• Sarah Louise Mathew. Journal.

    Sarah Louise Mathew, Journal.

    London-born Sarah Mathew ranks among the most literate, stylish and well-informed of the European settlers who kept diaries. She married her cousin, Felton Mathew, and followed him to Northland, from Sydney, when he was appointed New Zealand’s first surveyor-general in early 1840.

    She accompanied her husband to Auckland when the Waitematā shoreline was chosen as the site of the new capital. Her journal entry for 18 September 1840 reads: “A beautiful morning seemed to smile on the auspicious circumstances of taking possession of a certain portion of the land; and accordingly preparations were made for the important ceremony, and about half past 12, the whole party landed & proceeded to the height where the Flag staff was raised ready to receive the Royal standard, which was carried by the harbour-master.”

    See also Sarah Mathew’s Album.
    Sarah Louise Mathew. Journal. 2 March 2nd 1840 - 21 February 1844. NZMS 79.
  • Felton Mathew. Field book. 1 November 1840. NZMS 99.

    Felton Mathew, field book.

    In late 1840 Felton Mathew began the first survey of the Auckland isthmus in preparation for land sales to prospective settlers. His field book records the measurements he took from various vantage points around the region’s 49 volcanic cones. He drew this view from Mt Eden (Maungawhau), the highest volcano on the isthmus. From there he could take readings of Mt Victoria, North Head, Rangitoto and Motukorea (Browns Island).
    Felton Mathew. Field book. 1 November 1840. NZMS 99.
  • Public Works labourers and mechanics.

    Public Works labourers and mechanics.

    William Mason, Superintendent of Public Works reporting to Felton Mathew, was responsible for the labourers and mechanics listed on this document. Initially work concentrated on providing shelter and workplaces for government employees.
    New Zealand Public Works Department. Return of the quantity and value of the rations issued to the mechanics and labourers employed in the Department of Public Works at Wai te Mata, New Zealand from the --- to the 30th day of September, 1840. NZMS 517.