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Plans, policies and reports
Plans, policies and reports

District Plan - Hauraki Gulf Islands section

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<< Proposed plan

District plan review

What is the district plan review? | Why review now? | Consultation approach | Issues and options papers | Consultation | Focus groups | District plan review phone survey

Issues and options papers

This information presented 'issues' relating to the operative plan, which were identified through discussions with the community. The information put forward various approaches that could be taken in dealing with each of these.

Hauraki Gulf islands issues and options papers

The papers listed were prepared for all of the Hauraki Gulf islands. Please also refer to the Great Barrier Island issues and options which discussed the issues identified with the operative district plan exclusive to Great Barrier Island.

Printable version

pdf A printable version of the issues and options papers is also provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).

List of land units

2. Colour, Scale and Form of Buildings
3. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
4. Definitions
5. Department of Conservation/Public Land
6. Design Issues
7. Earthworks - Farm Tracks

8. Essentially Waiheke

9. Financial Contributions

10. Great Barrier Island Airfields

11. Gross Dwelling Area

12. Gross Floor Area

13. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act

14. Helicopters

15. Heritage

16. Home Occupation

17. Human Activity/Natural Environment

18. Impervious Surface Controls for Land Units

19. Iwi Heritage

20. Land Unit 20 - Landscape Protection

21. Land Units

22. Landscape Assessment, Outstanding Natural Landscapes

23. Matiatia

24. Monitoring

25. Multiple Dwellings

26. Multiple Land Units on one Title

27. Natural Hazards

28. Network Utilities

29. Noise of Generators - Great Barrier Island

30. Non-complying Activities

31. Non-statutory Documents

32. Oneroa

33. Onetangi Policy Area

334. Ostend Policy Area

35. Parking

36. Protection Yards

37. Rakino Island

38. Residential Development Definitions

39.Residential Land Unit - Great Barrier Island

40. Retirement Villages

41. Ridgelines - Location of Buildings

42. Roading

43. Separate Section for Great Barrier Island

44. Strategic Management Areas and Policy Areas


46. Sustainability

47. Temporary Activities and Small Buildings

48. Traffic Generation

49. Tryphena Wharf

50. Vegetation

51. Visitor Facilities

52. Viticulture

53. Waiheke

54.Wastewater Management

Future Scenarios for Waiheke

Glossary of Terms

Printable version

Note that there are 103 pages in the following document. Unless you want to print the entire document, we recommend that you select the pages you want to print once you have downloaded the file. If you want to read the information online, use the links above to view the details.

Hauraki Gulf Islands issues and options papers (688kb PDF)

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Reviewed January 2009