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The books that we read, or have read to us, as children often stay with us for a lifetime. This exhibition shows some of the classic and well-loved children's books that have delighted children over the years, as well as some newer favourites. Many of them are first editions, or the first edition with those illustrations. They are all part of the Sir George Grey Special Collections children’s historical collection.

Some books in particular have caught the imagination of many illustrators and this exhibition features a selection of the most famous - Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The wind in the willows, Treasure Island and Pinocchio. Other books are fantasies, adventures, mysteries, stories of friendship and growing up, stories about animals and toys.
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Sir George Grey Special Collections
Level 2, Central City Library

5 November 2013 - 23 February 2014
Weekdays: 9am - 5pm
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