Women’s hospital, Auckland Judge Sylvia Cartright BS 153 November 1987 p.5 Women’s Writers Weekend – Wendy Harrex, Arapera Blank, Cathy Dunsford, organisaers of the Women Writers Weekend, Auckland Girls Grammar School, 16-17 May 1987, BS 151 Aug/Sept p.45 Photo Gil Hanly 10th Anniversary of occupation of Takaparawha/Bastion Point, Auckland 25 May (2) Photo Gil Hanly Titiwhai Harawiram, Atareta Poenanga, Hana Te Hemera (2), Photo Gil Hanly Placing Ko Tihi Te Ra (group of carvings) on Takaparawha, 24 May Photo Gil Hanly Carvings being erected by Hohepa Hawke, Normal Te Whata, Emere Karaka and others Photo Gil Hanly Concert in support at the Gluepot, Ponsonsby, 25 May Photo Gil Hanly (4) Hinewihi Mohi and Moana Maniapolo sing at the concert Photo Gil Hanly BS July/August 1988 p.13 Royal Commission on Social Policy, Ann Bollin, Sir Ivor Richardson, Ros Noonan, Mason Durie, Marion Bruce, May 1987 Bs October 1987 p.34 Women and Development Workshop, Wellington Highschool, 14-16 May, Mihi Ruawhe, Ohia Rooper, Pura Wahle, Te Roopu Wahine Aroha, Taihape, at powhiri, Photo Nicola Browne Protest against Male Violence (2), Auckland BS August September 1987 p.4 (Josie Haines) Nuclear Free Rally, Auckland (2) includes Helen Caldicott BS 154 December 1987 p.18 Abortion/Anti-Abortion rallies, Parliament (15) Gill Hanly photo ‘Nuclear Umbrella’ wins first prize at an IPPNW exhibition in Moscow. BS 151 Aug/Sept 1987 p.7 Women’s Refuge collection Day, collecting on Lampton Quay (with dog) BS 154 December 1987 p.11 Women involved in Airline hearing, Auckland December BS 156 March 1988 p.5 Andrea Kelland, solo performance evening, Lesbian Festival BS Jan/February 1987 p.7 Photo Susan Atchinson-Windeler 1988 Protest at ‘Rape of Tibet’ (4) BS 158 May 1988 p.28 Women and Economic Seminar 11 Sept 1988, Jane Kelsey, Maona Maniopoto Jackson, Jenny Rankine, Joce Jesson, Photo Gil Hanly Women’s Studies course, Manukau Polytech, Community Workers Certificate, March 1988 (2) Photo Gil Hanly (Tutor Claire-Louise McCurdy back left in one) BS 156 March 1988 p.18 March for Maori and Koori sovereignty, Auckland Closing of the Whare Paia, Carrington Hospital Auckland, Titiwhai Harawira outside the courthouse, protesting against the closing, 26 May 1988 Photo Gil Hanly Hospital Board meeting re Whare Paia, 23 May Photo Gil Hanly 1989 Rally at Opening of Parliament Photo Robin McKinlay Nurses strike back, NZNA strike BS 167 April 1989 p.20 (‘poor pay’, ‘nurses are worth more’) The Beehive, Parliament Buildings, 1989 Photo Gil Hanly Protest against the Health Cuts, Auckland (3) (one with Helen Clark) Photo Gil Hanly Smith, Matafetu (2) with fine mats, at opening of Aotearoa Moananui a Kiwa Weavers Exhibition BS 165 January/February 1989 Madeleine McNamara and Janet Fisher in Frontwomen by Lorae Parry BS165 January/February 1989 p.32 Opening of The Women’s Bookshop, Carole Beu proprietor bought out the Broadsheet Bookshop, Pat Rosier 3rd from L. BS 169 June 1949 p.11 Montana Lindauer Art Award, women photographers Ans Westra, Fiona Clarke, Fiona Pardington, Megan Jenkinson, Jane Ussher. Megan received $10,000 for work on Antarctica. BS 171 September 1989 p.41 1990 Margaret Atwood in NZ, audience at Auckland University Pro-choice demonstrators at Epsom Day Hospital, 1990 Photo Gil Hanly BS 180 Aug 1990 p.7 Anti-racism hui, Auckland (2), Photo Gil Hanly Madeleine McNamara, Helen Yensen Tanya Cumberland Pay Equity demonstration against National governmetn repealing Labour’s legislation (6) includes Lindy McIntyre Fiona Johnstone (Trade Union Women’s Resource Centre) and Maryan Street speaking out National Party Headquarters Reclaim the Night rally, Auckland, July (3) Photo Gil Hanly Treaty of Waitangi demonstration, Auckland, 2 December – Celine Kearney Photo Gil Hanly Maiden crew Photo (2) Gil Hanly Protest against Micron (2) Photo Gil Hanly Abortion rights demonstration, Epsom Day Hospital Photos Gil Hanly (3 + contract strip) Tge Koanga Spring Festival of Maori Arts, Auckland. Whai Hitchener, Nell Ehau, Gladys Ruru weaving at Auckland Museum BS 183 November/December 1990 p.37 1991 Waitangi Day, 1991 Public hospital workers in Service Workers Union march up Queen St, Auckland 1991 BS Summer 1993 No.200 p.27 March against the Employment Contracts Bill, Auckland, May day Photo Gil Hanly BS 188 June 1991 p.10 Working Women’s Resourse Centre banner, held by committee members Jo Taylor and ? (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS 188 June 1991 p.10 Union Day of Actio against Employment Contracts Act, Auckland 30 Apri(2) Photo Gil Hanly Protest at government benefit cuts, 1991 BS March 1991 Anti Gulf war demonstration outside the US Consultate, Auckland(6) – Karen Sue Bradford Maire Leadbeater – photos Gil Hanly Youth Peace protest Beyond the Fringe, Association of Women Artists Exhibition (3) Oct-Nov 1991 BS Dec 1991 1992 Opening of Wyndham St premises of Auckland People’s Centre, October (3) Photo Gil Hanly Sue Bradford, her children Sam and Sue, Christine Mules (back L) Karen Davis Fr Christ skinner and Fr Terry Dribble, etc BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.11 Suffrage Day Breakfast (Listener Women’s Book Festival) Photo Gil Hanly BS 196 Summer 1992 p.12 Rachel Cooper speaking on ‘I’ll be a Post-Feminist in Post-Patriarchy, BS 197 Autumn 1993 Sue Bradford speaking, Pat Rosier, Glenda Lawrence, Carole Beu Fran Marno, BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.15 Marilyn Frye, Lesbian Philosopher, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Aorewa McLeod, Fran and Jodie Marno, BS 199 Spring 1993 p.20 Morgan-le-Fei Gally, November 1992, Dawn McFarlane, the Wizard, Ros Spratt. Photo Karen Woods. 1993 Reclaim the Night march, Auckland, 17 September, BS 200 Summer 1993 p.6 Sandra Coney at opening of Suffrage Year 1993 Photo Gil Hanly Visit to NZ of Ms editor, Robin Morgan The Women’s Bookshop opening new premises in Ponsonby Rd (2), Carole Beu speaking, Carole and Rachel Cooper, Photo Gil Hanly, BS 199 Spring 1993 Curator Mary Barr with 1960s issue of NZ Women’s Weekly in exhibition Working Titles: Books that Shaped NZ, National Library Gallery 13 Nov 1993 Wellington BS 200 Summer 1993 p.10 Dawn McFarlane, the Wizard, Ros spratt at the Morgan-Le-Fei Gallery, November 1992 Photo Karen Woods Opening of The Women’s Bookshop at new Ponsonsby Rd premises, Carole Beur and Rachel Cooper, Photo Gil Hanly BS 199 Spring 1993 p.4 1994 Margaret Wilson, Dean of Waikato University School of Law at 3rd Anniversary of Repeal of Employment Equity Act, hosted by CEVEP Wellington December, also with Diana Crossan Cool Schools, non-violent conflict resolution programme BS 203 Spring 1994 p.24. The planning team for 4th National Theological Converence : Diane Strevens, Jean Brookes, Enid Bennett, Erice Fairebrother, Ngaire Broder, Beryl Turner, Rosemary Neave, Fourth National Feminist Theological conference, Taupo BS 203 Spring 1994 p.52 1995 Beijing United Nations Women’s conference 1995 – Margaret Shields, Sylvia Dunn, Echo Shortland-tucker, Stella Gukibau, Ngarino Jerry-Stavers, Betty Cuthberg, Jane De Feu, Areta Kopu, Kath Williams, Mere Wallace BS 208 Summer/Raumati p.32 Margaret Shields, Trudy Roberts, Val Dell, Margaret Millern p.32 Composing Women’s Festival BS Summer 1995 p.61, Judy Bailey, Lucy Mulgan Lesbian wedding, Carmel Carroll (opera singer) Jan Denholm (gardener) with marriage celebrant, April 1995 BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.57 Rainbow Warrior (2) off to Mururoa, with crew members Madeline Habib, Mily Tarai, Kate Lecchi, Stephanie Mills BS 207 Spring/Koanga 1995 p.12 and cover 1996 The Art of Sharon Alston, exhibition commemorating anniversary of Sharon’s death, Outreach, Ponsonby Rd 12-23 February 1996 Unidentified events, or date unknown 1981? 1979 woman getting handled by police, looking at camera ‘We are peaceful, do not shoot’, Karangahape Rd, Auckland ‘1975 revisited’, 5 Maori women Demonstration against pornography Street march against Youth Rates, early 1990s? Unidentified audience of women (2), Photo Gil Hanly Book launch or women artists? Puti Rare, Kura Rewini-Thorsen, Claudia Pond-Eyley, Priscilla Putts, Wendy Harrex, Carole Sheppeard Opening of Whare Rarua?, Glen Innes? Speaker and protest outside a building Condom promotion (5) street stall, ‘Get it on to get it off’, ‘Prevents AIDS chamydia, cervical cancer’ Young women, could be small group workshops or a uni women’s space Unifem Conference – year unknown – one with Mary Sinclair Contact strips for Unifem conference, which year? Unifem conference small group with Mary Sinclair Unifem poster Scoring a quiz or something Looks like a group of actors, with potatoes Banner ‘Akona te reo Maori’ Performance, date unknown A question of silence’ directed by Marlene Gorris Box 48 New Zealand women – A-K Folder ‘A’ Abernethy, S Ackroyd, Judith, AIDS Taskforce, BS 172 Oct. 1989 p.8 Aitken, Judith, BS 104 November 1982,p.7; 1986, cover BS 162 1988 Alan, Jenny with Michael, Photo: Gil Hanly Albrecht, Gretchen BS 22 September 1974 p.21 Aldridge, Jeanette BS 203 Spring 1994 p.6 Alexander, Raewyn BS Autumn 1997 p.60 Alison, Judie (formerly Allum) BS 144 November 1986 p.29; Gisborne City Council 1980-1984, BS 144 November 1986 p.29 - PSIS Allen, Vanessa (5) Photo: Diane Quinn BS 110 June 1983 p. 12 Allwood, Toni BS 214 Winter/Horoke 1997 p.43 Amey, Sunny Photo: Kate Jason-Smith BS 22 September 1974 p.27 Anderson, Barbara ( R) with Sheridan Keith, authors Photo: Gil Hanly Angus, Rita Angus Burney, Jillian (Jills) Golden Shears, Masterton, 1982 NZ Herald BS 186 April 1991 p.13 Annandale, Elaine (2) BS 146 January/February 1987 p.15 and cover Photo Alison McCulloch Ansdottir, Kate (cate?) (2) nuclear protester 1981 Photo: Janet Bayly Armstrong, Hazel (2) BS 45 December 1976 p.13 Arnold, Gail, Island Care BS 207 Spring/Koanga 1995 p.39 Austin, Margaret BS 122 Sept 1984 p.17 Awatere, Donna, folder (16) Cover of Maori Sovereignty (published by BS) November 1976, Photo Sandra Coney Donna and her daughter BS 52 cover, September 1977 ‘te hikoi ki waitangi’ on shirt, BS 122 September 1984 p.12 Photos by Gil Hanly (2) BS 124 November 1984 p.12 with Dierdre Milne, BS Seminar 22 September 1979 BS 76 January/February 1980 p.12 photo Sandra Coney 1979 BS 77 March 1980 p.12 November 1976 Photo Sandra Coney Copenhagen, Oct 1980 (3) ‘To talk feminism is never to talk nonsense’ Maori Economic Summit 1984 with Henrietta Maxwell, Iranui Haig and other Ngati Porou Ngati Porour singing waiata at Maori Economic Summit, Harrietta