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ID: NZMS 935

Record Information

Manuscript number: NZMS 935
Author: Macky family
Title: Papers.
Subjects: Devonport (North Shore, N.Z.) -- History; Businesses -- Auckland; Macky Logan Steen and Co (Firm); Unitarian Church -- New Zealand -- Auckland; Macky, Thomas Lindsay, 1827-1896; Macky, Catherine, (nee Cochrane), 1821-1859; Church records and registers
Time period: 1875 - 1900's.
Physical description: six boxes
Collection: New Zealand manuscripts


Consists of personal letters to and by the family of Thomas Lindsay Macky (1827 - 1896) and Catherine Cochrane (1821 - 1859) who married in Auckland in 1852. Correspondence to and by their children, John, Joseph Cochrane, Sara and Thomas Lyndsay and grandchildren is included. Some of the material concerns the Auckland business Macky Logan Steen and Co. There are also papers relating to the Unitarian Church in Auckland. A two volume transcript (with photographs) of the letters has been compiled by a family member. Mr & Mrs J.C.Macky lost their lives in The Lusitania disaster of 1915.

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