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Conditions of Use

The images on this website were created from material that was acquired by Auckland Libraries, often through donation. If you decide to reuse an image please treat it with respect.

Auckland Libraries endeavours to provide usage rights information for each object within this website. Please contact us if you wish to dispute or correct the information provided.


The New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 applies to this site. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and comply with copyright requirements when reusing material. Auckland Libraries will attempt to ascertain the copyright status and will advise when known.

Although Auckland Libraries own the physical items in the exhibition, we may not always own the copyright to the images. Copyright is a right in law that permits the creator to receive a fee for any reproduction of their work for a defined period. Copyright lapses 50 years after the publication of an image, or 50 years after the death of the photographer, where the photographer is known.

Use of copyrighted images

All content on this website is subject to “fair dealing”. The Copyright Act 1994 allows “fair dealing” with a work for the purposes of research or private study (e.g. school projects or private family research) regardless of copyright status. For these purposes, content saved or printed will not infringe copyright.

For other purposes, you will need to apply to Auckland Libraries for permission to reproduce the image, before publication or reproduction. [You can apply for reproduction rights as part of your image order, or separately.] The image must be reproduced in full and not cropped in any way, unless prior clearance has been given by the Library.

Rights categories

Auckland Libraries uses the following different rights categories for objects within this website. If you are unsure about rights and permissions, or have any questions please contact Auckland Libraries.

  1. Copyright or other restrictions may apply - used when the object is under copyright or the library has placed restrictions on reuse. This means that the object cannot be copied, shared or reused other than the purpose of fair dealing.
  2. No known Copyright - used when as far as the library is aware there are no copyright restrictions. This object can be reused and shared, but Auckland Libraries should be acknowledged using the attribution information provided in the record.
  3. NZ Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (BY-NC) licence - this licence is used when Auckland Libraries is the copyright holder or material has been acquired under this licence. This object can be reused and altered for non-commercial purposes providing that the library is acknowledged using the attribution information provided in the record. For more information see NZ Creative Commons website.

Ngā Whakaāhua Māori Use of Māori Images

Auckland Libraries acknowledges the rights of iwi, hapū and whānau descendants to request the removal of any images provided in this medium.

The intent is not to offend or to be culturally insensitive, but to provide an awareness of the image and location. Additionally, as many of the images are not identified, this medium may aid the identification and the reunion of family members with the image.

Māori place great reverence upon these images, therefore respect and careful consideration should be applied to ascertain the appropriate usage of such images.

Please contact us for identification or to discuss removal of images.


When reuse of content is permitted, please acknowledge Auckland Libraries and use the reference provided below the image. Correctly referencing an image helps both library staff and researchers.

Unless otherwise stated, please acknowledge 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, photo ref. no.' when re-using images sourced from this exhibition.


Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, photo ref. no. 2-V1010
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, photo ref. no. Eph.RealEstate1968

Third Party Images

A small proportion of the images in the Auckland Libraries photographic collections originate from other institutions. If you would like to order an image not owned Auckland Libraries, we will refer you directly to the owner, in the first instance.

Ordering an image

Many of the images on this website are available for purchase. You can print out and fill in an order form for posting or faxing. Please ensure that you include the correct reference number, and a brief description of each image, along with your contact details and address. Payment is not usually requested immediately, as in some instances we may need to contact you to clarify your order. Please allow 5-10 working days for completion.

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