Maxwell (Guitar) Iranui Haig December 1984 Photo Gil Hanly BS 124 November 1984 cover; BS 125 December 1984 p.8 p. in check swandri Photo Sandra Coney Cartoon self portrait BS 86 January/February 1981 p,12 with Ripeka Evans 1982 Photo Gil Hanly BS 103 October 1982 cover (3 + contact sheet) Aubert, Mother Mary with first Maori nun Sister Peata, Photo Turnbull BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985 p.21; BS 46 January 1987 p.37 Folder ‘B’ Baker, Erin (2) Photo: Maryann Franklin BS 143 Oct 1986 p.18, p.143 Erin Baker Baker, Rungia at Waitangi Tribunal hearings re Motonui at Waitara Photo: Gil Hanly p.8 Baldwin, Liz as Rae with Grace Hoete as Aroha, Lesbians and the law video/booklet BS 211 Spring Koanga 1996 p.43 Baldwin, Mary, Council for the Single Mother and her Child BS 38 April 1976 p.10 Ballin, Ann, chair for UN Year of the Disabled BS 91 July/Aug 1981 p.32 Bargh, Robyn, Huia Publishers Photo: David Gurr BS205 Autumn/Ngahuru 1995 No.205, p.13 Barrett, Erena Photo: Gil Hanly BS 138 April 1986, p.22 Barrington, Anneke (Carole Beu’s daughter) ‘Overage’ BS 209 Autumn Ngahuru 1996 p.42 Barrington, Rosemary Rosemary Barrington and Alison Gray (L), Authors of The Smith Women, Photo: Dominion/Sunday Times BS 96 Jan/Feb 1982 p.9 Barry, Anne Photo: Auckland Star Batchelor, Mary, MP Photo: Auckland Star Batten, Juliet (then Seule) Photo: Sandra Coney Barnes, Lyn, Auckland journalist specializing in health issues Herspective. BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.2 Becroft, Sue, furniture maker BS 57 March 1978 p.8 Beaglehole, Anne, interview BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.41 Beaglehole, Ruth (usually Bonita) BS 106 Jan/Feb 1983 p.22 Bear, Claire, BS Sept 1990 Photo: Gil Hanly Beaton, Hilary, BS Jan/Feb 1983 Beaver sings the blues, BS 126 January/February 1985 p.45 Beer, Christina BS 44 November 1976 p.32 Bell, Ali, Broadsheet collective member Ali Bell (2nd L) with Dee Gulliver, Lewis Williams, Sue Trainor Marie Bell (3) BS 59 May 1978 p.28, 30, 31 Bell, Sylvia, Barbara Disley, Bubbles Munro, Photo: Gil Hanly BS 172 Ocober 1989 p.6 Bennett, Chris (3) Photo: Gil Hanly BS 142 Sept 1986 p.13 Berry, Renée BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1996 p.42 Beth, Stephanie (2) BS 64 November 1978 p.37 Beu, Carole (Barrington), The Women’s Bookshop, Opening of Listener Women’s Book Festival, Auckland 1990 Photo: Gil Hanly Carole Beu + contact strip, 1991 At opening of The Women’s Bookshop, Dominion Rd, Auckland, BS 169 June 1989 p.11 Bieringa, Jan Photo: Gil Hanly (Beranga?) Birch, Lorraine, school nurse (2) Photo: Leslie Haines BS 85 Dec 1980 p.27-9 Birch, Willa Photo: Gil Hanly Bird, Christine, BS Dec 1983 photo + contact sheet 1985 ‘the invisible working-class feminist’ Colour photo BS 155 Aug/Sept p1987 p .8 Blackmore, Mahia (2) BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.9 Photo: Anna Bribizsco Blay, Margaret, writer of Clearing Out and co-director of Summer Theatre, BS 96 Jan/Feb 1982 p.46 [later author of Victoria in Maoriland] Bloomfield, Rachel, BS 88 April 1981 p.23; BS 92 September 1981 p.28; BS 103 October 1982 p.45 Boanas, Katie Photo Gil Hanly Bock, Amy on cover of Out Front Lesbian Political Activity in Aotearoa 1962-1985 by Julie Glamuzima, reviewed in BS 205 Summer 1993 No.200 p.59 Borren, Sylvia, 1985 Bourke, Eve (2) BS 28 April 1975 p.23, BS 32 September 1978 p.23 Boyce, Mary BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.19 Bradford, Sue (in envelope) Green Party MP outside Beehive BS 165 Jan/Feb 1989 p.14; BS March 1991 BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.12 (2) Photo Ros Spratt Opening of People’s Centre new premises Wyndham st Auckland, with children Katie and Joe Speaking at Listener Women’s Books Festival Suffrage Day Breakfast (front row: Pat Rosier, Glenda Laurence, Carole Beu, Fran Marno At demo ‘peace for our children’ (2) Broadsheet 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.7 Photo behind Herspective text BS 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.6 1992, Auckland Employed Rights Centre Photo Roz Spratt Herspective BS Spring 1992 Bradley, Dinah Bridge, Margaret, forklift driver BS 43 October 1976 p.23 Brown, Joce (later Jesson) BS June 1985 Bunkle, Phillida, women’s studies lecturer at Victoria, Alliance MP United Women’s Convention Auckland Sept 1973, BS 22 September 1974 p.8 Outside St Helen’s Hospital, Wellington Burt, Shelley, BS 149 1987 p.38 Burton, Shirley, 1989 Photo Gil Hanly Busch, Ruth BS117 March 1984 p.24 Butler, Dorothy, at her children’s bookshop, Jervois Rd BS 80 June 1980 p.16 Folder ‘C’ Calvert, Jean BS 84 November 1980 p.17 Calvert, Sarah Slide in envelope, member of Broadsheet Collective (3) Broadsheet Collective 1979, 1982 BS 77 March 1980 p.14 Cartright, Judge Sylvia (4) Photo Gil Hanly BS 156 March 1988 p.10 Cassel, Christine (USA) IPPNW Photo: Gil Hanly Cautlin, Rhiannon ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (8) BS 198 Winter 1993 p.32 BS Winter 1974 Chaplin, Gillian (2) BS 43 October 1976 Cherry, Francis, author of Dancing with Strings, BS 169 June 1989 p.36 Chetwynd, Jane Church, Toni (2) Photo: Sharyn Cederman BS 29 May 1975 p.9 BS 101 July Aug 1982 p.38 Clark, Helen, MP (envelope) Leader of the Labour Party BS 203 Spring 1994 p.12 With husband Peter Davis in Auckland, Aug 1989 Photo: Gil Hanly August 1989, just after being made Deputy Prime Minister Photo: Gil Hanly With Joan Anderton (L) Photo: Gil Hanly 1989, Photo Gil Hanly 1987 with Phil Twyford (CORSO) (L) and Hone Kaa, Kanaky Solidarity speakers, Aotea Square, Auckland Photo: Gil Hanly Speaking at Aotea Square Various 1987 and younger, Mt Albert candidate 1982, mainly Gil Hanly, one Auckland Star Clement, Joy, BS 92 September 1981 p.24 Cobenger, Annelise, skier BS Winter 1996 p.47 Cole, Val (2) Cole-Catley, Christine BS 80 June 1980 p.19 Colgan, Alma, Photo Margaret Moth BS 52 September 1977 p.17 Collyns, Karina, Porongahau BS 82 September 1980 p.20-1 Colquhaun, Joy Combes, Jill Coney, Sandra 1988 (2) Journalist, former editor of Broadsheet, founder of Women’s Health Action (nee Fertility Action) Photo: Gil Hanly BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.53 Editor of Standing in the Sunshine BS 200 Summer 1993 p.29 1987 At the Cartright Inquiry (2) 1985 1985 (8) Back photo for Every Girl 1982, editor of Broadsheet (7) Photo Gil Hanly 1982 (2) Photo Anna Wilson, BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.17; BS 152 Oct 1987 p.6 1982, Arrest after her ‘assault;’ on the Governor General at Waitangi Photo: Ruth Bonita 1979, editor of Broadsheet; 1980 BS 81 July/Aug 1980 p.16 Connell, Sherry speaking after the Disabled Women’s Workshop at Women’s Forum, Auckland December 11984 Photo Gil Hanly Jan/Feb 1985; ( R) Photo Gil Hanley 1989 - see also article BS 175 Feb 1990 p.16 Cook, Freda BS 24 November 1974 p.24, 26 Coolahan, Kate (2) Photo: Christine Drummond BS 22 September 1974 p.33 Coombes, Jill, with patient Cooper, Whina Photo_ Gil Hanly 1988 (4), Opening of Whare Rapu Ora Whanau Room. Glen Innes, Auckland Photo Gil Hanly BS 159 June 1988 p.25 With Eva Richard and Titiwhai Harawira at Waitangi Hui, 5 February 1985 BS 127 March 1985; BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.23 1984 BS 117 March 1984 p.44 Cooper, Rachel, Women’s Bookshop ‘I’ll be a post-feminist in post-patriarchy’ in BS 197 Autumn 1993 p.8 Photo Gil Hanly Cornish, Bronwyn BS 22 September 1974 p.22 Courage, Sarah BS 49 May 1977 p.34 Cowley, Joy Crozier, Margaret (2) Photo Sandra Coney BS 64 November 1978 p.22; BS 71 July/Aug 1979 p.8 1979 BS 75 December 1979 p.23 Crutchley, Nicola Photo: Kate Jason-Smith p.20 Photo: Sharyn Cederman Cuthbert, Kitch and Sandra Van Eden Long, Photo Gil Hanly BS June/July 1987 p.33 Folder ‘D’ Daly-Peoples, Linda (Kaye), after her home birth, p.3 (2) See also Linda Ruth Kaye Dalziel, Raewyn – see with Margaret Wilson Dann, Christine, August 1989 Photo Neville Peat 16-18 June 1984 Photo Gil Hanly Bs Sept 1987 Davey, Fran (2) Photo: Gil Hanly Davies, Hinegnaro Holds end of Ka whawhai tonu matou banner, Gisborne BS 103 October 1982 p.17 Davies, Sonya (envelope) BS No.104, November 1982 p.40; 122 September 1984 cover; Bs 112 September 1983 p.8 Sonya and Georgine Birby (L) talking to young people after their peace seminar Photo: Gil Hanly At Pacific Trade Union conference, Photo Gil Hanly Photo: NZ Herald 3, one with Christine Dann With Women Against the Cuts poster Photo Janet Bayly BS 125 November 1984 p.43; BS 116 Jan/Feb 1984 p.11 October 1987 Photo Gil Hanly BS 122 September 1984, p.12 November 177, Photo Sharyn Black BS 74 November 1979 p.7 May 1978, Shop employees representatives arrive for Federation of Labour Meeting, Photo Evening Star BS 103 October 1982 p.31 November 1977: Photo Sharyn Black (2) BS 55 December 1977 p.6; Also BS 99 May 1982 p.10 Sonja and Charlie’s wedding 1946, Sonja with her children, aged 15 and one as young woman, BS 103 Oct 1982 Dean, Jude BS 128 April 1985 p.23 Dee, Helen Photo: Sandra Coney BS 52 September 1977 p.12 De Poorter, Maj with Vicky Getz (UK), Greenpeace International Campaign for Antartic to be a World Park, late 1980s-early 1990s Devanny, Jean BS 98 April 1982 p.47 Dodd, Penny Dogherty, Maretina, Hokianga BS 182 Oct 1990 p.18 Doherty, Barbara, 1982 (2) Donley, Joan (envelope) 1986 Photo Gil Hanly BS April 1986? Joan Donley BS 49 May 1977 p.22, 23, 25 (3) Photos Sandra Coney Joan Donley Dore, Rachel, with art. Photo: Eliza Tepania-Carter Dawling, Liz (2) Drayton, Joy BS84 November 1980 p.17 Duder, Tessa (2) 1988 Photo Gil Hanly BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 p.15 Duncan, Helen, president NZ Education Institute, talks to media following meeting between NZEI, Prime Minister Jim Bolger and Education Minister Lockwood Smith about pay dispute BS 206 Winter/Hotoke 1995 p.46 Dunsford, Cathie BS 113 Sept 1983 p.34 With Fiona Kidman 1989 Photo Gil Hanly ‘Show a lot of leg for the BS collective!’ See also with Jane Zusters Durragh, Judith, artist. Photo Ros Spratt Dyson, Ruth Aug 1990 Auckland launch of Labour Women’s Policy Photo Helen Courtney Folder ‘E’ Eagle, Allie, artist Photo Sandra Coney BS 72 September 1979 p.35 with Te Henga landscape Edmond, Frances, BS 101 Edmond, Lauris (2), one with baby BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985 p.42 Lauris Edmond Photo Robert Cross BS 189 July 1991 p.21, BS 170 July/Aug 1989 p.38 Lauris, Photo Karen August BS 189 July 1991 p.21 At Listener Women’s Book Festival 1992, Photo Gil Hanly Edwards, Mihipeka (2) BS 181 Aug 1990 p.38; BS 181 Sept 1990 p.34 Ellis, Gil (3), author of Playing with the Big Boys, Photo Gil Hanly, negative in envelope BS 174 Deember 1989 p.12 Ellis-Crowther, Vera (3) Photo Camille Guy, BS 42 September 1976 p.17 Else, Anne (4) BS 1995 Koanga/Spring 1992 p.15 1996 1990 Photo Helena Hughes BS 171 Sept 1989 p.20; BS 187 May 1991 p.9; BS 195 Spring 1992 p.15 Editor of Women Together A history of women’s organizations in NZ BS 200 Summer 1993 p.35 Ems, Judith (later Madarasz) BS 92 September 1981 p.30 England, Liz, firefighter (2), Photo NZ Herald and Auckland Star BS 97 March 1982 Ensing, Rienke Erihe, Linda, national secretary of National Council of Maori Nurses, with Mereana Soloman, past president outside Auckland Hospital, BS July/Aug 1985 No. 131.p.42 Evans, Mariama (2) Photo: Gil Hanly Evans, Ripeka (Rebecca) ( With supporters outside Hamilton District Court before sentenced to 120 hours community services for conviction arising from force cancellation of Springbok rugby match at Hamilton 1981 BS 103 October 1982 p.12 With Donna Awatere, Photo Linda Tanoai BS 103 October 1982 p.16 At Bastion Point BS 100 June 1982 p.7 Speaking at XIth festival on Racism & Minorities Commission, Havana Cuba 1978 With group setting out from Bastion Point going to Waitangi Feb 1982 7 day march Photo Gil Hanly BS 103 October 1982 p.14 Ripeka (3) Photo Gil Hanly – one with Donna Awatere (see also under Donna Awatere) BS 103 October 1982 p.13 and cover With Boycott the Treaty banner ‘Ripeka confronts white racism at 1979 United Women’s Convention’ Bs 103 October 1982 p.15 Ewing, Barbara BS 63 October 1978 p.39 Eyre, Maggie (3) BS 82 September 1980 p.18 Folder ‘F’ Fahey, Jacqueline Photo Gil Hanly BS 117 March 1984 p.30 Faitau, Loata, winner of 1980 trainee chef prize, Auckland Technical Institute Photo NZ Herald BS 82 October 1980 p.14 Farr, Jan 1985 Photo Gil Hanly Faulkner, Adrian Ngahiti BS 121 July/August 1984 p.15 Feather, Jacqueline and Rachel, printmakers BS 50 June 1977 p.36 Ffoulkes, Angela Council of Trade Unions, speaking at May Day Rally, Albert Part, 1988 With Lindsay Rae (Finsec)(L) Fisher, Fran BS 80 June 1980 p.18 Fitchett, Sue, 1990 Photo Helen Courtney + contact strip Fitzgerald, Diane BS 27 March 1975 p.39 Fitzsimons, Jeanette, At the recycling centre BS 79 May 1980, p.8 In garden, Photo NZ Herald BS 71 July/August 1979 p.7 Fletcher, Beryl author of The Word Burners Listener Women’s Book Festival, 1991 Photo Judith Macdonald BS 191 Sept 1991 p.38; BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.52 Novelist BS 213 Autumn 1997 p.52 Fletcher, Kathie hugs native free BS Spring 1993 Foley, Liz (3) Railway workshops. Photo Anna Wilson BS 97 March 1982 p.14 Foley, Winky (2) BS 112 September 1983 cover, p.37, with daughter p.36 Ford, Susan, signwriter (2) p.14 Foster, Sue BS 138 April 1986 p.23 Frame, Janet (envelope) Author of An Angel at my table BS Sept 1984 p.39 With her sister Photo NZ Herald In garden, 1983? BS 122 September 1984 p.45 Janet (2), Photo bill Beavis NZ Listener BS 113 Oct 1983 p.43 Women’s Press display of Living in the Maniototo BS 93 October 1981 p.45 At typewriter Photo NZ Herald younger Janet BS 21 September 1974 p.26 Frances, Jocelyn, Ritual Action Group, Wellington, BS 199 Spring 1993, p.43 Fraser, Anne 1984 BS 122 September 1984 p.16 Freeman, Mag BS 63 October 1978 p.30 Friedlander, Marti with Shere Hite, cover BS 59 May 1978 Fuatanga, Naomi with printed fabric, BS 176 March 1990 p.30; BS 1998 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.25 Fulton, Jenny, novelist, BS Summer 1993 p.57 Furmage, Beth took on Bert Walker, Minister of Social Welfare over definition of marriage and had her domestic Purposes Benefit reinstated. With Ros Noonan and Mary Chamberlain Folder ‘G’ Gair, Linda bs 33 October 1975 p.21 Gay, Maxine and Lyn Holland BS 203 Spring 1994 p.36 Giufford, Lynne, Lesbian Teachers, BS 133 October 1985 p.26 Gibson-Hughes, Theodora (2) BS 82 September 1980 p.19 Gill, Jenny Photo Gil Hanly Gilles, Te Pouaraukura Gilmour, Rae, BS 92 September 1981 p.30 Glazebrook, Sue BS 45 December 1976 p.4 Glendining, Danna, with ? and SROW publication on women candidates in local elections with husband. (See also cover and article in BS 178 May 1990, no photos held) Goodger, Kay, BS 24 November 1974 p.2 Grant, Megan Grace, Patricia (7) BS 85 December 1980 p.37 (3) At Titahi Bay 1991 Photo Gil Hanly Promoting Sky People Photo Melanie Church BS 202 Autumn 1994 p.54 BS 202Winter/Hotoke 1994. p.3 Grace, Shirley, photographer Photo Ros Spratt Gracewood, Gemma (3) Photo Rhiannon Caitlin BS 202 Autumn 1994 p.43 Gray, Alison Author of Mothers and Daughters and Springs in my heels etc BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.43 Green, Kaye (2) Photo Sandra Coney BS 45 December 1976 p.5 and BS 39 May1976 p.8 Green, Trudi, singer BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.11 Grey, Janice 1978 Grimsdale, Susan (2) Photo Gil Hanly Graves, Jacky BS Winter/Hoteleke 1995 p.38 Gruar, Shirley BS 88 April 1981 p.36 (see also Shirley Grace) Guthrie, Elly, sailing, BS 86 Jan/Feb 1981 p.15 Folder ‘H’ Haggitt, Ethel and Gertie Tewsley, Cameron Collection, Turnbull Library 24958 1/2 Haldone, Judy, Alliance candidate, Auckland Unemployed Right Centre BS 199 Spring 1993 p.2 Halkyard-Harawira Hilda (4) 1992, Photo Gil Hanly Nov 1982 BS 104 p.5 With her youngest daughter Anika, awarded Danish Peace Foundation prize 987 Photo Gil Hanly BS 150 June/July 1987 p.7 Being arrested, Bastion Point March 1982 Photo NZ Herald BS 101 July Aug 1982 p.31 Reporting from PPANAC steering committee meeting to Te Hui Oranga at Hoani Waititi, 1986 Photo Gil Hanly BS 142 September 1986 p.5 Hall, Cathy Photo Helen Courtney BS December 1989 Hall, Sandi (7) Advertising copywriter, Women’s Documentary Series 1976-77, Photo Margaret Moth BS 52 September 1977 p.17 Sandi Hall collective member BS 81 July/Aug 1980 p.17 Photo Gil Hanly BS 135 Dec 1985 p.44 at Radical Feminist Caucus Wellington 1975, BS 39 May 1976 p.7 With Renée (Taylor) and Doreen Suddens, BS Photo Cathy Code (San Francisco) Photo Gil Hanly Hamilton, Sandra, 4.3.1986 Christchurch Anorexia and Bulimia Aid Group Photo Julie Riley BS 140 June 1986 p.10 Hand, Aroaro, Photo Gil Hanly BS 133 Oct 1985 p.14 Hanly, Gill, Photographer (3) BS 155, Aug/Sept 1987 p.7 (see events 1987 for prize-winning photo ‘Nuclear Umbrella’) Hanna, Sue BS 147 March 1987 p.6 Hansell, Emilina and Dianne Roy, ‘Nurses are worth more’, Photo Gil Hanly, BS 131 July/August 1985, p.39 Harawhira, Titiwhai, Maori rep from NZ describes nuclear threats in South Pacific, Briston March 1985 Photo Dete Mazey + negative Titiwhai Harawhira outside courthouse 26 May 1988 Photo Gil Hanly Harawira, Wena Photo Gil Hanly BS 133 Oct 1985 p.15 Harcourt, Miranda Kaz: a working girl Theatre Corporate 7 June-17 July Photo Nigel Yates BS 142 September 1986 p.43 Harris, Lady Patricia (5) President Abortion Law Reform Association NZ Photo Gretchen Brownhill BS 30 June 1975 p.7 Harris, Jocelyn BS 101 July Aug 1982 p.63 Harrex, Wendy, New Women’s Press. Photo Marti Friedlander BS 103 October 1982 p.10 With daughter Beta, Photo Gil Hanly BS 181 Sept 1990 p.29 Photo Gil Hanly Harvey, Jill Hastings, Sue, British Pay Equity expert Hatherly, Lee, Radical Feminist Caucus, Wellington 1975 Hawke, Sharon, Rahera (Rachel) Hawke, Reni Hawke BS 159 June 1988 p.37 and BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.32 , Photos Gil Hanly Hay, Carole, BS Dec 1991 Hayter, Jo Hercus, Anne, Labour MP and Minister of Women’s Affairs With Marilyn Waring 1979 (2) 1993, with the 1893 suffrage petition Photo Ray Pigney NZ Newspapers BS 74 November 1979 p.2; also BS 150 June/July 1987 p.4 Hellyar, Christine, exhibition at New Vision Gallery 1979 Photo NZ Herald BS 74 November 1979 p.35 Henderson, Ruth Photo Helen Courtney BS August 1990 Heremaia, Mei Photo Gil Hanly Herzog, Christine, May 1991 Hick, Colleen Photo Gil Hanly Hill, Frankie, see with Belinda Trainor Hinds, Pauline, Women’s Forum Dunedin (See also women’s alcohol support group article BS 155 Jan/Feb 1988 p.9) Te Hira, Ngaire, Photo Gil Hanly Hitching, Alix BS 207 Spring 1995 p.11 Hockley, Debbie, cricketer, BS March 1986 Hodgkins, Frances (2) BS 22 September 1974 p.23 On back of Theatre Corporate programme Hollis-McLeod, Sally Holt, Barbara BS 40 Jun e1976 p.15 Holt, Mrs, Everett-Orr Home, Allendale Rd, Auckland, Photo Gil Hanly Hood, Marie, Photo Andrienne Martyn (childe) BS 24 November 1974 p.29 Hope, Lynne BS 58 April 1978 p.16 Photo Sharyn Black Horncy, Pam, dental nurse (2) Horne, Anna, finishing building ‘Friendship’ Photo Gil Hanly BS 165 Jan/Feb 1989 p.10 Howard, Mabel, Labour MP 1943-69, first woman Cabinet Minister, for Health and Child Welfare. Hulme, Keri (envelope) (3) 1989 Photo Gil Hanly BS 173 November 1989 p.14-15 (2) 1985, lecture in Auckland Photo Gil Hanly At Okarito, BS 121 July/Aug 1984 p.17 1984 Launching The Bone People, Photo Evening Post BS 121 July/Aug 1984 p.18; BS Jan/Feb 1984her home at Okarito BS 121 July/Aug 1984 p.19 Humphries, Flo, unionists Hunter, Alexis, artist, with Lisa Sabbage (Broadsheet Collective) Photo Gil Hanly BS 172 October 1989 p.21 Hunter, Pat, Sappho Women’s Work Collective (2) Photo Gil Hanly? Hyde, Robin (Iris Wilkinson) (3) Bs 21 September 1974, p.25; BS 126 Jan/Feb 1985 p.25 Hyman, Prue, Herspective Folder ‘I’ Ip, Manying (3), at launch of her book Home Away from Home. Photo Gil Hanly BS 180 Aug 1990 p.21 Irwin, Kathie (4), 1990 Photo Gil Hanly BS 182 Oct 1990 p.21 Kathie Cameron-Chemis (Irwin) with Joanna Topper, Women’s Studies Conference, Palmerston North 1982 Irwin, Mary, Positive Action Self-Defence of Aotearoa – BS 191 Summer 1991 p.7 with Liz Stewart at self defence gathering, BS 139 May 1985 p.9 Folder ‘J’ Jackson, Hana Jackson, Leonie, September 1977, First female apprentice painter 1977 Photo NZ Women’s Weekly BS 83 October 1980 p.15 Jaggard, Maureen James, Naomi, solo around-the-world sailor BS 71 July/August 1979 p.32 Meets Princess Ann, July 1978 Jason-Smith, Kate, actor BS p.47 Jeffrey, Sheila, author of The idea of prostitution visits NZ, Women’s Bookshop 6 April Jelicich, Dorothy, MP (3 + contact sheet) Photo Lorraine McArthur BS 37 March 1976 p.13 Jesson, Joce (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS 130 June 1985 p.18 (see also Joce Brown) BS 101 July Aug 1982 p.46 Jillsun, Carol (Broadsheet Collective) Photo Gil Hanly Jones, Alison – see with Maryan Street Jones, Gwenyth BS 21 September 1974 p.22 Jones, Margaret (2) Photo Diane