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Plans, policies and reports
Plans, policies and reports

District Plan Hauraki Gulf Islands Section - Operative 1996

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Street index

A -F G - M
N - S T - Z

A - F  
Albert Crescent map7
Alison Road map4
Anzac Road
(Rakino I)
Askew Avenue map30
Awa Awaroa Road map13
Awaroa Road map11 map12
Bay Road map7
Beach Parade map3a
Beatty Parade map3 map4
Belgium Street map7
Bella Vista Crescent map8
Belle Terrace map11
Belle View Terrace map11
Beresford Avenue map3 map4
Blake Street map4
Brown Road map7a
Bryan Road map4
Burrell Road map3 map4
Calais Terrace map7
Causeway Road map4 map7
Church Bay Road map1 map2 map3 map3a
Coromandel Road map3
Cory Road map3 map6a
Cowes Bay Road map16 map17 map18
Crescent Road East map7
Crescent Road West map7
Delamore Road map1 map3 map3a
Donald Bruce Road map4
Eden Terrace map7 map7a
Empire Ave map3
Erua Road map7
Esslin Road map4
Fairview Crescent map8
First Avenue map7a
Fisher Road map11
Fisher Street map3
Fourth Avenue map7a
Frank Street map3
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G - M  
Garratt Road map7a
George Street map3
Giles Road map7
Glen Brook Road map8
Goodwin Avenue map3 map3a
Gordons Road map8 map9
Great Barrier Road map3
Gulf Place map3
Hamilton Road map4
Hartley Avenue map7a
Hauraki Road map3
Hekerua Road map3
Hill Road map6 map6a map7
Hillside Road map4
Hobson Terrace map7
Homai Road map7
Hooks Lane map4
Huia Street map3 map3a
Hunterville Road map18
Huruhi Road map3
Jane York Place (Rakino I) map30
Jellicoe Parade map4
Junction Road map3 map7
Karaka Road map3
Karu Street map3a
Kennedy Point Road map4
Kennedy Road map4 map3
Korora Road map3 map3a
Kuaka Road map3a
Ladd Road map7
Lannan Road map3 map4
Le Roy Road map7a
Mako Street map3 map3a
Makora Avenue map3 map4
Man o War Bay Road map10 map11 map15 map16
Manuka Road map3
Marama Avenue map4
Marine Park Avenue (Rakino I) map30
Marine View Road map7a
Matai Road map3 map3a
Matapana Road map6a
McIntosh Road map3 map3a
Mcmillian Road map8
Miami Avenue map4
Miro Road map3 map6a
Mitchell Street map4
Moa Avenue map3 map3a
Moana Avenue map3
Muritai Road map7
N - S  
Natzke Street map7
Neil Avenue map18
Nelson Avenue map4
Nepean Avenue map18
Newton Road map3
Nick Johnson Drive map1 map3
Nikau Road map3
O'Brien Road map7 map8
Ocean Road map3 map4
Ocean View Road map1 map3 map3a
Ocean View Crescent (Rakino I) map30
Okoka Road map8
Omiha Road map8
Onetangi Road map7 map7a
Orapiu Road map11 map12 map17 map18
Ostend Road map7
Pacific Parade map3
Pah Road map7a
Palm Road map6a  map7
Park Road map3
Pearl Avenue map18
Pohutukawa Road map8
Potai Street map7
Poto Street map7
Puriri Road map3a
Puriri Road map3a
Putiki Road map4 map7
Que Road map3a
Queens Drive map3
Quelch Avenue map7a
Rata Street map3
Ridge Road map3 map3a
Rothschild Terrace map5
Sandford Way
(Rakino I)
Scotts Terrace map7a
Sea View Road map7 map7a
Second Avenue map7a
Seventh Avenue map7a
Shelley Beach Road map4
Short Street map3
Sixth Avenue map7a
South Pacific Road (Rakino I)


Surfdale Road map3  map4

T - Z  
Tahatai Road map3
Tahi Road map7
Taraire Road map7
Tawa Street map3 map3a
Te Aroha Avenue map3
Te Makiri Road map7
Te Toki Road map7
Te Whau Road map5 map8
Tetley Road map3 map4
The Esplanade map3 map4
The Strand map7a
Third Avenue map7a
Tiri Road map3a
Tiri View Road map6a map7
Totara Road map7a
Trig Hill Road map7 map7a map11
Tui Street map3 map3a
Upland Road map8
Valley Road map8
Victoria Road North map7 map11
Victoria Road South map7a map11
View Road map7
Vintage Lane map8
Waiata Road map7
Waiheke Road map7a map11
Waikare Road map3a
Waimangu Road map9 map13
Wairua Road map8
Wallingford Avenue map18
Watson Road map8
Wattle Road map3 map3a
Weka Road map3a
Wellington Road map4
Whakarite Road map7
Wharf Road map4 map7
Wilma Road map4 map7
Wollams Road map11
Woodside Bay Road map9 map13
Woody Bay Road
(Rakino I)