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Plans, policies and reports
Plans, policies and reports

District Plan Hauraki Gulf Islands Section - Proposed 2006

(Notified version 2006)

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District plan text

This contains the planning policies and rules for activities and development on the islands.



PDF version

Part 1 Introduction hgiPart01 (671kb)
Part 2 Resource management overview hgiPart02 (104kb)
Part 3 Strategic management areas hgiPart03 (196kb)
Part 4 General rules hgiPart04 (142kb)
Part 5 Network utility services hgiPart05 (156kb)
Part 6 Financial contributions hgiPart06 (188kb)
Part 7 Heritage hgiPart07 (378kb)
Part 8 Natural hazards hgiPart08 (83kb)
Part 9 Hazardous facilities and contaminated land hgiPart09 (161kb)
Part 10 Land units and settlement areas  
Part 10a Land units: objectives, policies and activity tables hgiPart10a (1786kb)
Part 10b Settlement areas: objectives, policies and activity tables hgiPart10b (1154kb)
Part 10c Development controls for land units and settlement areas hgiPart10c (667kb)
Part 11 Assessment matters hgiPart11 (218kb)
Part 12 Subdivision hgiPart12 (508kb)
Part 13 Connectivity and linkages hgiPart13 (359kb)
Part 14 Definitions hgiPart14 (298kb)

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Reviewed March 2009