Quinn BS 112 September 1983 p.29 at May Day rally, Albert Park 1988, Photo Gil Hanly BS 159 June 1988 p.10; BS 112 p.26 at Nambassa, 1979 with Shereen Maloney BS 112 September 1983 p.26 insert in photo of mother at demonstration of unemployment 1934 BS 112 September 1983 p.28 Jones, Tessa (Dr) (3) 1979 BS 69 May 1979 p.24, 25 Folder ‘K’ Kahukiwa, Robyn (3) (1) Photo Gil Hanley (2) Bowel Gallery, Wellington 6 April 1985 (2) Photo Janet Bayley BS 109 April 1983 p.25; BS 112 September 1983 p.10 Karahaia, Kara Kaye, Linda Ruth – see Linda Daly-Peoples Keall, Judy, MP With Fran Wilde, MP Photo Gil Hanly (2) In Aotea Square at housing demonstration, and talking to Angela Maynard Photo Gil Hanly Kearney, Celine (3) Photos Gil Hanly, one with Shirley Burton Kedgley, Sue (2) BS 43 October 1976 p.6, 7 also BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.65 Sue Kedgley BS 31 July 1975 p.28 Keene, Florence, historian and writer BS 24 November 1974 p.19 Keepa, Sandra, with Adrienne at Kohanga Reo, Kauri Glen Northcote BS 183 Dec 1990 p. 21 Photo Gil Hanly Keighley, Margare, check-out workers (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS 131 July./Aug 1985 p.30 Keith, Sheridan (2) With child and Rita Angus photo, BS 108 April 1983 p.22 BS 187 May 1991 p.20 photo Gil Hanly – contact sheet includes Shonagh Keogh Kelsey, Jane, Law professor, University of Auckland 1990, Photo Helen Courtney (3) Workshop at Women & Economics Seminar, 11 September 1988 Photo Gil Hanly Kemp, Jan (3) BS 22 September 1974 p.16; BS 42 September 1976 p.30;; BS 78 April 1980 p.33 Kendall, Barbara wind surfer BS 210 Winter Hotoke 1996 p.45 (6) with her children Bs Oct 1984 Kenny, Jenny and Jenny Isle, carpenters, Canterbury Women’s Employment Trust BS 165 January/February 1989 p.4 Keogh, Shonagh BS Oct 1984 p.16 also on contact strip at Women’s Bookshop see Sherida Keith above Kidman, Fiona BS Aug/Sept 1989 Photo Gil Hanly (4) one with Lauris Edmond, At Auckland Women’s Book Festival) Photo Gil Hanly BS 163 November 1988 p.35 BS 75 Dec 1979 p.34; BS 117 March 1984 p.38 Kilty, Robyn, artist Photo Gil Hanly BS Jan/Feb 1991 No.184 p.39 King, Annette, MP 1989 (3) Photo Gil Hanly MP Horowhenua BS 122 Sept 1987 p.17 King, Polly, winning the women’s interprovincial stylemaster golf tournament 3 May 1984 Photo NZ Herald Kingston, Fanaura Kirby, Georgina with Pat Kipping from Broadsheet,BS 182 October 1990 p. 5 Photo Helen Courtney Te Koanga Festival director with Arapera Blank, writer and convenor of literary and music performance With Pat Turner, organiser, Pacific Arts Festival, Townsville, Australia. 1988 Photo Gil Hanly Kirk, Jenny, MP Birkenhead Knight, Sheila with Duncan BS 56 January 1978 p.24 Koea, Shonagh (10) 1993 at her Kingsland home, Photo Karen Wood Koopu, Areta Photo Margaret Kawharu Kudiak, Marika and Bronwen Rodde, mechanics, Caterbury Women’s Employment Trust, BS 165 January/February 1989 p.4 Box 50 New Zealand women, L-Z Folder ‘L’ Lander, Maureen Lapsley, Hilary (Haines) Larkin, Linn (Williamson) Photo Anthea Sommerville-Shaw BS Summer 1995 p.12 Laurence, Glenda (1991) Photo Helen Courtney Herspective BS 189 July 1991 p.2 Laurie, Alison , North Terrance gay scene 1961 BS 134 November 1985 p.26 (see also BS 135) Lee, Sandra, Alliance MP for Central Auckland and Deputy Leader of the Party Leslie who has MS BS 199 Spring 1993 p.30 L’Estrange, Maryanne, BS 148 April 1987 p.23 Liggins, Sally and family BS204 Sumer/Raumati 1994 p.34 Little, Jenny BS 184 Jan/Feb 1991 Herspective p.2 Locke, Else and daughter Maire Leadbeater 1988 Photo Gil Hanly Elsie, BS Sept 1984 p.13 Elsie and Maire BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.6 Photo Vanya Lowry Lomas, Annabel, BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.25 Louise, Sue Photo Gil Hanly Lowry, Vanya at Red Beach, aged ca.7 Photo her grandfather Cornes, aged ca.27 Photo Gerhard Rosenberg Lynne, Vivien BS 84 November 1980 p.35 Lytollis, Sue (5) BS 110 June 1983 p.10, various self defence photos Folder ‘Mc” McAlpine, Rachel, writer (4) 1974 BS Dec 1976; BS 58 April 1978 p.33; BS 78 April 1980 p.32 BS May 1986 BS Jan/Feb 1991 p.33, Photo Gil Hanley McCarroll, Rosaleen, Christchurch Press columnist McCathy, Pat, filmmaker, Photographer (2) Photo Gil Hanly BS 181September 1990 p.11 McCartin, Dierdre, filmmaker (2) BS 36 January 1976, p.37; BS p.7 Dierdre McCartin, filmmaker, taken at same time BS 27 March 1975 p.31 See also Women’s Groups: Filmmakers McCombs, Elizabeth, first woman MP in NZ, Member for Lyttelton Sept 1933-June 1935 McCulloch, Allison (2), Photo Gil Hanly McCurdy, Claire-Louise, Broadsheet Collective member Photo NZ Herald BS 86 Jan/Feb 1981 p.34 McDiarmid, Bunny, Photo Fernanda Baptista (the Rainbow Warrior photographer bombed) BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.34 MacDonald, Charlotte, historian (2) BS May 1990 BS Nov/Dec 1990 p.39 Photo Gil Hanly McDonald, Geraldine (5) (4) Photo Gil Hanly BS 146 Jan/Feb 1987 p.18, 21 and cover BS 57 March 1978 p.9 McDonald, Ginette – ‘Lyn of Tawa’ BS 208 Summer 1995 p.26 McDowell, Te Aroha BS 100 June 1982 p.32 1982 Photo Diane Quinn 1985 BS 130 June 1985 MacFarlane, Anne Photo Gil Hanly 1980 Broadsheet Collective member, BS 81 July/August 1980 p.16 McKay, Anne McKibbin, Janette BS 197 Autumn 1993 p.63 McLeish, Heather (3) Broadsheet Collective member BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.19 McLeod, Rosemary – see with Dale Williams McNaughton, Trudy, BS 171 September 1989 p.26 1992 Women’s Book Festival Suffrage Breakfast – Sue Bradford behind her, Pat Rosier second from right Photo Gil Hanly McNamara, Madeline, actor. As Julia in Lesbians and the Law video by Lorae Parry BS 211 Spring/Koanga 1996 p.55 in Frontwomen BS 184 January/February 1991 MacPherson, Heather (2) photo Sue Sullivan 29.9.1986 contact strip and negatives BS 144 Nov 1986 p.43 McQueen, Cilla (3) reading poetry in Ponsonsby Auckland Photo Gil Hanly McRae, Elizabeth as Edith in Return Journey directed by Shereen Maloney, produced by Hibiscus Films BS 142 Sept 1985 p.46 In Secrets by Renée Folder ‘M’ Mackay, Lesley, BS 202 Autumn 1994 p.7 Maddison, Julie BS 53 October 1977 p.7 Maignot, Annie after being expelled from Tahiti Photo Gil Hanly Maloney, Shereen, director of Return Journey, produced by Hibiscus Film Photo Hibiscus Films BS 145 Dec 1986 p.42 Maniapoto, Moana (Maniapoto-Jackson) BS 182 October 1990 p.16 Photo Gil Hanly (2) With Irirangi Aotearoa women Hinerangi Luckmand and Linda Clark BS 182 Sept 1990 p.15 17 Photo Gil Hanly (6) cover Listener Women’s Book Festival 1992 Photo Gil Hanly WEA Publicity, BS 176 March 1990 p.34 Maniapoto, Moana (a different one), in Whanau Room National Women’s Hospital Greenlane Photo Gil Hanly Martin, Betsan BS 206 Winter/Hotoke 1995 p.35 Manapouri, Tupou, Hilary College, Manukau City Council 1983-1986 BS 144 November 1986 p. 28 Photo Gil Hanly Marie, Gillian with Rosalind Sherrard Photo Sylvie Beauregards BS 79 May 1980 p.28 Marks, Maiki BS 113 October 1983 p.12 Martyn, Adrienne Mataira, Katarina (2) in new Maori primary school Hoani Waititi marae Photo Gil Hanly Mead, Aroha Photo Gil Hanly BS 133 Oct 1985 p.14 Meikle, Phoebe Michalka, Ana, Pila Alba’s daughter Photo Margot Nash BS 36 January 1976 p.23 Mihi, Waatara speaking at Waitangi Tribunal submissions at Orakei Photo Gil Hanly BS 131 July./August 1985 p.11 Mikaere, Whaitere (2) At Aotea Square after Waitangi march, 5 February Photo Gil Hanly Millen, Julia 1985 BS 140 June 1986 p.27 BS Jan/Feb 1985 p.37 Mills, Colleen Photo NZ Herald Mills, Sally of Trend Travel, BS 80 June 1980 p.17 Photo Shirley Gruar Milne, Deirdre, 1979 BS 77 March 1980 p.12; BS 72 September 1979 p.29 Minhinnick, Nganeko, Ngati Te Ata, Photo Gil Hanly Flax planting (3) BS 188 June 1991 p.22 Carmen Kirkwood, Nganeko Minhinick, Tiraha Karena, Te Puea Doola (2) ‘Shaking Up Local Bodies’, p.25 BS 144 November 1986 Also in Events 1986 Local Bodies Conference Minnitt, Leigh B 83 October 1980 p.9; BS 84 November 1980 p.25; BS 130 June 1985 p.4 Minolta, Paddy Photo Marti Friedlander Mita, Merata, with Betty William Waitangi 1984 Photo Gil Hanly in the film Utu BS July Aug 1983 BS 111 July/Aug 1983 p.22 (3) June 1983 Photo Gil Han BS Jan/Feb 1983 p.20; BS 124 November 1984 p.15; BS 112 September 1983 p.42; BS 111 July/Aug 1983 p.23 With others on location BS 124 November 1984 p.14 Moon, Margaret 1989/90 BS 176 March 1990 p.14; BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.8 Morgan, Kamiria BS 123 October 1984 p.26 (3) Morris, Jenny, singer May 1989; BS 172 Oct 1989 p.35 Morrison, Sarah, with Janette. Bs 128 April 1985 p.25 Muirhead, Ellie, cyclist Photo Shirley Gruar (3)+ contact sheet Muldoon, Robert PM, on a donkey with baby BS 42 September 1976 p.7 [too good to discard!] Folder ‘N’ Nairn, Mitzi BS 185 March 1991 p.27 Photo Gil Hanly Neal, Leonie (trans), photo and contact sheet Photo Gil Hanly BS 176 March 1990 p.16 With Lynda p.17 Neal, Sue (2) BS Dec 1982 p.12, p.24; BS 82 Neave, Rosemary BS 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.30 With child, 30 With (R-L) Ann Taylor, Karena Way and partner, p.30 Rosemary Neave, Mitzi Nairn, Ngaire Brader, Women for Peace & Justice, peace group based at Presbyterian Services, Newmarket BS 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.29 Nehua, Deirdre Nelson, Debbie, duathlete, BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.41 Neuman, Yoka BS 134 November 1985 p.20 Newton, Karen, Photo Roz Spratt BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.14 Nichol, Myra (4), ‘Lov ya mower’, BA 156 April 1988 p.7 Photo Gil Hanly Nigro, Jan Photo NZ Herald BS 22 September 1974 p.26 Nixon, Gail Noble, Ann, photographer BS 50 June 1977 p.37 Nohorangi, Amiria Romai (Tauranga Moana) Photo Ripeka Evans BS 120 June 1984 p.21 Noonan, Rosslyn (envelope) Beyond Anzus conference 16-18 June 1984 (20 Photo Gil Hanly; one with Joan Coxsedge; Rosslyn only used in BS 122 Sept 1984 p.14 3 on couch and with painting BS 113 Oct 1983 p.10; BS 82 September 1980 p.23 p.8 Photo Liz Brook Norman, Waereti, (Ngati Kuri, Te Aupori) ARA Northern Maori seat 1986, BS 144 November1986 p.31 Nuttall, Pam, BS 80 June 1980 p.10 Folder ‘O’ Oakenstar, Jess Hawk at Mary Irwin and Hilz King’s home, Feb 1993 BS 197 Autumn 1993 p.56 Photo Lisa Howard-Smith O’Connell, Therese Photo Kate Jason-Smith (2) BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.36 O’Connor, Janice,(2) BS 38 April 1976 p.15.16 Photo Sandra Coney O’Hagan, Mary BS 140 June 1986 p.17 O’Neill, Sharon, South Pacific Television