Conditions of Use

The photographs in this database may be printed for private research purposes only. The permission of Auckland City Libraries must be sought before reproducing items in the Libraries’ collections for publication or display.

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General Conditions

Applications must be made for permission to reproduce items from the Libraries’ collections on the Application for Reproduction Rights Form (HTML) (pdf). Permission to reproduce is dependent on full acceptance of the conditions and is automatically cancelled if any part is infringed. The Library reserves the right to refuse applications. Permission to reproduce must be obtained before publication or reproduction. The permission granted is for an unaltered reproduction and nothing may be superimposed on the reproduction (eg. lettering or tone or another image). The image must be reproduced in full and not cropped in any way. Any alterations or additions require the permission of the Library. It is strictly prohibited to make photographs from any reproductions or copies of items in the Library’s collections.

The commercial or other use of photographs may be offensive on ethical or cultural grounds. For this reason care must be taken in the use made of such reproductions, and the proposed use may need to be discussed with the Photograph Librarian when applying for reproduction rights.

The granting of reproduction permission does not imply clearance in terms of the Privacy Act.

The publisher/producer is to provide a copy of the published work to the Library’s Photographic department unless not required by the Library.


Acknowledgement to the Library must accompany the reproduction of all material. The acknowledgement shall be made immediately adjacent to the reproduced image, on the same sheet or page. It must include the words: [Auckland City Libraries (NZ)] and any other details specified by the Library. Any variation must be agreed to by the Library.

For television, video, audio-visuals or films, acknowledgement at the beginning or the end is acceptable. When in the opinion of the Library, publication of an acknowledgement might indicate the endorsement of a particular product or belief, the Library may determine that no acknowledgement be made.


Copyright in items in the Library’s collection is not always held by the Library. Responsibility for obtaining the permission of the copyright owner rests with the applicant. The Library will do all that is possible to inform the user whether copyright subsists in any item, but cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised reproduction.

The applicant will be required to produce written authorisation from the copyright owner, or where the details of copyright are unknown the applicant must make a declaration in writing accepting full responsibility for any claims which may arise from such reproduction, and indemnify the Library of any responsibility.

Any fee payable to the copyright holder is additional to any fee due to the Library as owner of the item.

The Library will not be responsible for the collection of payment of any fees or royalties due to the copyright owner.

No additional charge is made when the Library itself owns the copyright.


Responsibility for obtaining any clearance under the Privacy Act rests with the applicant.


The Library as the owner reserves the right to charge a fee for any reproduction for publication or display. The reproduction fee is additional to any charges made to cover the costs of processing and supply.

Exemption from reproduction fees may be given to non-profit making groups or societies and each application is considered on its relative merits. Applications for exemption should be made to the Photograph Librarian.

Permission to reproduce and the fee payable cover only the specific application and use detailed on the Application for Reproduction Rights Form (HTML) (pdf). All reprints, further editions, or re-employment of the items in another project require a new application and are not covered by the original application, permission or fee.

All fees must be paid before publication or reproduction.

The fees charged refer only to the granting of non exclusive reproduction permission. Exclusive rights will be negotiated as a separate arrangement.

Please refer to the Reproduction Price List (pdf).