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Plans, policies and reports
Plans, policies and reports

District Plan Hauraki Gulf Islands Section - Proposed 2006

(Notified version 2006)

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Quick overview

There are now two plans applying to the Hauraki Gulf Islands - the operative (1996) plan and the proposed (2006) plan.

Both plans have three primary components:

  • The written text which contains the resource management issues, objectives, policies and rules
  • The planning maps which indicate in graphic form the areas to which certain rules in the written text and appendices apply
  • The appendices which contain additional limitations and information such as heritage sites, designations and design guidelines.

The written text should be read as a whole so that the common themes of the Plan and the relationship between the various chapters can be understood. There is a significant amount of cross-referencing in the text in order that repetition is avoided where possible. The most common form of navigating this site is:

Help Image for Navigating This Site

The proposed plan text is available in PDF and HTML formats. The HTML version contains links within the parts of the text, links between the parts of the text and links from Map 1 of each map in the map grid.

Finding your way around by maps

The maps grid is detailed in the overview diagram. Click the appropriate area to be linked to the appropriate planning map.

In the operative plan, the inner island maps contain all information on one map. There are no maps available for the outer islands.

In the proposed plan, there are maps for both the inner and outer islands. The maps for the outer islands have an aerial base, whereas the inner maps do not. There are two maps for each area - one showing the land unit or settlement area information which links to the text through the legend, and one showing additional limitations which links to the text and/or appendices through the sites. To reach the appendices this way hold the cursor over the selected site and double click.

Finding your way around by street name

The full Hauraki Gulf Islands' street index will provide links to Planning Map 1 of the applicable map sheet.

Users already familiar with the plan

If you are looking for the quickest way around this Plan, use the navigation links at the top of the page to take you directly to the streets, maps, text, appendices and annexures pages. We also would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Why are the map images slow to load over the internet?

The map images are fairly large (up to 790k) to show enough detail to make them readable on a computer screen, helping users be able to identify correct roads, properties and city features. The map quality and readability was traded for size and loading speed, particularly for people viewing this over an internet connection.

How do I view/print/save PDF files?

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to Adobe's website for installation instructions. If you can't view the pdf files and have Acrobat Reader installed, you may need to configure your browser.

To save a PDF file to your local system - for PC's, right click and choose 'Save Target As'. For Mac's, click and hold the file link, then choose 'Save File As'.

Can I copy/paste text and graphics from the PDF files?

Yes, you can copy and paste individual text, multiple columns of text and graphic from the PDF files into most popular software applications, such as Microsoft Word and many others.

For a full easy to follow description, look in the Help when you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What are those 'KB' numbers next to the text?

The 'KB' numbers refer to the file size of the associated Adobe Acrobat 'PDF' file. The 'KB' refers to the number of bytes in thousands. Use this figure to determine how large a document is when you need to download it from the internet. The actual length of time needed to download the files will vary depending on the speed of your computer, your modem, and your internet connection.

Estimated download times:

File Size Internet Connection Time to download
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500KB 256k connection 0 min, 16 sec
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My browser stops responding when I try to view some PDF files

A few of the larger PDF files put high resource demands on your system. We recommend upgrading to the latest version 7.0 of Adobe Acrobat. Check the estimated download time guide above.

Contacting Auckland City

If you require any further information, please

  • telephone 379 2020 for advice or to make an appointment
  • email
  • visit us at Level 11, Civic Administration Building, 1 Greys Avenue, Auckland Central
  • write to: City Planning, Auckland City Council, Private Bag 92516, Wellesley Street, Auckland.

Reviewed January 2009