caption: Saron O’Neill apprears in the Good times Sounds ‘1979 Female Singers’ special on Friday 8 February O’Regan, Katherine, MP (National) 1984 Photo NZ Herald with family? Head shot from this in BS 122 Sept 1984 p.15 O’Regan, Mary BS 122 September 1984 p.13 O’Regan, Pauline BS 143 Oct 1986 p.41, Photo courtesy Allen & Unwin Orme, Judy outside her room at the Laura Ferguson Trust Photo Gil Hanly BS 139 May 1986 p.33 Folder ‘P’ Palmer, Margaret Photo Di Cadwallader BS 86 Jan/Feb 1981 p.16 Papali Mona BS 133 Oct 1985 p.13 Photo Gil Hanly Raewyn Parks, nurse, Photo Gil Hanly Parker, Pauling and Juliet Hulme (who killed Pauline’s mother wihta brick in a stocking in Christchurch) BS 195 Koanga/Spring 1992, p.55 Panaho, Joy, BS 132 September 1985 p.42 Parkin, Jane, Editor, Bridget Williams Books. BS Sept 1990 Parry, Lorae, actor, writer. BS 200 Summer 1993 p.51 Lorae Parry, actor. ‘Lesbians and the Law’, Resource Kit review BS No.211 earlier photo with long hair and striped tights, BS 34 November 1975 p.20 Photo Kate Jason Smith Parsons, Anne, Photo Angela Middleton BS 31 July 1975 p.34 Penfold, Meremere, Trinh Minh Ha, Marita Mita, Anne Salmond Petersen, Nancy, Photo Sandra Coney BS p.22 Phillips, Bryony (3), with flute BS 80 June 1980 p.35 Phillips, Jenny BS 115 December 1983 p.22 Phillips, Nerida, trapeze artist (Alex Woodley’s partner) BS 209 Autumn Ngahuru 1996 p.39 Pihama, Leonie and Glynis Parata, Listener Women’s Book Festival 1992, Te Taumata readings, Photo Gil Hanly Poananga, Atareta (4), Aug 1981, Photo Janet Bayly also used BS 132 Sept 1985 p.27; one with Haumaui Key-Trask used BS 133 October 18983 p.8; one against brick wall used BS 92 September 1981 p.34 Pond, Wendy BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.22 Photo Jane Zuster Pond- Eyley, Claudia Photo Sandra Coney BS 213 Autumn 1997 p.16 Banner production for the Peace Flotilla BS Autumn 1997 p.28, p.19 Painting mural, Mt Eden Day Care Centre (2) photo Gil Hanly 1981 A different print from this session in BS 109 April 1984 p.15 See also Broadsheet Collective folders for Clausia painting a mural in the BS Offices Poncho, Joy (’Women Alone’) Poole, Eva, Deputy Mayor of Invercargill and Chair of the city council’s inance committee at mayoral reception for a visiting Japanese badminton team Porszolt, Vivienne, unionist BS 101 July/Aug p.48 Potiki, Janet, Photo Nicky Brown, BS 143 Oct 1986 p.39 Potter, Leteia, author of Women in Midlife, Photo Gil Hanly Poulter, Leah, clarinettist, Photo Sand Mall, BS 54 November 1977 p.19 Pountney, Charmaine (8), principal of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School at the Centennial celebrations Photo Gil Hanly Leaving Auckland Girls’ BS 165 Jan/Feb 1989 p.21 Preston, Robin with Lex Ellis, BS 131 July August 1985 p.45 Priestley, Pip BS 101 July/Aug 1982 p.22 Proudfoot, Philippa and Ros Cooper, BS 81 July/August 1980 p.9 Folder ‘R’ Rafkin, Louise BS 112 July/Aug 1983 p.7 Rands, Sylvia BS 178 May 1990 p.36 Rangihuna, Diana (Mana) during national secondary schools’ softball championships, Hangere 7 April 1984 Photo NZ Herald Rankine, Jenny (2), BS 81 July/Aug 1980 p.17 1988 Rata, Rena (centre) and members of the Maori Women’s support Group visit Stella and new baby BS Oct 1985 p.19 Raymond, Cherry (1970s NZ Women’s Weekly feminist columnist, broadcaster); BS 205 Autumn/Ngahura 1995 p.57 (see also BS 77 March 1980 p.16 but no photos) Rea, Lindsay Rea (L), Finsec with Angela Ffoulkes, NZCTU BS 107 March 1983 p.28 Reid, Melanie, filmmaker 1983 Regan, Mary as Alison in Return Journal directed byShereen Maloney produced by Hibiscus Films BS Dec 1986 p.43 Renée (envelope) (3) BS 114 November 1983 p.9, p.11 Photo Lee Harris BS 181 Sept 1990 p.36 With Hester Joyce Photo Gil Hanly BS 130 June 1985 p.45 Photo Gerard O’Brien BS 186 April 1991 p.39 Photo Sandra Coney Reneti Matarena with Stanley Roche Photo Rea Ropiha, BS 155 cover December 1983 Rewhiti, Debbie (2), BS 133 Oct 1985 p.12 Photo Gil Hanly Rewini, Billie, weightlifter (4) BS 141 July/Aug 1986 p.32, 33 Rewiti, Tumanako (Aunty Hope) of Orakei Pa, Tamaki Makaurau BS 193 Autumn/Ngahuru 1992 p.51 (see also BS 103 October 1982 p.27) Richardson, Ruth, MP, Minister of Finance, National govt, speaking to group in Titirangi after paint-throwing incident Photo Gil Hanly BS 1992 No.195 p.39 National Party candidate, Selwyn Rickard, Eva (3), Photo Ineke Springer With Rangimarie Delamere in Mauri directed by Herata Mita BS 172 October 1989 p.28 Ritchie, Jane Photo Gil Hanly Roberts, Heather June 1989 Photo Roger Shepherd BS 171 Sept 1989 p.24 Roberts, Helen, Family Planning Association medical spokesperson Robertson, Grace (envelope) At PPANAC office, Otara Photo Gil Hanley Pacific People’s Anti-Nuclear Action Coalition 1984 Photo Gil Hanly 1983 BS 106 January/Feb (2) p.10 (3) Grace, Grace with Sharon Roberson, Phto Gil Hanly Roche Stanley with Reneti Matarena Photo Rea Ropiha, BS 155 cover December 1983 Rock, Cissy, BS Oct 1983 Ronnie, Mary 1976 Direcotr National Library Wellington Rapata, Henata Mary, BS June 1983 Ropata, Hariata May, sculptor, carver with Hapu Wahine 1982, rimu Bs 110 Jun e1983 p.25 Rosier, Pat, at women’s Midlife Seminar Rosier-Jones, Joan, author BS Nov 1987 p.87 Photo Albert Sword Roth, Janet, President Auckland University Students Association 1978-1979 BS 70 June 1979 p.14; BS 71 July/August 1971 p.5 Roth, Margot, columnist ‘Gripes of Roth’ + contact sheet Rupa, Madrika (back left) with Helen Warren and her (their ) daughter Mandy BS Dec 1989 Photo Helen Courtney Russell, Marcia, editor of Thursday, BS 27 March 1975 p.6 ‘Folder ‘S’ St John, Hattie, singer Lisa Sabbage (3), March 1992 Photo Karen Woods Lisa Sabbage 1990 Photo Helen Courtney Lisa Sabbage (2) - see also Broadsheet Collective Saphira, Miriam, earlier Miriam Jackson, see also Broadsheet Collective photos Saphira, Mirian (4) Photos Gil Hanly BS 152 October 1987 p.22 Saphira, Miriam, author of Amazon Mothers, with Nicola 1983 Photo Kiane Quinn BS 116 Jan/Feb 1984 p.22; Sept 1984 p.38; (see also Miriam Jackson) Miriam Saphira, BS 106 Jan/February 1983 p.7 Photo Ineke Sprengers 2 other photos and a strip of 3 Jackson, Miriam (later Saphira) Photo Sandra Coney BS January 1977 p.9 BS 71 July/August 1979 p.34 4 older photos, the oval ones used in BS 20 July 1974 p.17 Miriam Saphira with Healther McPherson and Rape Crisis Group, Tauranga 1989 Savage, Donna, lead singer of Dead Famous People at Mangawhai Women’s Music Festival Photo Louise Cuthbert BS 148 April 1987 p.5 Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Miriama, co-ordinator of WEA Auckland Photo Gil Hanly July 1990 Scott, Rosie, NZ Novelist, writer (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS 179 June/July 1990 p.31 Seule, Juliet – see Juliet Batten Sewell, Liz BS 53 October 1977 p.10 Seymour, Roemary, founder of Women’s Studies, University of Waikato and Women’s Studies Association (NZ) Shanley, Nicola, cartoonist BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.45 + ‘I am vanity herself’ cartoon Sharp, Audrey Photo Gil Hanly August 1990 Saunders, Joan BS 134 p.12 Searanke, Sandy (2) Seideburg, E. Shawyer, Joss (Council for the Single Mother and her Child) Photo Adrienne Childe BS 26 January 1975 p.4 (4) Author of Death by Adoption. Photo Sandra Coney BS 71 July/Aug 1979 p.19; BS 77 March 1980 p.13 (3) 1979 p.19 CSMC Photo Sandra Coney BS 77 March 1980 p.13 Shaw, Adrienne shearing an angora goat, Swanson NZ Herald 23.3.83 Sheat, Cathie and Tracy Arnold, ‘Lesbians and the law’ BS 211 Sheffield, Meg 1985 (2) Photo Gil Hanly Shepheard, Carole (2), BS p.45 Sheppard, Kate (3) 19th century feminist/suffragist, Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Photos Auckland Public Library BS p.17 and BS Summer 1993 No.200 cover Shields, Margaret MP (envelope)(6) (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS p.10 Photo Auckland Star At United Women’s Convention 1973 Shipley, Jenny, MP (National), Minister of Social Welfare, BS 1986 April 1991 p.21; later, Prime Minister BS Summer 1993 No.200 cover; BS 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.40 Minister of Health, Bs Summer/Raumati 1994 p.40 Shipley, Susan, social researcher, author of Women’s Employment and Unemployment, SCROW, 1982 Photo Janet McCallum Simmons, Joan (b. USA, d.NZ) BS p. 26 Simpson, Jenny (2), Inglewood County Council 1980-1986, elected mayor of Inglewood 1986 BS 144 November 1986 p.29 Sinclair, Mary Photo South Pacific Photos, Wellington BS p.12 Siulepa, Peta (4) BS 78 April 1980 p.14-16 Slater, Mary Smith, Bidge, Auckland University Students Assn (2), Photo Gil Hanly Smith, Cristeen, para-Olympic (3), playing quad rugby BS 197 Autumn 1993 p.44x Smith, Ellie as Piaf, Downstage, Wellington BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.47 Smith, Jan Smith, Joan Smith, Marie Smith, Matafetu (2) with fine mats, by Aotearoa Moananui a Kiwa Weavers exhibition BS 165 January/February 1989 Smithers, Elizabeth, at launch of First Blood, Auckland, August 1983 Photo Gil Hanly Sophie, ‘Guide Sophie’, Whakarewarewa, survivor or Tarawhera eruption Spencer-Bower, Olivia Photo Christchurch Press BS 196 Jan/Feb 1983 p.42 Stachurski, Christina, theatre director, 1992 BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.54 Stafford, Dorothy Stanton, Frances, (3) BS 46 January 1977 p.8 Wellington 1975-6 Stilletto-Boot, Rosalie, lead singer of the All Stars Stirling, Amira, Hui Waahine, April 1984 Photo Ripeka Evans BS June 1984 South, Roanne, author with Cath Tizard mayor at Auckland Town Hall Solomon, Mere Photo Gil Hanly Stout, Roanne Street, Maryan (envelope) At opening of the University of Auckland Labour Studies Dept, 1 May 1991 (2) Photo Gil Hanly Bs 168 May 1989 p.27; BS 170 July/Aug 1989 With Alison Jones (4) Labour Studies Unit and Author of The Scarlet Runners: Women and Industrial Action 1889-1913 BS 200 Summer 1993 p.58 Photos Gil Hanly BS 188 June 1991p.19 With Margaret Wilson and Sandi Beattie (3) BS 166 March 1989 p.9 Suddens, Doreen 1985(2) Broadsheet Collective member Photo Gil Hanly Sutherland, Margaret, Author of Second Hand Children. Photo Gil Hanly Svensson, Carin Photo Geoff Steven Swan, Dianne, singer, member of ‘When the Cat’s Away’ Szaszy, Mira (envelope)(14) Mira Szasay at the MWA Women’s Forum, Auckland 1984 BA Jan/Feb 1985 Speaking at Peace Day, Aotea Sq, 24 May 1983 114 November 1983 Photo Gil Hanly p.12 – also with Sue Abel (2) At Nga Tapuwai college Nov 1983 Photo Gil Hanly With Margaret Mead, United Women’s Convention, Wellington 1975 BS 32 September 1975 p.7; BS 112 Sept 1983 p.34; BS 101 July Aug 1982 p.52 (3) At United Women’s Convention Auckland Sept 1973 With Barbara Goodman (Mayoress of Auckland), Meremere Penfold, United Women’s Convention 1973 BS Nov 1983; BS 114 November 1983 p.14 In a piupiu and In netball team BS 112 Sept 1983 p.34 Folder ‘T’ Takle, Danen BS 92 September 1981 p.42 Tamihana, Shirley, Broadsheet Collective (3) Tao, Chrise BS 152 Oct 1987 p.25 Tarver, Rachel BS 57 March 1978 p.13 Tawhara, Wiki, Maori activist BS 75 December 1979 p.24 Taylor, Jo, coordinator Trade Union Resource Centre (2), Photo Gil Hanly BS 188 June 1991 p.5 Te Awekokuku, Ngahuia, (envelope) + negatives 1992 BS Autumn 1992 p.7 Photo Gil Hanly With cat, BS 192 Summer 1991-2 p.51; BS 174 December 1989 Photo Gil Hanly, BS 168 May 1989 p.17, p.18 just head and shoulders used of photo with Nancy Petersen With Sharon Alston [With for, ‘Separatist household, Summer St 1977’, BS 174 Dec 1989 p.17, and as toddler, returned to Ngahuia by request] Te Puea Herangi (Princess) Print, Note on bottom: ‘I’ve written to Turangawaewae fo rpermission to use these photos. I’d like a small margin photo, preferably of Te Puea and child, but would also like to use the 2 reclining women.’ Te Puea aged 14; 1897. Turnbull Library 22321 ¼ BS 56 December 1977 p.36 Te Puea at Turangawaewae Marae, Ngaruawahia, late 1920s. Turnbull Library 22319 ¼ BS 56 December 1977 p.37 Te Puea after getting CBE March 1938 BS 55 December 1977, p.35, p.37, CBE photo also used BS 49 May 1977 p.29 Te Puea with child, Photo Auckland Institute and Museum, p.77 Thomas Jo and Verity Thom, Presbyterian Social Services Alcohol and Drug Dependency Service Photo Gil Hanly BS 189 July 1991 p.29 Thomas, Mary, BS 96 Jan/Feb 1982 p.31 Thompson, Isobel, Photo Gil Hanly Thomson, Sarah, Cancer Society of NZ and Women Against Tobacco (later Diabetes NZ) BS 199 Spring 1993 p.46 Turnbull, Lynley, librarian, and Janice Antill, researchers, National Art Gallery BS 69 April 1979 p.9 Thomson, Maureen Thomson, Margaret BS 207 Spring/Koanga 1995 p.62 Tia, Anna, prison visitor, foster mother of 16, founder of Auckland Community Centre BS 131 July/August 1985, p.50 Tillott, Margaret Dr (4), Medical Director Family Planning Assn Photo Sandra Coney BS38 April 1976 p.23 Tirikatene-Sullivan, Whetu, Labour MP, Southern Maori (2) Photo Auckland Star Photo Kate Jason-Smith Titcombe, Kerry, 1500m race, BS 167 April 1989 p.14 Tizard, Catherine Mayor of Auckland, Governor General Candidate for Mayoral election, Auckland, Photo NZ Herald BS 82 September 1980 p.22 BS 122 September 1984 p.15 BS 77 March 1980 p.15 Topp Twins (envelope) (22 ) – mainly 1980s? – see also Events (esp 1977, 1984) Jools in action at Art Auction BS 173 Dec 1890, 16 on Great Gypsy Caravan tour, BS 196 March 1989 p.34; BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.27 Torrens, Shirley + contact sheet BS 86 Jan/Feb 1981 p.15 Tourell, Eileen Trainor, Belinda ( R) with Frankie Hill, BS 144, November 1986 p.7 Tuck, Annie, Photo Sandi Hall, BS 52 September 1977 p.13 Turner, Mary, Te Atiawa, weaving of Te Atiawa, Awae Marae, Waitara, Feb/March 1984. Photo Fiona Clark BS May 1984 pp.23-25. Folder ‘U-V’ Uma, with Miriam Saphira(2) BS 107 March 1983 p.18 Urlich, Margaret, singer BS 185 March 1991 p.43 Verspagen, Winnie, unionists, shop steward at NZ Motor Corp, Bsw p.28 Folder ‘W’ Waata, Mandy, Hokianga BS 182 Oct 1990 p.19 [not in W file - ?] Wakem, Beverley, Dec 1974, Photo Bill Beavis BS 28 April 1975 p.39 Walters, Waiareti, (4) Photo Gil Hanly With 2 others + negatives Waring, Marilyn, MP (National), writer, goat farmer, policy lecturer, BS November 1976 Photo Sandra Coney Also used BS 132 September 1985 p.48 At Abortion Conference 1976, Photo Sandra Coney BS 42 September 1976 p.13 Photo Sharyn Black BS 66 January 1979 p.11 Warner, Kirsten (2) At United Women’s convention 1973, Photo Press Photo Service Waterlow, Charlotte, Photo Gil Hanly BS 135 Dec 1985p.7 Watson, Ana Watson, Helen, PPTA, Feminist Teachers (Sandra Coney’s sister) (envelope) Capping photo (4) Photo Shirley Gruar BS 78 April 1980 p.27 BS Oct 1985 Photo Gil Hanly Watson, Jean, writer BS p.39 Watson, Jean Weaver, Gillian with dog Max, BS 199 Spring 1993 p.28 Photo Lisa Howard-Smith Weeks, Hilary, Photo NZ Herald BS 95 December 1981 p.38 Wernham, Helen (Pat Rosier’s daughter) BS 209 Autumn Ngahuru 1996 p.40 Wharekawa, Jan, Polynesian women in TV, Photo Gil Hanly With Gemma Photo Gil Hanly BS 133 Oct 1985 p.12 White, Robin BS 114 October 1983 p.42 Wilde, Fran, MP Photo Auckland Star BS 96 Jan/Feb 1982 p.11 1987 Photo Gil Hanly 1986, Photo Gil Hanly 2 more, Photo Gil Hanly Williams, Bridget, publisher (2) Photo The Dominion BS Sept 1990 With Beatrice Parsons, Photo Jocelyn Carlin BS 132 September 1985 p.11 Williams, Dale with Rosemary McLeod Williams, Lewis, Photo Gil Hanly Williams, Linda, Fertility Action, 208 Ponsonby Rd, Photo Gil Hanly BS 170 July/August p.11 Williams, Lyndsay, Photo Anna Wilson BS No.99 Wilson, Catherine, Deputy Leader, NZ Values Party, September 1975 (2) BS 75 December 1979 p.22 Wilson, Margaret, Law lecturer, MP, Minister of Labour (envelope) With Raewyn Dalziel, historian 1989, (3) Photo Gil Hanly BS 173 Nov 1989 p.26, 27 At May Day Rally 1986, Photo Gil Hanly May Day 1985., Photo Gil Hanly With Jim Knox, May Day 1985 Aotea Square Auckland Photo Gil Hanly Ca. 1984 Photo: Diane Quinn BS 123 October 1984 (2) cover and p.10 1st United Women’s Convention Auckland September 1973 Photo Sandra Coney BS 39 May1986 p.8 Windeter, Zoe, (2) BS June p.42 Woodley, Alex, Broadsheet Collective member Herspective BS 186 p.2 Woodley, Anne, ‘Mountain to sea’ (Alex’s sister) BS 207 Sprin/Koanga 1995 p.30 Worsley, Alice, Broadcaster (after her last show) (4) (2 with Tim Shadbolt) Photo Gil Hanly Worters, Jude Wright, Lynne, Photo Gil Hanly Rumatiki Wright, at Maori Women’s Welfare League Conference, Wellington Sept BS Dec 1984 p.37 Folder ‘YZ’ Young, Anne (3) At Independent Inc in specially designed kitchen that can be run from a wheelchair Photo Gil Hanly BS 139 May 1985 p.31 Yvonne, Meryl (Lesbian Nurses ) 1984 Photo Gil Hanly BS 131 July/Aug 1985 p.46 Zuster, Jane, artist, at her opening 1989 (4), 1 with Cathie Dunsford Photo Gil Hanly On the grass Unidentified women Unidentified group: Ange, Angela, Frances, Toni, Arlene Victoria and Veronica Wendy Memoe Quite a few others Box 48 Overseas Events and Groups by Country Overseas Women (alphabetically in folders) Overseas Events and Groups by Country Australia Sydney Women’s Film Group (L-R: Leonie Crannan, Barbara Levy, Margot Know) filming Home. Photo: Andrienne Childe. BS 28 April 1975 p.11 Filmmakers who creased For Love or Money, Australian film about women 1906-1983, Margot Nash, Megan McMurchy, Jeni Thomley, Margot Oliver BS 127 March 1985 p.33 Women Performance Month, November 1979, Women’s Art Movement Julie Adams Cath Cherry Sandra Greentree Jane Kent Anne Marsh, ‘Discourse’ Music Evening: C. Draeger, S. Pimlette, V. Lagzdins, V. Rankine ‘No Frills’ the Hecate Women’s Health Collective, June 1982 BS 105 Dec 1982 p.11 1st Aboriginal Women’s Arts Festival, Adelaide, February 1985. The Mills Sisters band, from Northern Territory. )2) Photo NT News Services Cast of Tjinderella by Eva Johnson, Daly River NT ‘Ban uranium mining’, ‘Land rights is an issue for feminists’ photos fron Girls Own, October 1982 Sydney BS 107 March 1983 p.20 Pine Gap women’s peace camp 1983-4 (4), BS 117 March 1984 p.7 Filmmakers of For Love or Money, about women 1906-83, Margot Nash, Megan McMurchy, Jeni Thornlay, Margot Oliver. Bs March 1985 p.33 Bukina Fasa, Upper Volta Women in Bukina Fasa, No. p Village meeting, Upper Volta, Photo: Maggie Murray. From Our Own Freedom, published by Sheba Feminist Press, London. BS 114 Novmber 1983 p.29 Canada Quebec women’s movement demonstrate against restrictive abortion laws. BS 51 July 1977 p.42 China Chinese women learning to shoot UN 4th International Conference on Women, Forum for Women from NGOs. Photos Sue Lytollis BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.33 Columbia Sweet seller, Bogata, BS p.13 Cook Islands, Reclaim the Night march, Avarua, 21 August 1991. Anti-rape and violence march, Awarua, Rarotonga, 21 August 1991. Photo: Cook Islands News. BS 192 Summer 1991 p.28-29 Costa Rica International Health Conference, BS 152 Nov 1987 p.10 Cuba Pam Gerrish Nunn and Ruth Margerison (Christchurch) at Women’s Studies conference, University of Havana, Cuba, November 1995 – BS 210 Winter 1996 p.42 With Rose Aurora, delegate from Mexico Housing on the Malecon, Havana, Cuba Dominican Republic Delegates with Francie Wyland BS 98 April 1982 p.5 El Salvadore Women combatants (3 photos), BS Spring 1994, No.203, p.18-20. Ofelia Lopez, San Salvadore, ‘Comrades - They dance alone’ BS 184 February 1991 San Salvadore ‘comrades’ Broadcast, BS 184 February 1991 Fiji From Tu Galala: Social change in the Pacific, Bridget Williams Books. Photo: Matthew McKee Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (11) 133 BS October 1985 p.4 Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, Eugenia Nicole, Kildip singh, Surya Kahn, Una Tavanavanua, Mary-Ann Robinson, Kush Patel, Carole Carter, Shamina Ali Naidu Janet Agar, Veniana Tuidomo, Elaine Martin, Reteta Rimon, Marjou Linsen, Jessica Manton Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, Women’s Centre workers, Milika Waqanisau, Siteri Tuilovani, Shaleena Ali (5) BS 132 September 1985 p.19 and BS 192 Summer 1991 p.25-27 FWRM director, Praveen Sharma BS 211 Women’s Crisis Centre staff with Penni Moore and others, International Women’s Day, BS 211 Women’s Rights Movement march, International Women’s Day, Suva 1996 BS 212 Summer/Raumati 1996, p.212 Sheri Tuilovoni and Milika Waqani, Fiji Women’s Centre 1991 BS 192 Raumati/Summer 1991, p.25 2 photos of a course, dancing afterwards, Piped water, Nadariuatu, Fiji India Women’s self-help groups, Kanpur BS 212 Hotoke/Winter 1997 p.37, 38 Anti-dowry demonstration (Calcutta?) (2) 1982 supplied by Madhu Krishwar, editor of Manushi Magazine BS 112 September 1983 p.12, 15 Bihar village, 1983 Indian woman at work Women drawing water from hole near river, BS 115 December 1983 p.29 Jamaica Sistern, women’s theatre collective BS 123 October 1984 p.46 Japan Japanese dancers line up for dance conference Japanese musical review Onna no Kaiho (Women’s Liberation) by theatre group Dotekobo Ichitja from Women’s Centre, Tokyo. Tatyana Manonova with Narcy Tunisu and Miiko Kataoka, in Maioki Gallery Tokyo 1983 Tatyana at a feminist meeting in Tokyo, 1983 ‘Woman and Russia’ in Japan Kiribati Women in Kiribati, BS December 1987 No. p.26 Te Hibwerere drama group on domestic violence in Kiribati. BS 208 Summer 1995 p.17 Video made by ‘Ace of Hearts’ Wellington production group with Kiribati women BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995 p.20 Ireland Women picketing outside Armagh Jail, March 1980 (Spare Rib Photo Rosio Caseres, Spare Rib BS 82 September 1980 p.10 Stop Strip Searches, Armagh Jail, Dublin BS 149 May1987 p.6 Netherlands Carole Beu, Miriam Sophira at NZ stand in Amsterdam talk with British novelist and historian Marina Warner about participation in The Listener Women’s Book Festival in September Nicaragua Images of women and children Papua New Guinea International Women’s Day, East Sepia Province (2) BS 111 July /August 1983 p.10 Women and Development seminar, Waigani seminar, Barbara Rogers, Ruth Lechte, Penelope Schoeffel Meleisea, September 1982 BS 105, December 1982 p.7 Poland Solidarity women, Anna Walentynowicz, Alina Pienkowska BS 103 October 1982 p.35 Rongelap Woman going to Majato Island, Photo David Robie BS 136 January/February 1986 p.30 Woman and child on board the Rainbow Warrior Photo David Robie, BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.32 Rongelap Islanders on Jegatto Photo David Robie BS 136 Jan/Feb 1986 p.33 Lijan Eknilang (Rongelap) and Lirenzo Pedro (Belan) speaking in Bristol 4 March 1986 Photo Helen Tann South Africa Women’s Day, BS November 1983 A salute to women of South Africa’ poster Africa - The village women splash water on 7 yea old Adizetu’s wound after clitoridectomy Photo Tania/Sipa Press BS 81 July/August 1980 p.6 Switzerland Swiss women demonstrating for the vote in 1929, supported by a petition of 247,506 signatures BS 100 Summer 1993 p.11 Tonga Tali Paea Women’s Group. (6) ‘Women for peanuts’ BS 132 September 1985 p.37 Tonga, Pacific women’s workshop, charcoal making in a pit, and covering top of latrine Photo Sue Fleming. BS 138 April 1986 p.7 UK Women of Virago Press, Lynn Knight, Kate Griffin, Ursula Gwen, Harriet Spicer, Carmen Calil, Lennie Goodings BS 89 May 1981 p.16 Pro-abortion rally Trafalgar Square, London, late 1975 BS 38 April 1976 p.5 International Women’s Day for Disarmament, 24 May 1985 (2) Photos Helen Tann Outside Rio Tinto Zinc offices, Redcliff St, Bristol 24 May BS 131 July/August 1985 p.18 On Bristol Bridge Protest outside Dumping Convention, London 23-27 September 1985 BS 134 Noember 1985 p.9 South West Women’s Action Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station, Good Friday 28.3.1986 – three Mile Island Day Photo Helen Tann International Women’s Day, London, 1983 S 109 May 1983 p.10 From ‘Greenham Women Everywhere’ BS 116 Jan/February 1984 p.44 Greenham Common women’s peace camp, 1982 (8) (photos from Spare Rib?) Dawn Raider, one of first women over the top as women storm Greenham Common airbase, 6 January 1983 Photo Syndication International BS 107 March 1983 p.11 Women’s ‘Abuse of Trust’ action against US in Indonesia, London 28 February BS Jne/July 1987 USA MS Magazine (2), proofreading room; Nelly Pohebin, MS Office Women’s Centre, US Photo Sharon Cederman Protesters and police at the Muller Power Plant, Diablo Canyon, 1983 (3 photos). Photo: Richard Milliken (Santa Cruz, California), BS 1983 No. p.8 Jewish women’s History group, ‘You’d prefer me not to mention it’. BS June 1984 p.43 Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press Carol Downer and Lorraine Rothman, Los Angeles Women’s Self-Help Health Clinic. Photo: Sharyn Cedarman. Naiad Press celebrates its 20th anniversary, 1993. Back row: Alex Jaegar, Rita Reese, Tevva Russell. Front row: Donna M McBride, Barbara Crier, Candis Creedmore, Bs Augumn 1993 Ardyth Cooper (L) and Deborah Jacobs in the office of the Professional Native Women’s Association (2, colour and B&W) Boston Women’s Health Collective, Judy Norsigian with visitor BS 104 November 1982 p.17 Shoppers for Peace, San Diago, (Pax & Libertas, March 1982) BS 105 December 1982 Los Angeles, 1977, Protest against violence against women. In Mourning and In Rage: A media performance by Lesbian Labouwitz and Suzanne Lacy, LA city Hall (2) Photo Susan Mogul. Article BS 58 April 1978 p.11 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights, ‘biggest lesbian and gay demonstration in history’ BS Winter Hotoke 1993 No. 198 p.8 Protesters and police at the Muller Power Plant, Diablo Canyon, 1983 (3 photos). Photo: Richard Milliken (Santa Cruz, California), BS 1983 No. p.8 Overseas Women Folder ‘A’ Adeva, 1989 BS 177 April 1990 p.36 Afkami, Mahnaz (2) Agila, Luisi – in first Management for Polynesians course, Grey Lynn. Labour Department, Career Guidance section. Photo: Gil Hanley Alther, Lisa, American feminist writer (2), BS 191 September 1991 p.36, BS 192 Raumati/Summer 1991 p.21 Alther, Lisa, American feminist novelist, 1991. Photo: Gil Hanly (2) Anderson, Jamie, American musician. Photo: Tsunami Records Anderson, Laura. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer, Warner Bros, 1990 Andrews, Julie, singer, actress Angelou, Maya, author of I know why the caged bird sings. BS July/Aug 1984 p.38 Armatrading, Joan (5) Armstrong, Gilliam, film director of ‘Last Days of Chez Nous, Australia BS 197 Autumn 1993 p.61 Arnold, Jane, Photo: Tee A Corinne Atwood, Margaret (3), Auckland, 1987. Photo: Gil Hanley Aung San Su Kyi, Myanmar (Burma), BS 204 Summer/Raumati 1994 p.15 Azpadu, Dodia, author of Saturday Night in the Prime of Life, BS July/Aug 1984 p.39 Folder ‘B’ Bailey, Nan, black feminist BS 29 May 1975 (4) p.1, p.10, (2) p.3. with Val Cole. Photo: Sharyn Cederman? Bambara, Toni Code, author of The Salt Eaters, BS Oct 1984 p.39 Bardot, Briditte, actress, animal rights activist Barfoot, Joan, published in Out from Under (ed) Joan Swallow, BS July/Aug 1984 p.38 Batemay, Py, author of Fear into Anger: a manual of self-defence De Beauvoir, Simone Bs 96 Jan/Feb 1982 p.29 Beck, Evelyn Torton, published in Shadow on a tight rope, (ed) Lisa Schoenfielder and Barb Wiesar BS Sept 1984 p.38 Belazo, Joy, Photo: Gil Hanley, BS Nov 1984 p.5 Diane Bell, with Renate Klein, Spinifex Press, Australia – See Klein. Beuf, Anne, with Alison Kiupers and Ripeka Evans, 1984, Photo: Gil Hanly Bertell, Rosalie (2)(but not the photo used in BS 112 September 1983 and cover) Bibal, Emma, Commission for Philippina Migrant Workers, London BS 164 December 1984 p.20 Bose, Anu (2), Secretary for Development, World YWCA Photo NZ Herald BS 124 November 1984 p.29. Brico, Antonia, conductor. In Antonia: Portrait of the woman. Dirs. Jill Godmillon and July Collins 1974 Women’s Film Festival. BS p.33 Brown, Rita Mae BS 28 April 1975 p.37 Brown, Rosemary (3), one with Rosalie McDonald. Photo: Pilar Michalka (Alba) BS 34 November 1975 p.10, p.11 Budiardja, Carmel, Indonesian artist BS 105 Dec 1982 p.28 Bunch, Charlotte (2), Fourth United Women’s Convention, Hamilton 1979 BS p.14 (see events 1979); BS 71 July/August 1979 p.26 Bush, Kate, BS 64 November 1978 p.34 Folder ‘C’ Calder, Liz (2), The Women’s Press, 1990, Book Festival, Photo: Gil Hanley Caldicott, Helen (2), anti-nuclear campaigner, joins peace walk at lunch time, Hiroshima Day, 6 August 1987. Photo: Gil Hanly BS 154 Dec 1987 p.18 Callil, Carmen, Virago Press Photo: Elizabeth Leyland. BS 89 May1981 p.17 See also Virago Press photo under UK Groups. Carrillo, Carmen BS 178 May 1990 p.27 Chamberlain, Judy, BS 140 June 1986 p.20 Chambers, Jane, author of Burning. Photo: Beth Allen. BS Nov 1984 p.39 Chapman, Beth Nielsen, 1990. Photo: Deborah Feingold Chapman, Tracey (3), 1989. Photo: Herb Ritts (2); Jeffrey Scales (1) BS 177 April 1990 p.35 Chevalier Mme and Marie Claire (Bobigni Trial) Chapin, Kate Clark, Mary Higgins (2), Photo: Gil Hanly BS 190 Aug 1991 p.35 Cliff, Michelle, Photo: Gil Hanly BS 163 Nov 1988 p.37 Cole, Natalie, singer. Photo: EJ Camp Collette. Corrigan, Maeread, Irish Peace Movement, Photo: Sandra Coney, BS 47 March 1977 p.12; BS 52 September 1977 p.10 Coseteng, Nikki, Congresswoman, House of Representatives, Quezon City, republic of the Phillipines Cousins, Jane, author of Make it happy: What sex is all about. BS p.34 Covington, Julie, singer, 1977. Photo: Trevor Key Ang Cox, Eva, Australian feminist writer. Photo: Auckland Star BS 62 September 1978 p.19 Cox, Ida, US black singer BS 87 March 1981 p.19 Crawford, Randy, singer. Photo: Timothy White Cruikshank, Margaret (2), editor of Lesbian Studies: Present and future. BS 113 October 1983 p.44; Sept 1984 p.38 Cruise, Julee BS 186 April 1991 p.37 Folder ‘D’ Daly, Mary, feminist philosopher and author Davison, Emily Wilding, UK suffragette who threw herself under the King’s horse at the Derby, 1913 Day, Doris, singer, actress, with Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk BS p.13 Dean, Hazell, singer 1988. Photo: Lawrence Lawry BS 166 March 1989 p.39 Dobkin, Alex (4), BS May 1988 Dowrick, Stephanie (3), The Women’s Press, Photo: NZ Herald BS p.32. Author of Running Backwards over sand. Photo: Joyce Agee. BS 135 Dec 1985 p.45; BS 191 September 1991p.37 with iron image BS 68 April 1979 p.32 Drabble, Margaret (2) in NZ. Photo: Gil Hanley Dunn, Nell, BS 118 April 1984 p.47FS Folder ‘E’ Eliot, George Enya (3), Irish singer. Photo: Simon Fowler; Photo John Cooney Etheridge, Melissa, singer Evatt, Justice Elizabeth, Chief Justice, Family Couret of Australia, 1975 Everything But The Girl, musicians, 1989 Folder ‘F’ Faithfull, Marianne (2), English singer BS p.39 Faludi, Susan, US, author of Backlash. Photo: Gil Hanley. BS Koanga/spring 1992 No.195, p.18-19. Felix, Julie, US folksinger, March 1990. Photo: Gil Hanly BS 177 April 1990 p.36 Fentz, Margaret, producer of My brilliant career, BS p.34 Flower, Robin and Libby McLaren, musicians, Photo Irene Young BS 181 September 1990 p.37 Fonda, Jane, US actress in Neil Simon’s film California Suite, 1978 Francis, Bev French, Marilyn (6) BS cover? And BS 56 January 1978 p 9 and BS 58 April 1978 p.32 with Sandi Hall of the Broadsheet Collective 1980 (2). Photo: Shirley Cruar, BS 81 July/August 1980 p.21 Friday, Nancy BS 45 December 1976 p.32 Folder ‘G’ Gandhi, Indira, arriving in New Delhi just after an assassination attempt. 14 April. Glorioso, Fabriazia, Italian trade unionist and first woman to head an institution of the European Community as chair of the Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, 19 October 1979 Being welcomed to Bonn by German Chancellor Schmidt (1979?) Godwin, Gail, US author of A Mother and two daughters. Photo: Nancy Crampton, Viking Press. Goldberg, Whoopi (L) with With Drew Barrymore in Boyz on the Side. Photo: Suzanne Hanover. BS Winter/Hotoke 1995 p.69 Goldman, Laurel, author of Sounding the Territory. Photo: Penelope Maunsell/Alfred A Knopf Gomes, Kuumeaaloha. Photo: Gil Hanly. BS 108 April 1983 p.7 Goodman, Bernice (L) and Deanna, author of The Lesbian: A celebration of difference. BS July/Aug 1984 p.39 Gordimer, Nadine Gordon Howard, Linda (Professor) Photo: Auckland Star BS 91 July/August 1981 p.8 Goricheva, Tatyana Grahn, Judy (2) BS 99 May 1982 p,47 Greer, Germaine (3) feminist author Photo: From Mother Jones. BS 122 Sept 1984 p.25 With Dr Marie Loanger (L) Argentina, psychoanalyst and author, at United Nations, New York, 7 March 1975 to celebrate International women’s Day. Photo: UN/T.chen BS p.11 Australian feminist author, BS 199 Spring 1993 No.199 p.32 Folder ‘H’ Hammer, Barbara (2), auditioning for and filming Audience, 1983 Hanscombe, Gillian BS 208 Summer/Raumati 1995, p.37 Hattangady, Rohini (Ghandi’s wife) on their return to India from south Africa in 1915 Hawley, Nancy, collective member, Boston Women’s Health Collective, 1982 Hemmings, Mary (2) (L) The Women’s Press, UK (centre) with Carole Spedding and Aorewa McLeod (L) at the Women’s Book Festival Hoffman, Deborah and her mother in Complaints of a dutiful daughter (documentary film) BS Winter/Hotoke 1995, p.71 Holiday, Billie, US blues singer BS 87 March 1981 p.1 Hoagland, Sarah (1 + contact strip), US author of Lesbian Ethics, Photo: Helen Courtney, BS 179 June/July 1990 p.24-27 Huston, Perdita BS 87 March 1981 p.36 Folder ‘I’ Ian, Janis (2) US musician BS 52 September 1977 p.36 and p.1 Ingleton, Sue, as Gemma Hatchback, BS 149 May 1987 p.43 Folder ‘J’ Jackson, Glenda, British actor playing Stevie (Smith) BS p.34 Jackson, Maud BS 145 Dec 1986 p.4 Jagger, Bianca leaving London’s Law Courts after losing her legal battle to prevent her divorce from Rolling Stone Mick Jagger from being heard in England, rather than the USA 18 October 1979 Johnson, Rebecca, Acronym Institute, UK acronym@gn.pyc.orp Johnsone, Jill, author of Lesbian Nation BS 27 May 1975 p.31 Jones, Grace, US singer Photo: Greg Gorman, 1989 BS 177 April 1990 p.36 Jong, Erica Bs 38 April 1976 p.32 Folder ‘K’ Kavan, Anna, writer BS 127 March 1975 p.29; BS 37 March 1976 p.32 Keil, Nancy, at United Women’s Convention in Christchurch; BS 73 October 1979 p.11; Nancy Keil with her roch group Garbo, Sydney p.13 Kelly, Petra (3), Green Party, Germany, author of Fighting for Hope, Photo: Warner Schuring BS Nov. 1984 p.38; BS 121 July/August 1984 p.11; BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.5 (2) One of the founders of the Green Party, member of German Parliament (Bundestag) 1983-1990 BS Winter/Hotoke 1993 No.198 p.5 Kennedy, Flo(rynce) (2) Flo and Sandra Hochman picket Aran International 1976 BS 59 May 1978 p.17 Khan, Nighat Said, Pakistan BS 195 King, Koana 1992 p.49 Kishwar, Madhu (4), editor of Manushi, the Indian feminist magazine Photo: Gil Hanly with Sandra Coney, editor of Broadsheet. Photo: Gil Hanley contact sheet, Auckland Star Auckland, July 1983 (2) Photo: Bruce Connew, Listener BS 115 December 1983 p.30; cover 112. p.12 Kitzinger, Celia and Rachel Perkins, visit to University of Waikato, BS 212 Summer Raumati 1996 p.15 Kitzinger, Sheila BS 119 May 1984 p.31 Klein, Renate, feminist theorist, with Susan Hawthorne (L) BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.47 Renate Klein with Diane Bell, Spinifex Press, Australia, BS 211 Spring/Koanga p.61 Knatchbull, Amanda, granddaughter of the late Earl Mountbatter, killed in a boat bomb blast, 26 November 1979 Knox, Margot, Sydney women’s Film Group, Director of Women’s Pay: 50 cents, 1972 and Home about Australian welfare homes. BS 24 November 1974 p.36 Kristiansen, Ingrid, Norway, wins women’s cross country championship, March 1988 Kruger, Barbara (2), Photo: Gil Hanly Folder ‘L’ Labelle, Patti (2) Lang, K.D. 1989 Photo: Victoria Pearson BS 172 October 1989 p.36; cover BS 173 Lange, Elizabeth, author of Anna’s Country BS Oct 1984 p.38 Lansbury, Angela, actress Photo: AP News Library Le Thu (Vietnamese Women’s Union), Photo: Liz Dowling, BS 30, June 1975 p.34 with Linh Qui, Interpreter p.35 Leaton, Anne, author of Good Friends, Just BS July/Aug 1984 p.38 Lennox, Annie, “…of the Eurythmics performing at Western Springs, Auckland. We won’t perform to violence. At their Wellington concert she stopped singing until a man she had seen hitting a woman had left. Right on, Annie.” With negative in envelope. 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Charge and acquitted in the Treason Trial, detained 1960-61, banned on release for 11 years and again from 1975 until her death in March 1980. BS p.25 Nghidinwa, Susan of SWAPO with Kit Cuthbert Photo Gil Hanley BS 124 November 1984 p.27 Noor, Yetty (Dr), (2) Photo: Thursday Magazine. BS 30 June 1975 P.9 Norwood, Janet L. Commissioner of Labour Statistics BS Nyembe, Dorothy Folder ‘O’ Oakley, Anne, British writer [sociologist], BS 174 December 1989 p.36 Photo: Gil Hanley Odetta, US singer in NZ, BS 170 July/August 1989 p.44 O’Connor, Sinead, Irish singer, (1) 1990, (2) July 1991 BS 193 Autumn 1992 p.43 O’Keefe, Georgia, US artist, aged 83 BS April 1991 In her pottery studio Photo: Dan Budnik BS 144 Nov 1986 p.23 Oanasis. Jackie, with her brother-in-law Senator Teddy Kennedy and his sister Pat Lawford, New York 13 December 1979 Orbach, Susan (2) + contact sheets Author of Fat is a Feminist Issue etc. Photo: Helen Courtney BS 176 March 1990 p.28-9; BS 207 Spring/Koanga 2005 p.24 Ounei, Sousanna, Kanaki (and later NZ) With Jane Cooper and alone, at Te Hui Oranga of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa BS 118 April 1984 p.30 At CORSO Photo: Gil Hanley (2) Sousanne Ounei at Te Hui Oranga at Hoani Waititi marae Photo: Gil Hanley BS 144 Nov 1986 p.5 (R) at Te Hui Oranga, 1986 with Mere Taylor (centre) Owen, Ursula (2), Virago Press, London (with a Broadsheet) Photo: Gil Hanley BS 177 April 1990 p.34 Folder ‘P’ Palacios, Rosa/Chailang, flown from Mariana Islands by Greenham Common women to talk about the USA nuclear threat in the Pacific, Briston, 24 March 1985 BS 13 July/Aug 1985 p.18 Parker, Christine Parpan, Mariflor, Phillipines Nov 1982 BS 105 December 1982 p.15 At demonstration outside French consulate, 11 November 1982 Peden, Irene (L) and Jullia Millen ( R) conduct an experiment at Byrd Longwire Station in Antarctica BS 99 May 1982 p.21 Irene copes with an ice-covered 20ft ladder at Longwire Station while ever-ready photographers snap her movements Photo: Us Navy BS 99 May 1982 p.22 Perkins, Rachel and Celia Kitzinger BS Summer 1996 p.15 Phillips, Shelley (Dr) (3) author of Beyond the myths: Mother-daughter relationships in psychology, history, literature and everyday life Photo: Sharon Ward BS 194 Hotoke/Winter 1992 p.44 Pickford, Mary, US star of silent film BS 68 April 1979 p.11 Piercy, Marge, US feminist writer BS 78 April 1980 p.36 Pizzey, Erin, British anti-violence campaigner (L) At Auckland city Council (?). 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She plays a woman who takes on the mob – and a boy who has seen his family wiped out in a gangland massacres. 1980. Rule, Jane, novelist. 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Photo: Tee A Corrine Taylor, Meg BS 43 October 1976 p.9 Taylor, Valerie, author of Prism Photo Tee Corinne BS 124 Nov 1984 p.39 Thatcher, Margaret poster ‘M message to the women of our nation – “Tugh” BS Oct 1984 Thida, Ma (Dr), Myanmar Photo: Amnesty International BS Summer 1995 p.44 Thompson, Jane, author of Liberating Education BS 208 Summer 1995 p.23 Thompson, Karen with lover Sharon Kowalski who was brain damaged in 1983 car accident. Karen won guardianship after 8 year battle in Minnesota BS 198 Winter/Hotoke 1993 p.9 Tikaram, Tanita, singer 1988 Photo Terry O’Neil (+ 2 more) BS 169 June 1989 p.38 Another, BS 175 BS Feb 1990 p.37 Toffler, Heidi and Alvin, BS 23 October 1974 p.13 Torres, Alicia, Nicaragua (2) Photo: Gil Hanly BS 153 Nov 1987 p.30 Trask, Haunani-Kay, an indigenous Hawai’ian talked to Karen Mangnall about the effects of tourism and the US military presence on her people Photo Gil Hanly BS 141 July/Aug 1986 p.21 Tribble, Fanny, author of Heavy periods BS Sept 1984 p.38 Trull, Teresa, singer on The ways a woman can be, Olivia Records Photo: Diana Davis BS 54 November 1977 p.35 Tumm, Pat, Aboriginal woman, organizer of the 5th Pacific Arts Festival Townsville 1988 Photo: Gil Hanly Truth, Sojouner, 1797-1883, US abolitionist, feminist “That man over there says women need to be helped into carriages and lifter over puddles…Nobody ever helps me…AND AIN’T I A WOMAN? Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted and gathered into barns…AND AIN’T I A WOMAN? Turner, Sarah (3) feminist filmmaker 1992 BS 196 Summer 1992-3 p.56 Tyler, Anne, US author of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Photo: Melen Marcus/Alfred A Knopf Folder “U-V’ Valentine, Jo, senator for Western Australia Photo: Jenny Matthews BS 148 April 1987 p.9 Varnes, Hazel Voznesenskaya, Tuliya Folder ‘W-X-Y-Z’ Walker, Alice (2), author of You Can’t Keep a good woman down BS 113 October 1983 p.44; BS Sept 1984 p.39 [and The Color Purple] Warner, Marina, Listener women’s Book Festival 1992 Photo: Gil Hanly BS Summer 1993 p.63 Waters, Chocolate, author of Charting new waters BS Oct 1984 p.39 Watson, Maureen BS 102 Sept 1982 p.22 Weldon, Gay, British novelist – negatives, 6.5.1982; BS 173 Nov 1989 p.30 1982 and BS 155 Aug/Sept 1987 p.38 (6 + contact strip) Weill, Claudia, filmmaker of Joyce at 84 West, Mae, US filmstar p.12 See also BS 125 December 1984 West, Rebecca, British feminist writer BS 109 Special Issue April 1983 p.27 Wheelahan, Elizabeth speaking at the Young Socialists National Conference BS 40 June 1976 p.4 Williams, Lorraine Mafi BS 151 Aug/Sept 1984 p.28 Williamson, Chris, US singer BS 53 October 1977 p.35 Willow, Winsome, Australia Photo: Ruth Bonita Wills, Sue BS 21 August 1974 p.8 Wood, Dessie Wolf, Naomi (9), US feminist writer, 1991 BS 192 Summer 1991 p.11 Photo Gil Hanly Woolf, Virginia BS 112 Sept 1984 p.39 Yono and Malli, 1987 Photo Gil Hanly Young, Diony BS 108 April 1983 p.11; Feb 1992 Zhang, Kangkang, published in Ru Zhyuan et al., Chinese Women Writers BS July/Aug 1984 p.38 Unidentified people and unidentified/undated events Overseas Films, promotional photos Discarded, as these will be archived elsewhere.

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